IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Nov, 12 2001

1. Net.Com Introduces Frame Packing Tech & H.323/SIP Conversion
Net.Com has announced enhancements to its ShoutIP product line including the addition of ShoutLink, a H.323/SIP conversion gateway and BestFlow, a frame-packing technique that enables its solution to support 160 calls in one packet. The conversion technology allows service providers to deploy ShoutIP in either H.323 or SIP environments. The BestFlow technology takes slices from multiple voice calls in the same point in time, eliminating the need to wait for each frame to fill up with packets from a single call. The frame-packing process improves bandwidth utilization by nearly 100 percent.

ShoutIP is a single platform that consists of a gateway, gatekeeper, media gateway, media server, answer supervision, SS7/C7 signaling, TDM, IVR, IP switching, and business support systems including configuration, network monitoring, AAA (administration, authentication, and authorization), and real-time billing.

The ShoutLink protocol conversion device is currently available for $17,500. BestFlow is currently being employed in Net.Com’s latest ShoutIP release, Shout1100.

In a separate announcement, Net.Com has said that Bellnet, a Japan-based service provider and systems integrator has deployed its Shout1100 solution for inter-office communications between its Tokyo and Osaka offices. Upon successful testing of the system, Bellnet plans to market ShoutIP to its customer base. BellNet has already deployed a ShoutIP system to support mobile web access for voice messaging.


3. Aethra to Distribute Radvision’s Gear
Radvision has announced that Aethra, an Italy-based supplier of videoconferencing systems, will market its V2oIP product line that consists of gateways, multipoint conferencing units, data collaboration and gatekeeper applications.



5. Avaya’s IP Phones Controllable by Palm PDAs
Avaya has announced that its 4600 series of IP phones equipped with R1.5 firmware can be remotely controlled by Palm-based PDAs running Applied Global Technologies’ AGT Dialer software. The PDA uses infrared to singal the phone, turn on the speaker and dial a number. The PDA can also control the phone’s transfer, hold and drop call functions. The software, available for $19.95, can be downloaded from an AGT web site.

AGT Dialer Software


Applied Global Technologies

7. CommWorks Reports 4 Billion Minutes Carried Over Its Gear
CommWorks has said that its VoIP solution has carried 4 billion minutes of VoIP traffic since April, 2000. The company reports that it is currently carrying more than 420 million minutes per month. The CommWorks system consists of media gateways, softswitch elements for singaling and call control and network management and back-end servers interconnected by open standards-based protocols.


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