IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Nov, 12 2002

1. TPT Unveils Software for Supporting an ITSP Business
TransPacificTelecom (TPT) has introduced VIVOware and VIVOcomplete, software for supporting an ITSP operation.

VIVOware is a billing and customer care application that provides complete web-enabled CDR tracking, rating and routing, call completion reporting, automated customer invoicing and payment gateway, reporting and management tools with automated domestic and international rate tables, and trouble tickets.

VIVOcomplete consists of VIVOware combined with connectivity to TPT’s global VoIP infrastructure and network for routed domestic and international long distance. VIVOcomplete supports multiple business models including flat rate billing options.

TPT’s partners and resellers set their own long distance and local rates, design their own service plans, offer customized commission schedules, and provide personalized agent and customer access to VIVOware’s web-based software.

TPT’s customers include 24 Transport, a L.A.-based CLEC; CCC Communications, a California-based ISP; and National Tax & Business, a consultant in Newport Beach.


3. ComMatch Introduces an EMS for its Duet VoIP Gateway
ComMatch has introduced an element management system that controls and monitors its Duet VoIP gateway. The technology implements fault management configuration, provisioning and performance management. The technology can manage numerous Duet shelves per user.


5. Trelleborg to Use Equant’s IP VPN Solution
Trelleborg AB, a Swedish supplier of auto components, will use Equant’s IP VPN service, per a 3-year agreement valued at $4.7 million. The network will connect all 15,500 Trelleborg employees at 90 sites in 40 countries.


Trelleborg AB

7. Infonet Launches IP VPN Service
Infonet Services has launched an IP voice VPN service that targets medium to large sized multinational corporations. The service offers on-net VPN termination in almost 50 countries and off-net termination to more than 200 countries. The service can interface with native IP PBXs.

Hyundai Motors is Infonet’s first IP VPN customer.

In other news, Infonet has said that it has partnered with Applied Global Technologies (AGT) to offer a solution that combines AGT’s videoconferencing technology and Infonet’s services such as assessment, design, site-survey, procurement, staging, project management, implementation, and management of services.

AGT’s videoconferencing technology includes application services such as Network Aware Scheduling (NAS). NAS emulates network routing protocols, evaluates resource capabilities, and continuously manages all scheudled events, bandwidth, and port availability. Using the application services, Infonet will provide competitive performance metrics of the network and converged networking resources, proactive assurance of resource availability, and capacity planning, which are backed by SLAs.

Infonet Services

Applied Global Technologies

9. Hutchison 3G Deploys Nortel’s VoIP Solution
Hutchison 3G UK has deployed Nortel’s Succession Communication Server (CSE) 1000 Rel 2.0 to deliver telephony services to 8 Hutchison office locations in the UK. The technology will feature hot desking and a unified messaging platform.

BT Business Information Systems served as the systems integrator.

In other company news, Nortel has said ASG, a software supplier based in Germany, has deployed its Meridian 1 PBX and IP trunk card to support IP telephony.

Nortel Networks

Hutchison 3G

BT Business Information Systems


11. Insight Releases VoIP Market Study
Insight Research has released IP Telephony: Service Revenue and OSS Expenditures for Voice over Packet Networks 2002-2007, a 177-page study that projects growth in the VoIP, VoFR, and VoATM marketplaces.

The firm finds that reveneus from VoP (VoIP, VoFR and VoATM) based services will grow from $13 billion in 2002 to $197 billion by 2007, reflecting a compounded rate of more than 72% over the period. Associated expenditures on operational support systems is projected to increase at a compounded growth rate of 58% over the next five years.

The report is available as a hard copy for $4,195. PDF report licenses are also available.

Insight Research

13. iBasis Interconnects with T-Systems & Intelig
iBasis has interconnected its global network with network operated by T-Systems, an incumbent carrier in Germany, and by Intelig, Brazil’s second largest long distance carrier.

iBasis has also announced that it will be increasing its rates to China by 800%, based on notification from its China partners that termination fees will be increased for all international traffic terminating in China. iBasis is a major carrier of voice traffic to China, claiming a 25% share of all voice traffic from the U.S. to China.




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