IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Nov, 12 2003

1. InterNetwork Wins IP Telephony Contract in Iraq
InterNetwork Experts has been awarded a contract by Spacelink International to design, implement, and support an IP telephony infrastructure for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq. The technology will connect facilities in Basra, Mosul, and Al Hillah.

In a seperate announcement, Motorola’s Canopy Wireless Broadband Group said that it was working with SkyFrames, a provider of satellite based Internet services, to provide VoIP services to U.S. troops in Iraq. The network will be developed for the purpose of troops contacting their family members and friends in the U.S. Motorola’s technology will be used as the backhaul in delivering high speed data connectivity.

InterNetwork Experts



3. Cisco Licenses Bitstream’s Fonts for IP Phones
Cisco has licensed Bitstream’s Font Fusion engine and will include the technology within its IP phones, soft phones, and video phones. The license also includes a suite of international fonts and unified stroke based fonts.


Cisco Systems

5. TelstraClear Launches IP Telephony to SMBs
Telstra has launched Private Voice, an IP voice solution for small to mid sized businesses. The service, to be offered in New Zealand, is based on BroadSoft’s BroadWorks system, which provides hosted PBX, IP Centrex, Voice VPN, and collaborative conferencing functionality.


7. Toshiba to Use VLI’s Software Within PDAs
Toshiba will use VLI’s Gphone SIP software within its e800/805 Series Pocket PC handhelds. The software will enable class to be placed over 802.11 wireless LANs.

Gphone works in conjunction with VLI’s online service known as GphoneOnline.



9. Contactel to Deploy NetCentrex’s VoIP Platform
Contactel, a telecom provider based in the Czech Republic, will deploy NetCentrex’s Business Services Suite to deliver VoIP trunking and voice VPN. Anect will act as the systems integrator.

Contactel provides VoIP trunking to legacy PBXs via multi-vendor gateways; VoIP trunking to multi-vendor IP PBXs; number portability and phone services; Internet access; voice VPN, and data VPN.



11. Pulver & FCC Rep to Discuss VoIP in Teleconference
FCC Chief of Policy Development Robert Pepper, Jeff Pulver, and the CFO of Vonage, John Rego, are scheduled to speak during a teleconference on VoIP regulations on November 13 from 1:30 to 3:00 pm EST.

The trio plans to discuss how VoIP will be regulated, how states will try to impose regulations, and how the VoIP marketplace will address access charges, intercarrier compensation, the Universal Services Fund, security, CALEA, E911, and QoS issues.

There is a $295 fee to listen to the teleconference. Yes, you read that correctly. A tape of the teleconference will be made available for $295 ($100 for registered participants).


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