IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Nov, 13 2000

Cyberfast Systems Expands Services Into Africa
Cyberfast Systems said that it has expanded its VoIP operations into Africa. The company teamed with an undisclosed firm to deploy a POP in an undisclosed African market, with plans to deploy several additional POPs in the market within the next three months. The provider is in the process of building an IP telephony network that will enable it to offer IP telephony services in and between the U.S. and select emerging markets. Earlier this year, it reported that it had deployed VoIP POPs and services in select Asian, northern South American and U.S. markets. In addition, it recently signed an agreement with the KPN/Qwest entity, in which the companies plan to install Cisco’s VoIP gateways in the interconnected European fiber ring networks that the KPN/Qwest group is developing. The firms initially plan to offer VoIP in and between London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfort and Brussels, with intentions to expand the offering into at least 46 additional European markets within the next two years.

Cyberfast System

RADVision Introduces Multi IP Service Platform
RADVision has announced the introduction of viaIP, its end to end solution for developing IP based voice, video and conferencing services. The system combines a multimedia gateway, multipoint conferencing, data collaboration, and gatekeeper capabilities into a single platform. It is based on the vendor’s H.323 technologies and a 4 slot cPCI chassis that can support hot swap, and mix and match options for cards that can provide multipoint conferencing functionality for up to 100 conferencing ports per card, multimedia gateway cards with two PRI interfaces per card for H.320/H.323 translation and connectivity between IP and ISDN/PSTN networks, and Windows NT Application Server cards to operate an enhanced communications server for managing network resources, policies and call controls, and/or developing T.120 compliant data collaboration capabilities.

In related news, TANDBERG and V-SPAN are beta testing RADVision’s viaIP platform in videoconferencing/streaming video configurations.


Davnet Contracts with Open for Cisco Based VoIP Network
Davnet Limited said that it has contracted with Open Telecommunications (OT) for the deployment of a VoIP network based on a combination of OT’s and Cisco’s technologies. According to the terms of the agreement, which has a multi million dollar valuation, OT will develop the VoIP network based on Cisco voice architecture technologies combined with its call control platforms and related equipment in a configuration that will support capabilities such as pre-selection, number portability, toll free service access and local connectivity for services such as voice, data and video. Davnet intends to offer services in select markets throughout Asia, Australia and North America.

Davnet Limited

Open Telecommunications

Apropos Technology to Integrate Access to Lipstream’s VoIP Service
Apropos Technology, a provider of multimedia interaction management solutions, reported that it is planning to integrate access to Lipstream Networks’ PC to PC VoIP communications service, Live Voice, into its Multimedia Interaction Management solution/service. The VoIP service will add real time voice chat capabilities to the web based management solution’s existing text chat, callback and email communications capabilities.

The Live Voice technology/service is based on Lipstream’s client software (a SDK or browser plug-in) that routes traffic over its H.323 compliant network, which consists of a system of servers hosted throughout Qwest’s network and connected to several tier-one backbone providers. The company monitors and manages the service/network on a 24 x 7 basis.

Apropos Technology

Lipstream Networks

Netisum and TollBridge Team for MTU VoDSL Trial in Indianapolis
Netisun reported that it is teaming with TollBridge Technologies to beta trial a multi tenant unit VoDSL service/solution in six metropolitan office units in downtown Indianapolis. The trial, which will focus on the delivery of both voice and data services, will be based on TollBridge’s TB200 Voice Gateways installed at the buildings, enabling users to access Netisun’s switch via GR-303 or T1 CAS signaling, for connectivity outside of the building. The companies also intend to conduct similar trials in the Chicago market.

TollBridge Technologies


Dial-Thru International To Expand Services Into Argentina
Dial-Thru International announced that it has just opened up an office in the Buenos Aires market, and plans to develop a variety of services including VoIP, FoIP, ISP, ASP and unified messaging. The company is in the process of developing a private IP telephony network to support a variety of international telecommunications services including wholesale carrier, international dial thru, re-origination, FoIP, eCommerce and prepaid calling card. It utilizes oceanic cable transmission facilities, international satellites, and the Internet to transport traffic. The company has recently teamed with Mockingbird Networks to deploy Mockingbird’s VoIP equipment to develop a global clearing house service, and it has also recently reached agreements with Global Crossing and Gigabell AG, in which it will use capacity on both provider’s infrastructures to route services and develop an array of additional service capabilities.

Dial-Thru International

Terayon Introduces Cable VoIP System
Terayon has announced the introduction of BandLeader, its VoIP system for cable operators. The DOCSIS 1.1/PacketCable compliant solution consists of an Access Gateway and Embedded Media Terminal Adapters (eMTA). The gateway is a carrier class unit that provides a direct connection between the IP based access network and a Class 5 switch via GR303 protocols. The eMTA system, which combines a cable modem and a media terminal adapter, can support Internet access with simultaneous voice and data services.


ClearWorks Introduces Two Broadband CPE Units
ClearWorks has announced the introduction of the HomeLink VoIP system, and the Home Internet Switch, a gateway CPE for bundled broadband services. The proprietary HomeLink solution is expected to support the delivery of a variety of broadband services directly to a users home office, and it can be integrated into an existing office switchboard and/or PBX to support remote worker connectivity. The Home Internet Switch supports a variety of broadband IP based services delivered directly to the home such as VoIP, streaming video and Internet connectivity.


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