IP Telephony news wrap-up for Nov 14 – 2007

Broadcom has introduced BCM53115, a 5-port, single chip 65 nm switch that enables GbE connectivity for consumer electronics and home networking equipment such as routers, gateways, and set-tops.

The switch features 10/100/1000 Mbps PHYs, IPv4 fand IPv6 security, L2 and L3 multicast support for IPTV, a VoIP engine, 2 GbE uplinks for CPU and wireless LAN connectivity, and LoopDTech and CableChecker.

The 65nm process is the most advanced lithographic node for manafucturing semiconductors in large volumes, and is expected to replace Fast Ethernet technology.

Broadcom’s BCM53115 is currently sampling. Pricing has not been disclosed.

Separately, Broadcom announced that Avaya will use its VoIP processors within two of its one X desktop phone product lines. Avaya will use Broadcom’s BCM1103 chip for the company’s 9600 Series phones and the BCM1104 for its low end 1600 series phones.

Aztek Network has introduced 5000I, an Emergency Stand Alone (ESA) solution for VoIP systems. The technology acts as a Transparent Local Proxy by transferring SIP registrations to a primary call manager or softswitch. In the event of a loss of connectivity to a softswitch, the 5000I examines the registration and completes the call locally.

The new product is environmentally hardened and NEBS-compliant. It contains dual gigabit Ethernet ports and fully redundant dual processor control cards.

The 5000I will be available early next year.

Aztek Networks
CandidSoft, a Chinese software company, has introduced its own softswitch to drive its office automation platform. The new product, developed in conjunction with Beihang University, will be deployed by the Chinese Navigation Affair Administration Bureau.

The company’s Sky OA platform has previously been available in the U.S. and in China with an outsourced softswitch. The system is used by more than a million users in China.

CandidSoft has contracted with 4 other Chinese government agencies such as The National Anti-Poverty Organization and China Railway Electrification Bureau.

China Voice Holding
The NCTA has issued a RFP for technology suppliers interested in participating in the next CableNET exhibition at the 2008 Cable Show in New Orleans from May 18-20. The exhibit features interoperable equipment developed to provide voice, video and data service solutions over cable networks.

A copy of the RFP along with futher event and exhibit information is available at the CableNET web site.

2008 Cable Show
Raketu has launched a mobile VoIP calling service that enables call connectivity by texting an account number and call instructions to a local Raketu number. RakWeb calling rates will apply. In addition to per minute billing, the provider also offers flat rate packages that include a set number of minutes that can be applied towards text message generated calls.

The EC (European Commission) is reviewing a set of new proposals for the regulatory framework of telecom service providers that includes a proposal requiring all telephony providers, of any kind, to provide telephony access to emergency services.

European Commission

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