IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Nov, 15 1999

Priceline & Net2Phone Team for Service
Priceline.com has announced an agreement with Net2Phone, in which Net2Phone will become the main provider in a section of Priceline's web site that will enable users to the name the price that they are willing to pay for telephone calls. According to the terms of the three year deal, Net2Phone will pay Priceline an $18 million participation fee in addition to a percentage of revenues from calls generated from the site.

Priceline & Net2Phone Team for Service
Priceline.com has announced an agreement with Net2Phone, in which Net2Phone will become the main provider in a section of Priceline's web site that will enable users to the name the price that they are willing to pay for telephone calls. According to the terms of the three year deal, Net2Phone will pay Priceline an $18 million participation fee in addition to a percentage of revenues from calls generated from the site.

The web site section will allow customers to submit guaranteed purchase price offer for long distance calls, enabling participating carriers to see each guaranteed offer, on a real time basis, and decide to accept it or not. Calls will be offered in blocks of 60 and 120 minutes, with four calling plans including calls to any U.S. domestic market, a specific international location, multiple specific international locations, and to any location in the world.

Priceline expects to launch the service in early 2000.



InnoMedia Introduces VoIP PCI Card
InnoMedia has announced the introduction of the InfoAccel, its VoIP capable PCI card. The single port product utilizes H.323 v2 compliant protocols including G.723.1 for compression and G.168 for echo cancellation. The card ships with a full duplex audio system that handles speech processing to free up host CPU and memory. It plugs directly into a Windows based PC to enable users to place calls to other users. It requires an available PCI slot, 16 MB RAM, a CD ROM, Windows 95/98 and at least a 28.8 connection to the Internet.

The company is also planning to allow users to place calls to non-users for a CPM charge, by routing the calls over its recently launched network named InnoSphere. The InnoSphere network, which is deployed in over 200 countries, is based on the vendor's InfoGate Internet gateway.

The card is expected to be commercially available next month. It is priced at $99.95.

In other news, Itautec, a Brazilian PC reseller, reported that it is planning to market a co-branded version of the InfoAccel PCI card.


Itautec Philco S.A.

Bell Atlantic to Use MindCTI's VoIP Billing Software
Bell Atlantic has announced that it is planning to use MIND's IP telephony billing system, iPhonEX, to launch a VoIP interconnectivity service in Boston, New York, northern New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC. MIND will also configure the billing software to interface with Bell Atlantic's legacy systems.

The Windows NT compliant iPhonEX system is a real-time billing and call management product designed to provide billing and call traffic analysis for V/FoIP services. It provides fraud detection, traffic analysis and call management reports. The product is capable of billing tens of millions of simultaneous calls per month. It features real-time service cut-off when the call limit is reached, calling card management, individualized customer rate tables and flexible fax charge options by page, duration or priority.

Last month, the provider unveiled intentions to use Cisco's AS5300 VoIP gateways and VocalTec's gatekeeper technologies to build the infrastructure for the VoIP interconnectivity service.

Bell Atlantic plans to launch the service by the end of the year.


Bell Atlantic

Network Solutions & Phone.com to Offer eFax's Services
Network Solutions reported that it is bundling eFax's fax to email Internet fax service with its domain name registration service. The firm will now provide a fax number that can be published at a domain, enabling visitors to click the number to send a fax to the domain owner, with every domain registration. In addition, will also will also publish the fax number in its business directory listings.

In a related announcement, Phone.com is planning to integrate access to eFax's Internet fax service into its Internet enabled wireless phones.

In other news, eFax has landed a deal with Electric Lightwave, in which it planning to expand the availability of its Internet fax service by leasing Internet bandwidth and local telephone access on Electric Lightwave's high speed fiber network which is deployed throughout the U.S.


Network Solutions


Electric Lightwave

Interstar Fax Product Supports NMSS Boards
Interstar Technologies reported that it is using Natural MicroSystems' AG 2000 and QX 2000 PCI boards in its multi-channel fax solution, Lighning fax. The product is capable of supporting up to 960 fax lines per server and 3 million simultaneous facsimile transmissions. Its client/server software architecture allows users to both send and receive facsimiles directly from any PC or any email client. It also ships in feature English, French and Italian language compliant versions.

The product is currently compliant with Windows NT, IBM AIX and Sun Solaris, with Linus support expected by the end of the year.

Natural MicroSystems

Interstar Technologies

Meir To Use Radcom Products for VoIP Test Center
Meir Communications has announced that it is planning to use Radcom's AudioPro line of VoIP analysis tools in its VoIP product capability/interoperability test center.

The AudioPro product is an H.323 compliant testing module for Radcom's Prism line of WAN/LAN/ATM analyzers. It isolates and analyzes H.323 voice and signaling streams to provide detailed statistical information such as delay thresholds, packet loss, out of sequence packets, average packet inter-arrival time and jitter, stream length, timing, audio format and addressing information. It also deciphers the multitude of signaling messages involved in call setup and teardown.

For more information about Mier's VoIP product and interoperability testing center, send email to Mr. Smithers at Rob_Smithers@mier.com.

Mier's Testing Services

Mier Communications


Tandberg to Integrate & Distribute RADVision's Products
Tandberg, a videoconferencing solution manufacturer, said that it is planning to integrate RADVision's H.323 protocol stack into its line of videoconferencing solutions. In addition, the vendors will co-market all of RADVision's VoIP development modules (MCU Multipoint Conferencing Unit, VIU-323 Video Interface Unit, L2W-323 Gateway and NGK-100 Gatekeeper) to Tandberg's product resellers and end users. Terms of the deals were not disclosed.

RADVision's suite of H.323 v.1 and v.2 compliant developer products include gatekeepers, gateways, protocol stacks, adapters and software available for operating systems including Unix, Windows and several real time OSs.

The MCU-323 unit can support up to 15 simultaneous conferences, and the units may be interconnected to increase the number of users. The H.323 compliant product (H.225, H.245, H.261, H.263, G.711 & G.723) provides for SNMP based administration and management. It can ship with optional Gatekeeper functionality, and it is field upgradeable via software download.

The VIU-323 is a video interface unit that enables users to migrate or connect legacy system ISDN or H.320 videoconferencing systems to IP multimedia networks (LAN/intranets/Internet). The stand alone two port unit connects H.320 videoconferencing systems to IP multimedia networks without affecting exisisting H.320 ISDN capabilities/connections. It supports videoconferencing systems such as PictureTel, VTEL, Tandberg and Sony. The solution utilizes videoconferencing protocols such as H.320, H.323, G.711, G.723.1, G.728 and H.261, to support connection speeds of up to 384 kbps. In addition, remote user configuration is available via the product's RS232 serial interface/modem port.

The H.323 compliant L2W-323 gateway provides PRI T1/E1 interfaces to ISDN networks to support up to eight ISDN 2B calls, four 384kbps bonded, concurrent video calls, or 16 voice only calls. The product also supports both central office switch and PBX configurations to connect H.323 endpoints to PSTN/ISDN telephones and H.320 clients. Its PRI network interface can connect multiple endpoints via a single interface.

The NGK-100 gatekeeper is a H.323 Version 2-compliant software product that is designed for IP-based multimedia networks. The Windows NT based unit supports up to 60 calls and 300 registrations. It enables network managers to define, control, optimize and manage multimedia conferencing and VoIP calls by controlling network bandwidth and policies to ensure optimal implementation of real-time audio, visual and data conferencing applications. The gatekeeper also includes built-in multimedia IVR capabilities, which when working in conjunction with the company's gateways enables users to see a still video picture along with the voice response message.



Talk Visual Launches VoIP Trial Service
Talk Visual announced that it has launched a VoIP trial service between several of its public retail videocalling outlets located throughout France, Germany and Belgium. Over the next few months, the provider is planning to deploy operations and equipment to in select Central Africa, Morocco and Turkey markets to offer similar VoIP services.

Talk Visual

Telia Deploys Portal's CC&B Technology
Telia, Sweden's national telecommunications operator, reported that it is planning to use Portal Software's IP based customer care and billing software, Infranet, to bill for an array of 10MBps broadband Internet services including multimedia, Internet access, IP telephony and video-on-demand. Systems integration is being handled by Cap Gemini.

Infranet is an end to end customer management and billing solution that enables providers to develop Internet services that can support millions of users on a 24 x 7 basis. Its features include customer registration, caller authentication, credit limit verification, tracking of prepaid usage and account termination, LCR, and inter domain reconciliation and settlement capabilities.

Telia plans to launch the service offerings this month.


Portal Software

Deltathree.com Teams with CNET to Market & Offer Service
Deltathree.com reported that it is teaming with CNET to market its VoIP services to CNET's web site visitors. According to the terms of the two year deal, Deltathree.com has committed to pay CNET $11 million to market the services throughout CNET's web sites. CNET will also take an undisclosed equity stake in Deltathree.com. In addition, the company's plan to integrate access to the VoIP services into CNET's Shopper.com and Computer.com web pages to enable visitors to place calls directly to vendors by clicking a directory listing.

The marketing part of the deal has commenced, with the ecommerce/Internet telephony capabilities scheduled to be fully integrated into CNET's web pages by the end of the year.



eSynch Acquires F@x-em!'s FoIP Technologies
eSynch reported that it has acquired P. Bradley Corporation's FoIP technologies, F@x-em! Details of the transaction were not disclosed. F@x-em! is a hardware/software Internet fax device that attaches to a traditional fax machine, enabling users to send documents over the Internet to other fax machines, Windows based PC desktops, email accounts or Twain compliant scanners.


eSynch Corporation

P. Bradley Corporation


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