IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Nov, 16 2001

1. ADC Introduces VoIP Gateway
ADC has introduced a PacketCable-based VoIP gateway module for the Cuda 12000 CMTS. The gateway can scale up to 8,160 DS0/E0 ports and 900k BHCA per card or over 96,000 ports and 10M BHCA per Cuda chassis. The module incorporates a media gateway, media gateway controller and an SS7/C7 signaling gateway into a single unit with open, standard and IP addressable interfaces that allow each subsystem to interoperate with third-party call management servers and CMTS units as well as standalone MGCs and SGs.

The module design employs modular daughtercards for the DSP banks and PSTN interface module. Customers can separately choose the line interface type and card density for their intitial application, and then grow card density in the future by adding DSP banks to handle additional simultaneous calls. The gateway module is software configurable on a per DS1/D1 basis to simultaneously provide support for GR303, V5.2, SS7/C7 IMTs, SS7/C7 A or F signaling links, CAS, MF R1/R2, OSPS and E911 trunks.


3. Plantronics Introduces Softphone Headset Adapter
Plantronics has introduced DA50, a digital USB to headset adapter for softphones for PCs running Windows 98SE and later versions. The technology features predefined equalization settings; microphone placement and volume test; and bass, treble and volume controls for incoming audio. The DA50 also features inline volume and mute controls.

The headset adapter goes for $120.


5. Indigo & IP Unity to Offer SIP on Media Server Platforms
Indigo Software and IP Unity have partnered to offer a VoIP solution that includes Indigo’s SIP based applications running over IP Unity’s Harmony 6000 media server platform. The duo will work with third party application developers to integrate core SIP signaling systems with media-rich service platforms to deliver unified messaging, web conferencing and IVR.

Indigo Software

IP Unity

7. Alestra to Use Sonus for VoIP Network
Sonus Networks has said that Alestra, a Mexico-based provider that is jointly owned by AT&T, will deploy its open services switch, softswitch, SS7 signaling gateway and element managment system to support its developing VoIP network. Initially, the Sonus gear will be used to augment Alestra’s existing Class 5 circuit switches, offloading modem-generated Internet traffic from its voice network. Internet-bound calls destined for remote access servers are diverted away from circuit switches before they enter the voice infrastructure. Alestra plans to eventually offer VoIP services in Mexico.


Sonus Networks

9. Science Dynamics To Use Radvision’s H.323 & MGCP
Radvision has said that Science Dynamics will use its H.323 toolkits for its IntegratorC-2300 VoIP gateways and its MGCP toolkits to facilitate cable telephony in a media gateway.


Science Dynamics

11. Effnet Introduces IP Header Compression for 2.5G & 3G
Effnet has introduced an IP header compression solution for 2.5G and 3G networks that employs Robust Header Compression (ROHC) protocol. The technology has proven to be interoperable with UMTS products from Nokia, Ericsson, and Siemens. The software includes protocols specified by UMTS Releases 3, 4, and 5. Effent’s ROHC and Internet Protocol Header Compression implement the official IETF standards RFC 3095 and RFC 2507, respectively.


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