IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Nov, 18 1998

Analogic Introduces CompactPCI Based VoIP Cards

Analogic has announced that it is adding CompactPCI based products to its
TAP-800 (Telephony Application Processor) line of products with the
introduction of the TAP-810 CompactPCI-based DSP resource card designed for
PSTN to VoIP connectivity applications. The 810 product provides support
for up to 120 channels of G.723.1 and G.729a communications, with quad
T1/E1 line interfaces and a 100 Base T controller. The DSP board handles
all of the compression processing for data and voice to free the host
processor to manage call setup, teardown and custom calling feature
support. The board is engineered to be hot-swap compliant.

The card is expected to be available for developers during the first
quarter of ’99, at a per-port price of $125, in quantity.

In a separate announcement, Analogic has announced that its TAP-804 /804E
DSP resource boards and TAP-800 software developer kit for VoIP developers
will provide software and hardware support for Sun’s PCI-based UltraSPARC
and the Solaris OS platforms. The TAP-800 software combined with the
TAP-804E DSP resource board can provide support for up to 30 channels of
G.723.1 voice compression in a single PCI slot.

The technology is expected to be available next month.



TAP-800 software & hardware product line


Sun MicroSystems


Pulsecom Teams With IPAXS to Develop xDSL VoIP Service Possibilities

Pulsecom has announced that it has joined forces with IPAXS to market a
solution that will enable providers to offer VoIP as part of xDSL service
offerings. The solution will combine Pulsecom’s WavePacer DSL solutions
with IPAXS’ OmniAXS VoiceHUB family of gateway switches and gatekeeper





Cisco and VocalTec to Develop Interoperable VoIP Products

VocalTec has announced an interoperability agreement with Cisco, in which
the companies will develop H.323 v2 interoperability between each
companies’ Internet telephony equipment. The first phase of the
interoperability development, which is currently underway, will port the
intelligence of VocalTec’s carrier-grade gatekeeper product with Cisco’s
gateways including the AccessPath-VS3, AS5300, and the 3600 and 2600 series
routers. The second phase of this project will focus on the
interoperability of both companies’ complete series of products including
gateways, gatekeepers, conferencing servers and clients. Field trials are
expected to commence before year’s end, with commercial availability
expected by Q’2 of ’99.





Cisco Introduces Switch Option to Expand the Functionality of its VoIP Platform

Cisco has announced the availability of its VCO/4K open programmable switch
as an option for its AccessPath-VS3 (AP-VS3) carrier class VoIP platform.
The VCO/4K is a fully redundant platform that scales from 24 to 4,088
ports. It provides support for a broad array of integrated applications and
management software tools. The product is designed on an open telephony
architecture to enable developers to create applications such as pre- and
post-paid calling cards, voice/fax messaging, single-number service,
voice-activated dialing, and web-initiated conferencing.

The AP VS3 is a V/FoIP gateway product that incorporates Cisco’s
high-density AS5300 platform with voice/fax feature cards, the 3640
gatekeeper, and routing and switching technology. It scales from 48- to
1,260-port densities in T1/E1 configurations. The gateway utilizes Cisco’s
IOS software to support a wide range of IP telephony applications including
toll bypass, universally accessible voice-and fax-mail services,
aggregation for intracompany phone calling and faxing, phone to phone
connectivity through PBXs and key systems, real-time fax to fax, and PC to
phone connectivity.

The VCO/4K switch is currently available as an option for the AP-VS3 platform.



E-Tech Introduces VoIP Software Based on Voxware’s Technology

E-Tech Canada has announced the introduction of its Internet telephony
client software, the Video VoxPhone Gold. The software enables PC to PC
and PC to phone connectivity featuring full duplex communications, full
motion video, voice email capabilities, call blocking, 5-party
conferencing, a local address book, a global on-line user directory, file
transfer capabilities and a caller ID display. The software is based on
Voxware’s codec technology, and most likely Voxware’s old VoxPhone as well,
which enables the unit to support H.323 protocols including H.263 at speeds
as low as 2400 bps. The software will be offered for Windows 95, 98 and NT
platforms. It will be available in a variety of languages and will ship
with a tutorial video for installation, setup and operation.

To use the product for phone to phone connectivity, users must first
establish an account with an ITSP. The phone is expected to be commercially
available next month, following a test period offering a 14 day trial

E-Tech Canada Limited






Innomedia Unveils IP Telephony Gateway Starter Kit

InnoMedia has announced the availability of a starter kit for its InfoGate
IP Telephony Gateway system consisting of two InfoGate cards, and gateway
and gatekeeper software. The H.323 compliant cards, which need to be
installed into a dedicated Windows NT workstation platform, provide
four-ports per card. The card’s hardware includes on-board dedicated DSPs
to ensure efficient speech processing while minimizing host CPU
utilization. The starter kit will ship with an IVR system and a graphical
user interface to enable call-flow customization. It will support prepaid
calling cards through ODBC-compatible CDRs and real-time cutoff.

The kit is priced at $6,495.



Eicon Integrates Technology from .comfax and Net2Phone into Remote Access Products

Eicon Technology, a remote access solution provider, has announced that it
will integrate .comfax’s Internet fax software and Net2Phone’s Internet
telephony software into its DIVA line of ISDN remote access products. The
integrated product will enable users to access the .comfax or Net2Phone
global network of servers and gateways for communications from a desktop PC.







Capcom to Offer Net2Phone’s Internet Telephony Service in Europe

Capcom SA, a telco based in Spain, has announced that it will purchase
Net2Phone Direct gateways to offer a phone to phone Internet telephony
service to its subs in Europe. Capcom currently plans to offer service in
Spain, Italy and a few other select markets in southern Europe. The
provider has recently acquired fiber capacity from Spain to the US to
ensure QoS.

In a separate announcement, Net2Phone will reduce the rates of its PC to
phone service to 7 cents per minutes for any call to the UK or France. The
holiday rates will be in effect on a 24×7 basis from November 10 to
December 23.





Net2Phone Direct


VIP Calling and ICG Netcom to Terminate Traffic for Each Other

VIP Calling has announced an agreement with ICG Netcom, in which VIP
Calling will terminate calls on ICG’s U.S.-based IP network, and ICG will
terminate traffic on VIP Calling’s network in Europe and the Pacific Rim.
Both companies utilize Cisco’s telephony equipment, which will enable the
services to interoperate as early as this month.

ICG Netcom


VIP Calling




Worldwide Online to Offer VoIP Service Using Cisco’s Equipment

Worldwide Online announced that it has completed the first phase of testing
for its VoIP service. The service, which is based on Cisco’s 3600 series
routers, enables users to make voice and fax calls between Toronto and New
York City. Worldwide expects to expand the service into the Hong Kong and
Rome markets before offering it on a commercial basis, with plans to offer
the service in an additional 10 to 12 countries by next summer.

Worldwide Online




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