IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Nov, 20 2001

1. Sonus Introduces Insignus Softswitch
Sonus Networks has introduced its Insignus softswitch, a modular softswitch that delivers Class 5 and enterprise Centrex services, and H.323 gatekeeper and gateway functionality. The technology supports carrier applications such as trunking, Internet call diversion tandem replacement and access as well as support for service applications such as long distance and international, business PBX access, tandem switching, residential access and Centrex, VoIP termination and direct voice over broadband.

The modular software elements for the softswitch include the ASX access server, the PSX policy server, the GSX-CG gateway controller, the TSX gateway controller, and the SGX SS7 gateway. The access server provides line-side endpoint control. It provides Class 5 services features for residential and Centrex services and emergency services and CALEA. The policy server provides service selection, routing and call handling instructions for other softswitch elements. The GSX-GC gateway controller provides call control and signaling for Sonus’ Open Services switch. The TSX gateway controller controls third-party trunking gateways. The gateway provides integrated SS7/C7 signaling support for connectivity to circuit-switched networks.

Sonus Networks

3. Data Connection Shipping SIP
Data Connection has said that it is shipping its fault-tolerant SIP protocol. The technology includes end point and server function with optional extensions. The software runs on DC’s N-Base development environment. It is pre-ported to Windows, Solaris, Linux, VxWorks, OSE and LynxOS.

Data Connection

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