IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Nov, 22 2005

1. JupiterResearch Releases Study of VoIP Market in the U.S.
JupiterResearch has released U.S. Broadband Telephony
Forecast 2005 to 2010, a study of the primary line
consumer VoIP market in the U.S.

The firm finds VoIP subscriptions to grow from 1.2 million
in 2004 to 20.4 million by 2010.

The report is available for $750.


3. New Asterisk Version Contains Many Enhancements
Digium has released version 1.2 of Asterisk, the first major revision
to the open source IP PBX software since its release in September 2004.
The new version includes over 3,000 feature additions and improvements
to the overall performance and efficiency of memory usage.

A significant number of changes have been made to the core of Asterisk
including code formatting, simplification and documentation. New
features include improved voicemail features, support for DUNDI, the
creation of a real-time database configuration storage engine, the
addition of dialplan power, a new method for configuring the dialplan
(Extension Logic), a new interface for dynamic IVR flow control,
configurable access to general call features, improved SIP support,
new features for IAX, use of sound files for native music on hold,
customized CDR support, and PRI support improvements.


5. Teledex Unveils IP Phone for Hotels
Teledex has introduced iPhone IP, a SIP-based phone and iPhone
Hybrid, an analog phone that can be converted to a pure IP phone
with a firmware upgrade. Both phones, designed exclusively for
the hospitality industry, appear identical, with a 5.6 inch
interactive color touch screen.

The screen is intended to provide ad space, increase phone usage,
and eliminate the need for most of the guest room printed material.

The phones will be available in Q2 of next year.

Teledex has shipped over 9 million guestroom phones to over 125


7. Digium Introduces Asterisk Analog Card for SOHO/SMB Networks
Digium has introduced Wildcard TDM2400P, a 32-bit 33 MHz PCI 2.2
compliant card that supports 24-ports and can scale to support
48. The card replaces the need for a separate channel bank and T1
interface cards. It supports quad FXS station and quad FXO office
interfaces for connecting analog phones and lines through a PC, and
a 50-pin Amphenol connector for installation. The FXO and FXS
interfaces contain echo cancellation.

The Wildcard TDM2400P has been designed for SOHO and SMB
environments. It will be available in December.


9. Brooktrout Introduces Quad Density T1/E1 Version of TR1000
Brooktrout Technology has introduced a quad density T1/E1
version of its TR1000 media processing board. The board
scales from 2 to 120 channels per board and up to 480
channels per system for use with Windows and Unix/Linux
operating systems.

Along with the new product release, the company has announced
enhancements to the software including the addition of new
features for call control and voice recording that provider
easier integration with call centers and hosted services.
Further, the SDK includes new features for PBX integration
with Q.SIG, voice recording with channel summation and
voice compression/decompression with GSM and linear CODECs.

Other versions of the TR100 are available for analog, BRI,
and single/dual T1/E1.

The latest board release meets the Restriction of Hazardous
Substances directive.

Brooktrout Technology

11. Sprint North Supply to Resell Lake’s SOHO Networking Device
Sprint North Supply will exclusively distribute Lake Communications’
Connection Central in North America. Connection Central is a SOHO
networking device that integrates a DSL modem, router, PBX
functionality, VoIP, voicemail, and wireless voice and data
capabilities. The product includes 2 POTS lines, 2 VoIP lines,
and 4 wired extension ports and an on-board digital enhanced
cordless telecommunications base station supporting 6 wireless
extension ports. The unit supports up to 4 wired LAN ports and
contains a built-in 802.1 b/g wireless access point.

Connection Central is currently available.

Sprint North Supply

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