IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Nov, 24 1998

Level3 and Bellcore Team to Develop PSTN/IP Protocol

Level 3 has announced that it is teaming with Bellcore to develop a
protocol specification, dubbed Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP),
designed to enable the PSTN and IP-based networks to interconnect. The
spec represents a combination of the Internet Protocol Device Control
(IPDC) specification developed by a consortium formed by Level 3 and the
Simple Gateway Control Protocol (SGCP) developed by Bellcore and Cisco. It
is expected to provide users with the functionality of both the traditional
PSTN and IP based networks, enabling customers to benefit from the lower
cost of IP services, including voice and fax, without modifying existing
telephone and fax equipment or dialing access codes.

A draft of the MGCP specification has been submitted to the IETF’s
SS7-Internet mailing list as well as the ETSI TIPHON working group for
review and modification. The specification is available to providers and

The IPDC consortium members include 3Com, Alcatel Telecom, Ascend, Cisco,
Ericsson, Level 3, Lucent, Nortel, Selsius, Stratus Computer, Tekelec, and
Vertical Networks.



Level 3


USA Global Link Receives Approval to Offer Telco Services in the Netherlands

USA Global Link has announced that it has received a carrier select code
(#1667) as a registered teleco provider in the Netherlands. The code will
enable Dutch customers to directly access the company’s worldwide network
from fixed and mobile phones, fax machines and PCs. The provider intends to
install a POP in the Netherlands (early ’99) that will provide access to
its worldwide IP network, Global InterNetwork. USA Global Link also plans
to interconnect the POP with Koninklijke PTT Nederland (KPN Telecom) for
countrywide access.

USA Global Link


Voicenet Launches VoIP Service That Utilizes 64K of Bandwidth Per Call

Voicenet, a US based ISP, has announced that it has launched a phone to
phone Internet telephony service that provides both local and long distance
capabilities to the Mid-Atlantic region of the US. Voicenet will use its
own regional IP network to provide 64K bandwidth for each call. Voicenet
is charging a monthly service fee of US $4.95 (the fee is waived for
Voicenet’s Internet service subs), with calls billed at per minute rates.
Calls placed to and from any number in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and
Delaware will cost 5 cents per minute. Users will pay 7 cents per minute
for long distance calls placed to any phone in the continental US, outside
of the region. The service will also feature 800 number access, enabling
users to access the network from any phone in the US to place calls at 13
cents per minute.

Local access numbers for the service are currently activated throughout the
Delaware Valley, with locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware
scheduled for service in the next few weeks.



Avesta Energi and T‰by Energi to Offer Glocalnet’s VoIP in Sweden

Stockholm Telecom, a Glocalnet subsidiary, has announced that it is teaming
with Avesta Energi and T‰by Energi to enable the Sweden based utility
companies to offer Glocalnet’s phone to phone IP telephony service. The
utility providers will offer the service to customers, with Avesta
providing power to 14,500 customers and T‰by servicing 28,000 households.

Avesta Energi and T‰by Energi expect to begin offering the VoIP service
next month.

Both power companies are subsidiaries of Stockholm Energi, which is
currently offering Glocalnet’s IP telephony service to its nearly 400,000
customers via an agreement struck with Stockholm Telecom earlier this year.

Glocalnet AB


Stockholm Energi AB


AT&T Jens Lowers Service Rates and Expands the Access Points of its VoIP Service

AT&T Jens has announced that it is lowering the rates for calls made using
its Japanese IP telephony service, AT&T @phone, from 23 yen per minute to
15 yen per minute. In conjunction with the lower rates, the provider is
also expanding the toll free areas from which users can access the service
to include the whole Kanto region (Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, Kanagawa, Gunma,
Tochigi, Ibaragi, Yamanashi, and Shizuoka). The service is currently
available in Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Yokohama, Hamamatsu, Nagoya, Osaka,
Kobe, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, and Okinawa.

The new rates take effect this week.

AT&T Jens


IDT Offers 15 Minutes of Free PC to Phone Calling During Thanksgiving

IDT has announced that it is offering 15 minutes of free calling to new
users of its Net2Phone service during the Thanksgiving weekend. The
holiday promotion will enable users to call any phone in the US from a
multimedia PC from Thursday to Sunday.





Cisco Develops Class of Service Technology for IP/ATM Networks

Cisco has announced that its integrated IP-ATM class of service (CoS)
capability is available with the latest version of its IOS software. It
will enable NSPs to create network-wide, differentiated service classes
across IP and traditional ATM networks. The company is also developing QoS
solutions for the multiple infrastructures.



Arris to Add VoIP Capabilities to its Cornerstone Cable Products

Arris Interactive, a circuit-switched cable telephony systems vendor, has
announced that it plans to develop an IP gateway module to its Cornerstone
cable telephony system. The current Cornerstone system consists of a HDT
located at the cable headend, connecting with voice ports located at the
customer premises. The IP telephony module can be added to existing HDT’s to
translate traffic into IP traffic for transport across the IP backbones and
vice versa. Arris is designing the gateway module to provide client proxies
for up to 3,360 Cornerstone voice lines, capable of supporting 672
simultaneous voice calls over DS1 or E1 connections to the HDT.

The Cornerstone IP Access Gateway application will be based on the emerging
CableLabs/PacketCable specification and the development of other
standards-compliant end-to-end IP network components.

Arris Interactive


HP to Integrate elemedia’s H.323 Technology Into its Service Platforms

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has announced that it plans to integrate elemedia’s
H.323 gatekeeper software into its OpenCall Intelligent Network platform, a
carrier-grade computer-based service platform.





HP OpenCall products


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