IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Nov, 25 2002

1. TeleGeography Releases Study on Global Telephony Traffic
TeleGeography has released TeleGeography 2003, a study of global telephony traffic that provides route-by route call volume for more than 120 countries, carrier market shares, VoIP route rankings, mobile traffic statistics, and detailed analysis of international call costs, prices and revenues.

The firm finds that international telephone traffic increased 10% in 2001, the slowest growth rate in 20 years. International call revenue reportedly plunged by $10 billion last year, the largest single year decline on record.

According to TeleGeography, international call volumes reached 154 billion minutes in 2001, up from 139 billion minutes in 2000. Call volume is projected to reach 160 billion minutes in 2002.

Some incumbent carriers reported significant gains for 2001. Deutsche Telekom’s share increased in Germany, and in the U.S., AT&T experienced a 2.5 billion minute increase in call volume and a $500 million increase in international call revenues.

The firm recognized ITXC as the leading carrier of international VoIP minutes, carrying 20% of traffic. TeleGeography expects international phone to phone VoIP calls to grow from 6% of international traffic in 2001 (9.9 billion minutes) to 10% in 2002 (18 billion minutes).

The report reveals that Latin America led cross border VoIP calls in 2001, followed by Europe, Asia, North America, the Middle East, and Africa.

PSTN Traffic Growth by Region (excludes all VoIP traffic)
source: TeleGeography

                1999      2000     2001 Africa         14.9%     9.5%     10.1%  Asia           12.0%    16.6%     14.1% Europe         14.9%    20.6%     11.6% Latin America  10.1%    19.9%     10.1% N. America     17.8%    27.4%      0.8%   Pricing for the report is: Print Edition    $2,195      Online Edition - Single User License (12 months) $2,595    Online Edition - Single User License + Print Edition $3,490     CD-ROM Edition - Multi-User Local Area Network License                  includes one free Print Edition $5,995      CD-ROM Edition - Enterprise-Wide Global License                  includes two free Print Editions  $10,175     


3. Conference Plus Offering Videoconferencing over Masergy
Conference Plus will offer its CP ip-V videoconferencing service over Masergy Communications’ IP network. Masergy will be providing a SLA that includes 100% packet delivery, 100% in sequence packet delivery, maximum latency variation less than 10ms, and sub-one second network recovery. Conference Plus’ service will be offer customers point-to-point calling for a flat monthly fee with bandwidth options up to 1.54 Mbps.

Conference Plus

Masergy Communications

5. Datacraft Asia to Resell VocalData’s IP Centrex
Datacraft Asia will resell VocalData’s VOISS application server in Asia-Pacific. VOISS, based on MGCP, SIP, and SCCP, delivers IP Centrex and enhanced applications.

Datacraft Asia


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