IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Nov, 27 2000

MSN and Net2Phone Expand Agreement For International Connectivity
Net2Phone reported that it has expanded an existing agreement with MSN, in which the firms embedded Net2Phone’s VoIP technology into the MSN Messenger to enable users to click a button to place a call from any PC in the world to any PC in the world or any phone in the domestic U.S., to include PC to phone connectivity throughout the world. Since the original agreement, Net2Phone has routed over 44 million PC to phone calls for various MSN Messenger users (it has a total of 18 million users) resulting in more than 230 million minutes of VoIP traffic. There is no charge for PC to PC calls or PC to phone calls placed to traditional phones throughout the U.S. or Canada, with PC to phone calls placed to other markets billed at existing rates.

In other developments, CallWave said that it is planning to integrate its Internet call waiting technology, Internet Answering Machine, into Net2Phone’s VoIP products to enable users with a single phone line to see who is calling and return a call while online. The firms will co-market the CallWave branded versions of the VoIP technology, and allow users to place no charge U.S. domestic PC to phone calls, with international PC to phone calls billed at existing rates.

MSN Messenger



TechnoScout.com Deploys Lipstream’s PC to PC VoIP Technology
TechnoScout.com reported that it has integrated Lipstream Network’s real time PC to PC VoIP communications service, Live Voice, into its web site to enable visitors to initiate communications with a CSR to obtain additional information. The Live Voice technology/service is based on Lipstream’s client software (a SDK or browser plug-in) that routes traffic over its H.323 compliant network, which consists of a system of servers hosted throughout Qwest’s network and connected to several tier-one backbone providers. The company monitors and manages the service/network on a 24 x 7 basis.

Since the web site operator implemented the technology, it has seen an 300 percent increase in sales, and its customer contact times have been reduced by 50 percent.


Lipstream Networks

QoS Networks to Offer Wholesale IP Services With SLAs
QoS Networks reported that it is gearing up to provide wholesale IP based voice and data services with SLAs. The firm has recently secured a Special Type II Telecommunications license to operate as a telco, and it has just deployed its initial POPs in Tokyo and Osaka, which will be connected to 9 other Japanese markets as soon as possible. The carrier also plans to deploy at least 46 additional POPs in various other markets such as Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Sydney by the end of next year. In addition, it has already landed several service agreements with Japan Telnet to carry data and VoIP services, and it is negotiating deals with NTT Data and KDDI.

QoS Networks

Siemens and Tundo Team to Develop VoIP System W/IP Phones
Siemens Enterprise Networks said that it is teaming with Tundo to develop a VoIP solution with integrated IP phones. According to the terms of the deal, the companies will integrate Siemens’ H.323/H.450 compliant IP based telephones, optiPoint model 300, with Tundo’s Network Telephony System VoIP platform, telecom servers and IP based computer telephony solutions. The system is expected to support CLASS capabilities such as call hold, transfer, forward, and waiting, with additional functionality already under development.


Siemens Enterprise Networks

VideoGate Introduces VoIP Enabled eCommerce Technology
VideoGate.com has reported the introduction of Connection, its eCommerce customer contact solution/service. The technology enables web site visitors to initiate communications with a CSR via text chat and/or VoIP capabilities. It also features support for interactive video and document sharing.

In a related announcement, VideoGate said that both Shopicanna, a Greece based web site operator, and Myerstone.com, a Taiwan based operator, are planning to deploy the Connection technology in their respective web sites.


Way2call Introduces USB Version of VoIP Enabling Device
Way2call Communications has announced the introduction of a USB version of its Hi-Phone DeskTop telephony enabling device. The G.711 compliant desktop unit interfaces with a traditional telephone to support either VoIP or traditional telephony communications. It supports CLASS services such as caller ID, call waiting and caller ID while waiting, and it can be combined with the vendor’s SDK and other technologies to provide a platform that can be used to develop a variety of calling applications/services.

Way2call Communications

eGlobe to Spin Off Enhanced Division to Focus on VoIP
eGlobe said that it is planning to spin off its Enhanced Services division to focus its funds on developing voice over Internet products/services. The Enhanced Services division had been sustaining financial losses that the company cannot support while continuing to further its VoIP efforts. In addition, the company is in the process of attempting to get re-listed on NASDAQ, after being downgraded to over the counter last week.


Polycom and Tdsoft Team for VoDSL Solution
Polycom reported that it is teaming with Tdsoft to develop VoDSL solutions for the small to medium size corporate market. According to the terms of the agreement, the companies have already developed interoperability between Polycom’s NetEngine line of four port IADs and Tdsoft’s VoNGATE voice access gateway. The integrated solution will enable users to offer multi-line local voice services as well as high speed DSL based Internet access services.



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