IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Nov, 29 2001

1. Virata Introduces VoIP Chipset
Virata has introduced Azurite, a VoIP chipset that consists of a processor, a Texas Instruments DSP, and voice software. The technology is offered in two solutions. Azurite with a Helium processor is designed to support high-speed net access via end-point devices such as gateways and SOHO routers. It includes VoIP software that handles IP signaling, QoS support, real-time encapsulation and reporting, ATM, frame, routing, bridging, and SNMP management. Azurite with a Nitrogen processor is designed for IP switch/router applications. Both solutions supoort interfaces for 10/100 Ethernet, HomePNA, home powerline, and home wireless. The voice software included in the solution includes voice coding, echo cancellation, DTMF signaling, and N-way conferencing. The chipset provides QoS and ensures controlled IP packet delivery through Dynamic Jitter Buffer Design, and accommodates lost packets through packet-pending Lost Packet Compensation.

The Helium-based chipset with a Magnesium 09 DSP and a four-line configuration is priced at $34 in volume. The Nitrogen-based chipset with a Magnesium 09 DSP and four-line configuration is priced at $31 in volume quantities. Both are scheduled for availability in December.


3. Infonetics Releases VoIP Market Study
Infonetics Research has released its quarterly study, Next Gen Voice Products, a report that tracks worldwide market share and forecasting for voice/data switches, VoB gateways, VoIP gateways, Class 5 VoIP gateways, and softswitches. The firm finds that Q’3 revenues for the products totaled $135 million, down 6% from the previous quarter. Revenues are forecasted to reach $465 million in Q’3 of 2002. According to Infonetics, hardware revenues declined 15%, while softswitch revenues grew 8% over the quarter.

The study tracks Alcatel, Cirpack, Clarent, comMatch, CommWorks, Convergent, CopperCom, General Bandwidth, Integral Access, ipVerse, Jetstream, Lucent, Mockingbird, Nortel, Nuera, Santera, Sonus, Syndeo, tdSoft, Telica, Terayon, Telcordia, Tollbridge, Unisphere, VocalTec, and Zhone.

Infonetics Research

5. Netergy Shipping MEGACO
Netergy Microelectronics has announced that it is shipping its MEGACO call signaling protocol stack. The technology is offered as part of the company’s Veracity software suit available through its Audacity-T2 and Audacity T2U based platforms. A Linux-based version of the protocol is offered.


ITU MEGACO PowerPoint Presentation

7. ATSI Expands Service to El Salvador
ATSI Communications has said that it has secured a reciprocal agreement with an operator in El Salvador, expanding its footprint into seven Latin countries including Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Venezuela.


9. Comcast Testing Cedar Points’ Switching
Cedar Point Communications has announced that Comcast is lab testing its Cable Media Switching System, a voice over cable system that supports VoIP and circuit switched traffic simultaneously on a single packet switch.

Cedar Point Communications

11. Comdial Reports Shipment of 1000 Systems
Comdial has reported more than 1000 of its FX II business VoIP systems have been shipped since April of this year. The system supports businesses with 20 to 400 employees.


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