IP Telephony news wrap-up for Nov 30 – 2006

In-Stat has released two new studies including In-Depth Analysis: IP Phones Invade the Home and Office and VoIP Security: Preparing for the Evolving Threat.

The security report examines threats to VoIP in the enterprise environment as well as covering the growth of lines for IP PBX equipment and the type and volume of IP phones in the business segment. The firm finds the number of IP phones sold will grow from 9.9 million in 2006 to 45.8 million in 2010. In a survey conducted for the study, In-Stat finds that nearly half of the respondents had a budget for VoIP security but didn’t have a specific plan for securing VoIP deployments.

The publication goes for $2,995.

The IP phone report explores the markets for IP phones, Wi-Fi phones and dual-mode cellular/Wi-Fi phones as well as IP PBX desk sets. Five year shipment and revenue forecasts are provided for each category. The study also discusses trends in the wireless and mobile sectors. The firm finds IP phone shipments will grow from 10 million units in 2006 to 164 million units in 2010. Other findings indicate that around 40% of IP PBX seats are configured with IP phones and that Cisco is the leading provider of IP phones with a 43% market share. The second leading vendor is Avaya, with a 12% share.

This report is also $2,995.

Frost & Sullivan have released North American Hosted IP Telephony and VoIP Access Services Market. The firm finds revenues from the market will grow from $372.6 million in 2005 to $14.6 billion in 2012.

The report is part of Frost & Sullivan’s Communications Services subscription, which also includes research that covers North American metro Ethernet services, wholesale SONET services, and U.S. enterprise telephony equipment services.

For a brochure on the report, send complete contact information to Mireya Castilla at mireya.castilla@frost.com

Frost & Sullivan
Ziff Davis has released global VoIP market data last week. The group finds that VoIP equipment revenue will grow from $3.95 billion in 2005 to $11.9 billion in 2010, growing at a CAGR of 24.7%. Residential product revenues are projected to grwo from $1.1 billion in 2005 to $4.1 billion in 2010, growing at a CAGR of 31.1%. The PBX segment accounts for 46% of the revenue and infrastructure and residential gear each have a 27% share.

Consumer VoIP subscriptions are expected to increase from 15.8 million in 2005 to 151.2 million in 2010, rising at a CAGR of 57.1%.

Ziff Davis
CounterPath (formerly Xten) and Hana Micron have entered into a co-marketing and co-development agreement that calls for Hana Micron to market CounterPath’s softphone in Korea and CounterPath to market Hana Micron’s USB storage devices and MP3 players in North America and Europe. The deal also calls for the two to co-develop IPTV technology and VoIP solutions for triple play services.

Hana Micron is a spin off of Samsung’s semiconductor business division.

CounterPath Solutions
Hana Micron
TMC will be hosting its annual spring IT Expo and Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on January 23-26, 2007. The event will feature more than 300 speakers in approximately 120 sessions, over 200 exhibitors, and a series of workshops.

Admission to a great portion of the event is free (with pre-registration). This admission includes elements such as keynotes, several workshops, panel sessions, receptions, and entry to the exhibit hall. Some of the free workshops and sessions include:

* How to Make Money Selling VoIP
* Realizing Rapid ROI Today
* VoIP Options: Disaster Preparedness Are You Ready?
* Service Provider Shootout
* Voice Pearing 101
* Peering with IP PBX’s
* Enterprse Voice Security & QoS
* All aboard the IP train
* Beyond VoIP

A Platinum Conference Pass is available for $1,595 before December 15th and $1,895 after December 15th. This package includes access to all internet telephony, IMS Expo and Call Center 2.0 conference events for all 4 days. Workshops and sessions available with this pass include:

* Building Products to Match Customers’ Specific Needs
* Business Benefits of VoIP for the SMB
* Business Case for SMBs to Migrate to Hosted VoIP
* Small Businesses Need Mobility Too
* Reaching the SMB Market: Best Practices
* VoIP from the Trenches
* What You Need to Know BEFORE Making the Leap to VoIP
* VoIP Conversation Recording Methods & Applications
* It’s All About the Apps! Choosing the Right Application
* The Devil’s in the Details: Managing Enerprise Networks for Successful VoIP Deployments
* Taking Convergence to the Next Level: The Integration of Data and Voice with Mission-Critical Business Apps
* Selling Your CFO on the Benefits of ‘Phasing-In’ VoIP
* The Interactive SOA: Tying IP Telephony to Enterprise Applications
* The Value of Hosted VoIP: Scaling UP!
* Addressing the Challenges of Multi-Site IP Telephony – Assuring Remote Office Survivability
* Converged Conferencing: The Time Is Now
* The Future of Internet Conferencing
* Ip-Based Collaboration Tools in the Enterprise
* WiFi Telephony Overview
* Deployment Challenges of WiFi Telephony
* The Future of Enterprise VoIP Mobility
* Ensure A Secure Environment for Voice over WiFi
* Intro to Standards
* Will ATCA Bring Order out of Chaos?
* Host Media Processing (HMP)Revisited
* Achieving Monitoring and Maintaining High Quality of Experience
* Ensuring the Readiness of Next-Generation Multimedia Applications and Services
* Intro to SIP
* The State of SIP Trunking
* Deploying SIP on a Global Scale
* SIP Peer-to-Peer Telephony — Creating Carrier-Class Services
* Early Media, and Its Effect on High Volume Applications
* Does Size Matter? Building a PC-Based Telephony System
* IP Communication: Open for Business
* Beyond Commodity Applications: How Companies are Leveraging Open Source VoIP and IM for Competitive Advantage
* Lawful Intercept for Broadband
* State of the Market: E-911
* The VoIP Enabled Marketplace
* Net Neutrality: How Practical Is It?
* Regulation 2.0: Where Do We Stand?
* Unified Communications – Everything You Need To Know
* The PBX as a Feature Server in a Unified Communicaitons World
* Know Your Needs – A Requirement for Unified Communications
* UC Roundtable – The State of the Industry
* Leveraging Next Generation Collaboration Technologies to Make Unified Messaging a Reality
* Testing Voice as Cellular and ViFi Technologies Converge
* Content Delivery in the All-IP Wireless Network
* Wireless Optical Mesh Scales Up WiFi Telephony in Business Areas
* Validation Mobile and VoIP Numbers With a Modern Line Information Database
* Delivering TRUE Broadband Wireless Today: VoIP over WiMAX
* Everything You Wanted to Know about VoIP Security
* VoIP Spamming – Challenges & Solutions
* SIP & Security
* Alternative Carriers – Creative Leadership in Next-Gen Implementations
* IP and Satellite: The New Frontier
* A Look at the Hottest New VoIP Services
* Business Services: Has the Time (Finally) Come?
* VoIP Peering: Bridging the VoIP Islands
* The Effect of Web 2.0 on the Telecom World
* VoIP & NGN Billing: A Primer
* Advances In Video Telephony
* Consumer VoIP Research – What Do Consumers Want?
* Successfully Selling and Implementing Hosted VoIP Services for Business Clients
* Managing Hosted Enterprise VoIP Service Quality
* Opportunities & Challenges Associated with Realizing the Service Convergence Boom
* Customer-Centered VoIP Marketing
* Keeping a Lid on Broadband Customer Service Costs
* Introduction to IMS
* Overcoming Challenges on the Road to IMS
* IMS in the Enterprise
* Billing in IMS
* Securing IMS Networks
* Forget the Killer App…Try the Killer Value Prop
* Quo Vadis? An IMS Industry Round Table
* The Role of SCIM in the Transition to IMS
* ISM &QoS
* Service Brokering
* In Search of the Killer App
* Intro to Fixed/Mobile Convergence
* Making the Business Case for FMC
* FMC: What About Video?
* Open Source & IP Telephony: Myth Busters, Best Practices and Real World Application in the Contact Center
* The Secret to Sustainable Performance Achievement
* Where to VoIP
* To Host or Not to Host?
* IP Contact Center Shootout
* Calling for More Than Quality Assurance
* Creating a Better Custoer Experience with a Customer Interaction Network
* Call Center Architectures with Custom Workflows

There is also an optional workshop hosted by FierceMarkets on the IPTV marketplace. Registration is $795 before December 15th and $995 after December 15th.

IT Expo
Envox is currently deploying VoIP call shops throughout Venezuala. The carrier plans to establish approximately 60 franchised shops over the next 12 months, with initial deployments beginning next week. Oddly, the shops will employ a proprietary call signaling protocol, with service delivery based on Vistula’s V-Cube platform along with equipment and technology provided by unnamed local suppliers.

Bahrain-based Kalaam Telecom has interconnected with iBasis, to route international VoIP traffic over its network.

CommPartners has introduced new technology that provides activation, network services, and automated service delivery for Linksys’ hosted IP communications platform for small businesses known as Linksys One.

UBIFone, a start-up service provider, will use DeltaThree’s hosted VoIP solution to offer global consumer VoIP services. DeltaThree’s Outsourced Platform Solution includes billing, eCommerce, fraud management, softswitch applications, CPE configuration, web development, and network management.

Kalaam Telecom

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