IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Oct, 04 2005

1. SBE Introduces New VoIP Gateway Module

SBE has introduced dspPTMC-5561, a VoIP gateway module to be
used for the development of access gateways, VoIP-enabled IMS,
trunking gateways, and next generation switches based on ATCA,
CPCI or proprietary platforms. A complete VoIP gateway
solution is offered with the new module is combined with SBE’s
PICMG 2.16 CompactPCI I/O controller, HW400c/2, and its
WAN interface cards.

The dspPTMC-5561 delivers up to 2304 VoIP channels. It
contains a DSP farm consisting of four, seven, or twelve Texas
Instruments TNETV3010 DSPs to scale with T1, T3, or OC-3
interfaces. The DSPs support G.165/G.168-2002 echo cancellation
(up to 128 msec), comfort noise generation with level control,
wireless CODECs with VQE, voice data compression, PCM support,
diagnostics, fax relay and low system latency.

The new module also features a Wintegra WinPath Access packet
processor to provide packet aggregation, processing and routing
functions. Network packet formats supported by the WinPath
include VoIP (UDP/IP) and VoATM (AAL2 or AAL5). The board also
supports full TDM streams through the PICMG 2.15 PTMC interface
Additional data paths include Gigabit Ethernet for PICMG 2.16
(cPSB) compatible platforms, RMII and ATM (UTOPIA L1 or POS)
interfaces. A 32-bit PCI bus interface allows Linux or other
system software residing on the carrier board to control the
dspPTMC-5561 module, and enable support SIP, H.323, MGCP, or

SBE’s gateway module will be available in November 2005.


3. Infineon Introduces Dual Channel SIC SoC

Infineon has introduced DuSLIC-SP, a fully
programmable, dual channel, subscriber line
telephone interface and CODEC in a single package.
The chip is designed for VoIP routers and gateways,
broadband modems and small IP PBX systems.

The SoC includes a 170V process technology for
immunity against line surges.

The DuSLIC-SP is currently sampling. General
availability is scheduled for Q1 of next year.


5. Vocal Unveils VoIP Accessibility Using Phone Jacks

Vocal Technologies has introduced a method for using
traditional phone jacks to enable all phones
throughout a small office or home capable of
accessing a VoIP service. The solution employs
the company’s IPBX ATA, which is connected to a
single phone jack and PBXtenders (aka PBXfingers),
which are connected to the remaining jacks. The
solution complies with FCC power regulations and
does not disrupt DSL or phone service.

The technology is intended to be an alternative to
establishing a Wi-Fi network within a SOHO

Vocal Technologies

7. Videotron to Deploy General Bandwidth’s Gear for VoCable

Videotron, a Canadian cable MSO, will deploy General
Bandwidth’s G6 Universal Media Gateway Platforms to
provide access and trunking media gateway functions for
the provider’s VoCable service in Quebec.

Videotron first launched Vocable services last January
along Montreal’s South Shore , followed with recent
expansions to Quebec City and Montreal. Today, the
cable operator reports more than 75,000 VoIP subscribers.

General Bandwidth’s platform supports from 240 to 16,128
DSOs on a single chassis.


General Bandwidth

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