IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Oct, 05 2000

Cable & Wireless to Deploy Nortel Networks’ VoIP Equipment
Cable & Wireless reported that it has reached an agreement with Nortel Networks, in which it is planning to outsource the construction and operation of a VoIP infrastructure to Nortel. According to the terms of the 10 year, US$1.4 billion agreement, Nortel will plan, design, implement and operate Cable & Wireless’ VoIP backbone network, which is expected to be based on Nortel’s Succession Solutions deployed throughout various European and North American markets. The firms intend to migrate traffic to the new infrastructure over a three year period.

The deal is subject to the execution of definitive agreements, and the employee consultation process.

Nortel Networks

Cable & Wireless

Interdata to Interconnect With iBasis in Spain
Interdata Engineering has reported that it is planning to use iBasis’ VoIP networks to expand the reach of its Spain based infrastructures. According to the terms of the deal, Interdata intends to route both voice and fax traffic over iBasis’ interconnectivity network, and terminate traffic for iBasis throughout Spain.

iBasis’ Cisco equipment based Internet telephony interconnectivity network has main switching operations in Amsterdam, Cambridge (Massachusetts), Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver, and smaller POPs in select markets throughout Asia, Europe, Korea, the Middle East and South America. The provider can terminate traffic on a global basis via its network, its affiliate’s networks, interconnection agreements or the PSTN. The company also offers SLAs for its services, which guarantee that the percentage of call completion rates will be equivalent to or better than that of the PSTN. In addition, it implements its proprietary Assured Quality Routing technology to monitor VoIP calls to ensure completion, or provide re-routing to the PSTN.

Interdata offers value added and multimedia based communications services throughout the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, Russia and the U.S. It has deployed Lucent technologies to support the VoIP offerings.

In other news, iBasis has announced that it is planning to expand its operations throughout Europe to include POPs in Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Stockholm and Zurich.

Interdata Engineering


Samsung to Integrate Lucent’s Phone-On-A-Chip Technology
Samsung Electronics said that it is planning to integrate Lucent’s Microelectronics Group’s DSP-based Internet Phone-On-A-Chip solution into the Internet telephones that it is developing. Lucent’s DSP technology integrates a telephone handset analog-to-digital converter (codec), a speakerphone codec, a speaker amplifier and a microphone amplifier. It initially consists of two chips: one houses the DSP1627, which is for speakerphone echo cancellation and voice compression; and the second is a microprocessor (ARM**940T), which is designed to support VoIP signaling and network management.

Samsung recently finished developing a prototype IP based phone, and now intends to begin the initial steps of production, with plans to offer the unit on a commercial basis, primarily in the U.S., by early next year.

Samsung Electronics


Nordial to Deploy MIND CTI’s VoIP CC&B Technology
Nordial, an Iceland based next gen telephony ASP, announced that it is planning to deploy MIND CTI’s customer care and billing solution, Mind-iPhonEX, to bill for its IP telephony based services.

The iPhonEX technology is designed to provide billing and call traffic analysis for IP services such as VoIP. It features web interfaces for providers and subscribers that can be used to register, verify credit cards and perform a variety of other customer care functions. The product also provides support for call management, traffic analysis, fraud detection and convergent IP services billing capabilities.

Nordial is in the process of developing a variety of services throughout Europe and North America such as long distance IP telephony, virtual call center and voice portal based applications.



PacificNet to Integrate V2’s VoIP Enabled eCommerce Technology
PacificNet.com said that it is planning to integrate V2 Technology’s VoIP enabled eCommerce solution, e-Support Communicator, into the eCommerce services/solutions, eMerchant2000, that it offers throughout Asia. The e-Support technology enables web site visitors to initiate real time communications (voice or text messaging) with a CSR by clicking an icon on a web site. The companies also intend to develop a variety of additional eCommerce solutions based on their respective offerings.

V2 Technology


The IEC Introduces VoDSL Study
The International Engineering Consortium reported that it has just added a report entitled, Voice over DSL (VoDSL) Service – New Revenue from Existing Infrastructure, to its line of ProForum tutorials. The study describes the particular service provider opportunities that are presented by VoDSL technologies, and explores how deregulation and broadband local-loop technologies will enable providers of all types to maximize revenues.

The study is currently available.

Voice over DSL (VoDSL) Service – New Revenue from Existing Infrastructure

International Engineering Consortium

Global Telephone to Use Capacity on China Unicom’s Backbone
Global Telephone Communication said that it has reached an agreement with China Unicom, in which it will gain access to Unicom’s backbone network to terminate VoIP traffic throughout China. The company intends to develop operations and services in various markets including Beijing, Shanghai, as well as 3 other undisclosed markets within 18 months.

Earlier this year, Global Telephone reported that it is in the process of building a VoIP network that is expected to have operations in Hong Kong and China. It also expects to deploy an IP backbone network in the U.S. and throughout other select Asian markets. In addition, it recently acquired a 70 percent equity interest in Cyber 2000 Limited, a Hong Kong-based firm that is developing VoIP services and products.

Global Telephone

Global Telephone

China Unicom

Spirent Introduces VoDSL Testing Solution
Spirent Communications has announced the introduction of the Adtech AX/4000, its solution for testing and analyzing voice traffic over DSL and ATM based networks. The product emulates both MGCP and ATM Adaptation Layer 2 (AAL-2) signaling to simulate voice traffic over wide area and local loops to and from end user devices. It can establish up to 600 simultaneous calls per port at a call set up rate of at least 40 calls per second, and it offers signaling statistics such as the number of failed or successful call attempts, call state, cause of call failure, and call set up time. In addition, it can be used to test AAL-2 conformance, generating off-hook messages, detection of type 1 dialtone messages and generating on-hook messages. The product is expected to be available later this winter. Pricing was not disclosed.

Spirent Communications

Wicom Integrates Brooktrout’s Technology Into Call Center Solution
Wicom Communications reported that it has integrated Brooktrout Technology’s TRxStream Series TR2001 IP telephony platform into is Wicom Enterprise/Wicom CSS (Communication Service Solution) to further develop the solution to support an array of IP based communications. The system is designed to utilize fixed IP networks to support corporate telephony and unified messaging capabilities. It can be used to replace legacy PBXs, using workstations as telephones and enabling calls to be routed over an intranet.

The TR2001 products offer a layered API to enable users to choose between protocols such as H.323, MGCP, SIP, etc., while developing support for an array of enhanced services such as messaging and conferencing. The NEBS level 3-compliant boards also support hot swap and passive rear access. The technology is currently available for Windows NT, Solaris, UnixWare and Linux OSs, in both PCI and cPCI formats.

Brooktrout Technology

Wicom Communications

Beach Couch and Big Kim Team to Develop Korean VoIP Services
Beach Couch reported that it is teaming with Big Kim Vision, a Seoul based provider, to form a new entity that will focus on further developing Big Kim’s ISP/IP infrastructure to support VoIP services.

Beach Couch’s subsidiary, VIPC Corporation, also recently teamed with ChengDu Jiabin Electronic Technology, Tianjin XinDe Development and GuiXin to form a new entity in China that will focus on developing and offering VoIP services in select markets throughout Asia, Central Europe and North America.

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