IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Oct, 06 1998

Ganymede Software Unveils Multimedia Network Testing Application

Ganymede Software has announced the introduction of Chariot, its system for
testing a network’s capability to support multimedia applications including
videoconferencing, VoIP, IP multicast, and QoS and RSVP technologies. The
system emulates streaming network application traffic such as RealAudio,
NetMeeting, videoconferencing and VoIP. It evaluates the end-to-end
performance of a network by isolating network performance from application
performance to pinpoint the cause of slow response times. It also provides
objective and quantitative measurements of end-to-end network performance
including detailed reports on an application’s throughput, the time
required to transfer the information, and the quality of the information
that is received.

The Chariot software is currently available. Pricing begins at $14,000.

Ganymede Software


Nortel Unveils Real Time Browser Conferencing Application

Nortel has announced the introduction of Internet Conferencing, its
web-based application that enables ISPs to offer real-time audio
conferencing and data collaboration from any web page. The Internet
Conferencing application is incorporated onto a service provider’s web
server to create a conference center that will enable the creation of
conference rooms. It enables users to share or collaborate on the creation
of documents, images, and applications in real time via a web browser. The
application features administrative controls including conference
scheduling via email, on-demand and permanent conference room support and
on-line voting and minutes taking. The application utilizes embedded data
conferencing technology from DataBeam and PC to PC Internet voice
conferencing software from Voxware.

In a related announcement, Nortel’s Internet telephony applications
including Internet Conferencing, Voice Button and Internet Call Waiting,
will be offered on Compaq’s Windows NT Server-based ProLiant 800 unit.

Nortel Networks






Voice on Net Coalition Incorporates as Non Profit Organization

The Voice on Net Coalition (VON) has announced that it has been
incorporated as an open, non-profit 501 (c) (6) organization in accordance
with the laws of the US Internal Revenue Code. The organization educates
regulators, legislators, media and consumers about Internet telephony
technologies. It features an active membership and a board of directors to
recommend action on the regulation and legislation that effect Internet
telephony public policy. Current members of the VON Coalition include
3COM, Brooktrout, Cisco, Dialogic, Intel, ITXC, Microsoft, Natural
Microsystems, Netspeak, Polycom, Portal Software, pulver.com, USA Global
Link, VocalTec, Clarent, Dynamicsoft, Lucent, PakNetX, Poptel, TeleDanmark
R&D, Vienna Systems and VIP Calling.

VON Coalition


Power Telephone & Supply to Distribute Franklin’s VoIP Equipment

Franklin Telecom has announced that Power & Telephone Supply will
distribute its Tempest line of products to communications markets
worldwide. The Tempest system is comprised of three core applications
including the Data Voice Gateway for VoIP, a call tracking and monitoring
system and a billing system.

Franklin Telecom


Power & Telephone Supply


Japan Telecom Joins ITXC’s VoIP Interconnectivity Program

ITXC has announced that Japan Telecom, a Japanese Type I Carrier, has
joined its WWeXchange IP telephony interconnectivity affiliate program.
The WWeXchange program will enable Japan Telecom to originate and terminate
IP telephony traffic to and from any telephone in the world via ITXC’s
other affiliate members or the PSTN.



Quintel Teams With Delta Three to Market VoIP Products and Services

Quintel Communications, a direct marketer of telecommunications products
and services, announced that it has teamed with Delta Three to form a new
entity named Delta Three Direct. Delta Three Direct plans to market Delta
Three’s IP telephony long distance services and products as well as value
added services such as enhanced messaging, conference calling and online
billing to Quintel’s database of 38+ million customers in the US and Canada.

Delta Three


Quintel Communications


IDT Lowers PC to Phone Rates to Hurrican Georges Stricken Markets

IDT has announced that it has temporarily lowered its PC to phone IP
telephony rates for calls to markets directly affected by Hurricane
Georges. For the next month, calls placed from any phone in the world to
Puerto Rico, Florida and Mississippi will be billed at 4 cents per minute,
with calls to the Dominican Republic priced at 15 cents per minute.



Multimedia Research Group Offers VoIP Market Report

Multimedia Research Group has just released a VoIP market report entitled,
Internet Telephony: Technology Update, Standards and Business
Opportunities. The report offers analysis of the FCC’s regulatory and
legislative effects, market forecasts, and projections on the development
of VoIP standards. The report also examines business models for IP
telephony product vendors, ITSPs, and ISPs and CLECs entering the market.

The 115 page report is available in English or Japanese. It is priced at
$1,500.00. For more information on the report visit

Multimedia Research Group

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