IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Oct, 07 1999

AGIS to Provide POPstar’s FoIP Services

AGIS has announced that it has joined POPstar Communications’ coalition of providers, and is planning to
offer POPstar’s Internet fax services for a share of revenues generated. AGIS will offer the FoIP services, in
addition to its line of high-speed Internet communications, to corporations throughout the U.S., and in more
than 45 international countries.

POP-Star is in the process of assembling a consortium of providers to offer Internet facsimile services on a
global basis. The company recently recruited TransNexus to provide OSP based billing and settlement
services to the entire group of providers. The TransNexus technology will provide third party call
settlement services that allows real-time, secure call authentication and authorization, settlement,
reconciliation and billing. POPstar’s FoIP service is uses TGI Technologies ‘ Enroute fax software and
Brooktrout’s TR114 series fax and voice boards and PRI cards.

The Solaris compliant Enroute fax application is a carrier class Internet fax server that uses Radius
authentication/auditing and LCR technologies to process PSTN fax calls for transmission over an IP
network. It can support service capabilities such as fax mailbox, fax to email, fax broadcast, fax on
demand, etc. The product can automatically convert files to TIFF format and foreign language double byte
fonts. It offers PSTN access via class 2/2.0 modems, Brooktrout’s fax/voice cards, and remote access
server products. For high traffic locations, the product can interface directly to analog and/or digital
T1/E1/ISDN lines.

The TR114 line of fax and voice boards support up to 16 channels each. The boards feature MMR
compression, T.434 binary file transfer, and support for protocols such as T.38 (real-time), T.37 (store and
forward) and T.30 (traditional fax machines). OEM developers can utilize a developer kit to build T.38
compliant real time Internet fax applications or download the T.37 developer note from the company’s web
site to develop T.37/TIFF compliant store and forward IP fax applications.

POPstar Communications



TGI Technologies


Plethora of Providers to Offer ZeroPlus’ VoIP Services

ZeroPlus.com has announced that Talk City, Access 1, IcySpicy.com, eLinkages and the Advisory
Foundation will offer its PC to PC VoIP services from their respective web sites for a share of revenues
generated. According to the terms of the agreements, ZeroPlus.com will provide each partner provider with
a co-branded version of its VoIP software for distribution, and build a service registration/information page
for the web sites.

The ZeroPlus.com Internet telephony service provides users with VoIP software that enables anyone with
Internet access to place and receive calls via a permanent phone number. All participants in a call must be
logged onto the Internet before a call can be connected. The provider also offers an online white pages
section that allows a user to list their phone number and search for other users’ phone numbers by name,
city, state or nickname.

In addition to offering the PC to PC service to its 3 million members, Talk City will host a series of online
chat events to educate users about Internet telephony. The first event is scheduled to be held at the
provider’s web site on October 13, at 8:00 PM EST, with at least two other chats tentatively planned for
November and December.

In other news, ZeroPlus.com has negotiated a deal with IXC Communications, in which the companies will
co-develop and market IP telephony services. According to the terms of the two year deal, ZeroPlus will
route its VoIP traffic over IXC’s 13,000 fiber mile optic network, the Gemini2000, and IXC will provide 24
x 7 network support, co-location services, and marketing and sales support. ZeroPlus.com will also share
revenues derived from fee based enhanced services such as call forwarding, voicemail and/or unified
messaging that it is developing. In addition, IXC will be given the option to acquire approximately twenty
percent of the outstanding shares of ZeroPlus.com’s parent company, e-Net.


Talk City

Access 1





NetVoice to Collocate Servers With Level 3

NetVoice Technologies has announced that it is planning to collocate servers throughout Level 3’s network
to expand the its service offerings into at least an additional 12 U.S. markets by the end of the year.
NetVoice utilizes Cisco’s gear to provide services throughout Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida,
Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon and Texas. NetVoice also interconnects its
network with Inter-Tel’s U.S. domestic VoIP network.


Level 3



Siemens to Resell Clarent’s VoIP Products

Siemens’ Information and Communication Networks Group reported that it has signed an OEM agreement
with Clarent, in which it will market Clarent’s IP telephony gateways and Command Center software on a
global basis under its own name.

Clarent’s 8 to 120 port gateways support H.323 protocols including G.711, G.723.1, and G.729a codecs,
Q.931 signaling and G.165 echo cancellation. The gateway provides SS7/C7, PRI-ISDN, T1, E1, Analog,
and PBX interfaces that can handle voice, real-time fax or data traffic on each port. The product can also
reroute traffic to the PSTN should the IP network become unavailable/congested. The units can be stacked
to increase port density at any POP. The product can be managed using telnet, SNMP, or Clarent’s own
technology. In addition, the gateway interoperates with the billing, call routing and network administration
capabilities of Clarent’s Command Center package.

The Command Center is designed to provide a centralized system for the management and control of a
network. The solution provides a web interface for access to routing tables, rating tables, subscriber
information, dialing rules and billing records. It is capable of billing and managing a network of over 1,000
gateways, which can support hundreds of thousands of simultaneous calls. The product also allows
gateways and subscribers to be added, rating tables to be modified, and routing tables to be reconfigured
without affecting existing services.



Nokia Introduces New VoIP Gateway Products

Nokia reported that it has introduced a two line gateway peripheral device, the IPRelay. The product is a
user installable plug n play device designed that does not require a PC to enable users to place local calls
while maintaining a connection to a corporate IP network for access to features, such as dial-0 for operator,
extension dialing, voicemail access, etc. The unit, which includes two RJ-11 interfaces, sits between PSTN
or PBX products and an IP network. It supports calling tones in Asia, Europe and the U.S. In addition, it
can be activated, configured, managed and updated via centrally located network management applications
such as Nokia’s IPClient administration server.

The product is currently available. Pricing was not disclosed.

In related product news, Nokia is currently developing a VoIP platform that will scale to support up to
120,000 simultaneous ports of voice and fax services. The Solaris compliant product is being designed to
run off of Sun Microsystems’ line of NEBS certified servers.

The technology is expected to be available sometime this winter.



Lynk Introduces VoIP eCommerce Solution

Lynk, a subsidiary of Better On-line Solutions, said that it has introduced a hardware/software ecommerce
system, E-TeleLynk, that enables businesses to integrate VoIP communications into web sites. The offering
is comprised of Lynk’s TeleLynk gateways and Click & Talk software plug in technology (minimum 45k)
that allows web site visitors to initiate VoIP communications with a business’ call center representatives by
clicking a button.

The H.323 (G723.1) compliant TeleLynk gateway system includes gateway, gatekeeper, and billing and
management technology. It can support up to 90 simultaneous calls. The unit features web management
applications that enable network administrators to monitor and manage a network of gateways, and a
RADIUS server, to provide user authentication and accounting services. Its gatekeeper technology provides
call routing, bandwidth management, and internetwork gateway communications. It also maintains a
detailed call log for billing purposes. In addition, the product maintains a registry of all TeleLynk gateways
and client applications deployed on a network to translate telephone numbers to IP addresses, and route
calls using LCR tables.

The product is currently available. Pricing was not disclosed.


Mockingbird & Telic.net to Offer Turnkey VoIP Solution

Mockingbird Networks has announced that it is teaming with Telic.net to offer a turnkey VoIP solution that
will include the installation of its Nuvo VoIP gateway technology combined with access to Telic.net’s
global IP network, which has hubs in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Hong Kong.

Mockingbird’s line of Nuvo gateways consist of models 200 and 500. The Solaris compliant 200 unit can
support from 24 to 240 ports of simultaneous H.323 compliant (G.723 and G.729A) voice and fax
communications per chassis, with the option of interconnecting multiple units to provide port capacities of
well over 10,000. In addition, it can interface directly with the PSTN’s Intelligent Network SS7
technologies to transparently route voice, fax and data calls. It features turnkey billing, customer care and
calling card solutions, and it is equipped with technology for silence and noise suppression as well as echo
cancellation. The Solaris compliant 500 model is can operate as both a TDM/circuit-switch or a subscriber
side VoIP gateway. On the VoIP side, it supports from 48 to 600 simultaneous ports of H.323 compliant
communications from PC to phone, PC to PC and phone to H.323 compliant device. Multiple units can also
be clustered via SS7 technologies to support over 10,000 simultaneous channels. Its SS7 capabilities enable
it to provide IN services such as alternative billing, messaging, number portability, single-stage dialing,
instant call setup and circuit management.

Mockingbird Networks


Pingtel, 8×8, dynamicsoft and BroadSoft Partner for VoIP Solutions

Pingtel said that it is teaming with 8×8, dynamicsoft and BroadSoft to develop MGCP, SIP and H.323
interoperability between Pingtel’s intelligent IP telephone technology and each companyís VoIP products.
In addition, the companies plan to develop and offer VoIP Centrex products.





Ariel to Integrate Mapletree Networks’ V/FoIP Technology

Ariel reported that it is planning to use Mapletree Networks Internet telephony and fax technologies to
further develop its line of next-generation V.90 and ISDN remote access cards. According to the terms of
the three year deal, Ariel will integrate approximately1.5 million ports of Mapletree’s technologies into the


Mapletree Networks

Clariti Acquires Australian ITSP, NKA Pty

Clariti Telecommunications International announced that it has finalized the acquisition of NKA Pty, an
Australian ITSP. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. NKA is focusing on offering V/FoIP services to
Australia’s corporate market, with plans to expand into select Asian markets. Its VoIP network is currently
interconnected with the VoIP network of Megahertz-NKO, an ITSP that Clariti acquired earlier this year.
Megahertz plans to deploy IP telephony gateways in select U.S. markets, and then expand internationally.

The providers all use ECI Telecom’s IP telephony equipment for service.

Clariti Telecommunications

MegaHertz-NKO Communications

ECI Telecom

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