IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Oct, 08 2001

1. ITRI Licenses Improv’s DSP Platform
Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute has licensed Improv Systems’ DSP platform to develop VoIP and MPEG-4 products. The two companies have also agreed to co-develop reference platforms that integrate Improv’s technology with a host microprocessor (ARM or MIPS) executing protocol and signaling stacks. The first two co-development projects will include integrated VoIP solutions targeting residential gateways and IADs and an MPEG-4 media engine for 3G devices and PDAs.

Improv’s DSP platform consists of methodology for developing designer-defined DSPs, software development tools, and its Jazz family of configurable DSP cores. For the development of VoIP technologies, ITRI will use Improv’s Acappella suite of products to create a system on a chip solution. The Acappella suite currently supports the following voice codecs: G.711, G.726, G.723.1, G.728, and G.729 as well as G.168 for echo cancellation software.

Improv Systems


3. NEC & VoicePump Team to Offer VoIP Reference Design
NEC & VoicePump have announced that its VoDSL reference design for IADs has been enhanced to support VoIP applications. The VoDSL 501 includes NEC’s uPD98501 network controller and software with VoicePump’s integrated DSP hardware and software and mixed-signal technologies. The technologies will enable development of DSL bridging and routing modems and broadband IADs for residential areas and MDUs.

The VoDSL501 uses VoicePump’s VP140 DSP for voice processing, NEC’s uPD8501 network controller for system control and protocol handling, and a DSL physical layer interface. The DSP permits up to four channels of real-time G.723.1/A 6.4 kbps multi-pulse maximum likelihood quanitization and 5.3 kbps ACELP. Four channels of the ITU-T G.729A/B standard for 8 kbps conjugate structure ACELP are also supported, as well as any combination of any speech codec on any channel, each with fully compliant ITU_T G.168 echo cancellation. The DSP includes program/data memory, a host processor interface, an analog front end, and A/D and D/A converters.

The VoDSL501 with VoIP functionality will be available in December for $60,000.



5. Denwa Introduces SIP-based Services
Denwa Communcations has introduced SIP-based VoIP services, and as a result, it is now offering immediate service activation through subscriber self provisioning, three levels of billing (agent, ISP, and end subscriber), a new set of voice communications features, and the ability to select carriers (PSTN, dedicated VoIP, and public IP).

Denwa is using iPeria for unified messaging; Longboard for a telephony infrastructure platform; Mediatrix Telecom for IADs; Nuera for gateways and softswitches; Pingtel for SIP phones; and Voyant Technologies for conferencing.

Denwa Communications

7. Interactive Technologies Deploys NMS’ VoIP Gateway
NMS Communications has announced that Interactive Technologies has deployed its originating VoIP gateway. Designation gateways can select from G.723 or G.729 vocoding on a per call basis.

Interactive Technologies is a Erlanger, Kentucky based ASP offering next gen carrier and business service solutions. Services include call card platforms, conferencing, IP routing, merchant and credit services, product recall services, ISP application hosting, call center services and custom fulfillment projects. The company’s platforms process in excess of 100 million minutes per month.

NMS Communications

Interactive Technologies

9. Poland’s Ministry of Health to Use Exus for Telemedicine
Exus Networks has said that it has signed a MOU with Medical Centre for Postgraduate Education, a Polish government sponsored Continuing Medical Education provider to create a satellite based telemedicine network that will provide doctors with access to educational programs delivered from the U.S., Europe, and Israel. The information will be delivered using streaming media, VoIP communication services, and video teleconferencing. VSAT terminals will be deployed at hospital in Warsaw, Posnan, and Katovitz.

The network is scheduled to be launched in Q’1 of next year.

Exus Networks

11. Spike Deploying Oki’s Residential Gateways
Oki Network Technologies has announced that Spike Broadband Systems has selected its residential gateways for a Sonofon’s IP-based fixed wireless service in Denmark. Oki will supply its single line gateways for the first phase of deployment, which is scheduled for this fall. Siemens Denmark will act as the systems integrator.

Sonofon is Denmark’s second largest GSM carrier with approximately one million subscribers.

Oki Network Technologies

13. Cisco to Use NetSolve for Remote Management
NetSolve has said that it will provide remote management for Cisco’s Architecture for Vice, Video and Integrated Data (AVVID) IP telephony systems. NetSolve’s ProWatch combines application, server and infrastructure management to provide remote hardware and application management for Cisco Call Manager servers and support IP phones. The technology includes configuration support for routers, switches and devices, performs 24×365 network monitoring and management and proves performance analysis.


Cisco Systems

15. EP Henry Deploys Comdial’s FX Platform
Comdial has announced that EP Henry, a supplier of concrete products, has deployed its FX platform to handle its communications network at all three of its New Jersey locations.


17. Cisco & EDS Deploying IP Network for Dow Chemical
Cisco Systems and Electronic Data Systems have been appointed by Dow Chemical to design and integrate an IP network that would connect the company’s conference rooms. EDS will run and support the network on Accord Bridges to facilitate video MCU calls and serve as gateways for connection to their vendor, partner and customer sites. Several hundred Polyvision interactive whiteboards, Webster TS 600s, and LCD projectors will serve as interactive screens, enabling users to control computer applications.

Cisco Systems


Dow Chemical


19. NeTrue Clearinghouse Including European Capacity
NeTrue has announced the addition of European capacity to N-Gage, its VoIP clearinghouse. More than 25 fixed and cellular routes in Eastern and Western Europe are available such as UK cellular and Turkey and Russia.

The clearinghouse routes traffic according to customer established rules, Least Cost or Best Value routing. Members are provided with weekly settlement reports and billing services.

N-Gage was introduced last May with capacity in Asia. NeTrue plans to expand to include Latin America once it has solidified its presence in Europe.


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