IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Oct, 09 2000

China Firm, VoIP Telecom and GoldWeb to Develop Wireless Services
VoIP Telecom has announced that it has entered into an MoU with an undisclosed China based firm, in which the companies will team with GoldWeb Technologies to develop VoIP operations with last mile connectivity via wireless technologies in select Chinese markets. According to the terms of the MoU, VoIP Telecom will supply IP phones and high speed wireless infrastructure based on GoldWeb’s technologies, which the firms intend to begin deploying and testing sometime this month, after which, the deal is expected to be finalized.

Earlier this year, VoIP Telecom reached an agreement with GoldWeb, in which it will be able to deploy GoldWeb’s patent pending wireless technology, TriStar 3G, to develop IP telephony services. According to the terms of the deal, VoIP Telecom will pay GoldWeb a single US$300,000 licensing fee, and issue GoldWeb 5 million restricted common shares for each site that it plans to deploy the technologies at. The licensing fee will provide VoIP Telecom with the exclusive rights to license the technology to other providers, deploy the technology for its own services, and give it the rights for first refusal for deploying the technology on a global basis, which would not require any further royalty payments. The TriStar 3G technology, which operates in the license free frequency hopping spread spectrum 2.4 GHz band, provides support for high speed wireless IP services such as Internet access, IP telephony, data, and LAN, WAN and VPN applications such as webcasting, television, radio, fax, advanced graphical gaming and videoconferencing.

VoIP Telecom is in the process of building a consortium of companies by acquisition that can that can provide voice and data services on a global basis via IP, fiber, Internet circuit, satellite and/or the PSTN. It currently holds 100 percent interest in both International Communications and Equipment (ICE) and Access Network, and a 49 percent share of NEX Telecom. The ICE entity is in the process of developing infrastructure and services in Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Malta, Norway, Poland, the Russian Federation, Syria and Thailand. Access Network offers IP telephony services throughout China, South Asia and Singapore via POPs in Beijing and Singapore, and it is in the process of deploying operations in the Guangzhou province of China and several other Indian and Asia Pacific markets. In addition, it is also teaming with NEX Telecom, to further develop services/applications. NEX Telecom offers VoIP, fax and data services over its own network, as well as enhanced Internet multimedia services via a variety of transmission media including leased fiber optic cable, satellite and wireless networks. It has operations in Korea, and controls its subsidiary’s (Pacific Asia Telecom Group) network, which is interconnected with NEX’s partners in the U.S. (Bitro Communications, Cosmobridge, and iBasis), Japan (Telematrix), China (China Unicom), Hong Kong (oriental Telecom Services), the Philippines (Mainstream), Malaysia (Next Telecom), Australia (Nexcell) and New Zealand (Cosmobridge New Zealand).

In related news, VoIP Telecom reported that it has secured $2 million in funding from a private Singapore based investor. According to the terms of the agreement, the provider will discount the stock to be sold in the deal based on the rule 144 issuance of common stock. The stock will have a one year hold, and the agreement is subject to VoIP Telecom landing a deal with a China based company for the provision of last mile wireless access for services. The agreement also provides the private investor with the option to provider another $2 million in funding, under similar terms.

VoIP Telecom

GoldWeb Technologies

ISF to Develop Clearinghouse in Japan Based on VocalTec Equipment
ISF Corporation, a Japan based ITSP, reported that it is planning to deploy additional VocalTec equipment to develop a clearinghouse service. According to the terms of the agreement, ISF has committed to deploying VocalTec’s Internet telephony platform to develop the clearinghouse service, and to distribute VocalTec’s products to the participating providers. The company currently uses VocalTec’s technologies to offer both domestic and international PC to phone long distance services, and plans to further develop its infrastructure and the clearinghouse to support phone to phone traffic. In addition, it has already negotiated interconnection agreements with several undisclosed VoIP clearinghouses to expand its services reach, and it has reached an agreement with the U.S. government to route calling card based traffic.

In other news, ISF said that it has reached OEM bundling agreements with several Japanese computer manufacturers including IBM Japan, to pre-install VocalTec’s Internet Phone Lite client on PCs. The bundled offering is expected to be available on a commercial basis later this year.


ISF’s PC to Phone Service

Huawei to Use VocalTec’s Gear to Develop China PTA’s Operations
Huawei Technologies, a China based manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, reported that it is planning to use VocalTec’s IP telephony platforms to develop VoIP operations for several China PTAs. The company recently won several equipment installation accounts with China based PTAs including Guangdong Telecom, Beijing Telecom and United Com. The vendor also recently teamed with ITXC to deploy its Internet telephony equipment in ITXC’s global Internet telephony network to enable carriers that use its solutions to connect with ITXC’s network to route traffic on a global basis. In addition, its VoIP gear is interoperable with VocalTec’s technologies.

Huawei Technologies


Telenetworks Introduces SS7 and VoIP Software Solutions
Telenetworks, a business unit of Next Level Communications, has announced the introduction of its VoIP source code and its SS7 protocol software solutions. The VoIP software includes SIP, MGCP and Megaco technologies. It can be used to develop SIP based phones and servers, location servers, media gateways, signaling gateways and media gateway controllers. The SS7 solution includes all core elements of SS7, including MTP-2 and 3, SCCP, ISUP and TCAP, and it can be integrated with the vendors other signaling protocol technologies to aid in the development of network equipment and applications.

Both software solutions are available for licensing. Pricing was not disclosed.


Kaufman Bros. To Host Emerging Communications Show in New York
Kaufman Bros reported that it is hosting the Emerging Communications Conference (ECC) at the W New York hotel in New York City on October 19 through 20. The show will feature an open forum that will allow executives from emerging carriers such as CLECs, DLECs, emerging multinational carriers, ISPs, fiber network operators and ITSPs to inform institutional investors, media representatives and analysts of business plans and strategies, and highlight evolving trends in the communications industry. In addition, attendees will be able to schedule one-on-one meetings with the presenting companies to further understand the investment opportunities available.

The Emerging Communications Conference

Kaufman Bros.

Rhinos and IDS to Private Brand and Offer deltathree’s Services
deltathree has reported that both Rhinos, a European provider, and Internet Data Systems (IDS), a Polish ISP, have joined its Hosted Communications program and are planning to offer its phone to phone VoIP services. With the hosted service, deltathree provides the infrastructure, billing, customer service, and eCommerce capabilities to enable other providers to private brand and offer its array of VoIP services and applications. In the deal with Rhinos, the provider intends to private brand and offer deltathree’s phone to phone IP telephony services via calling card in France, Germany, Italy and the UK, with plans to expand the offerings throughout the European marketplace. Warsaw based IDS initially intends to private brand and offer deltathree’s phone to phone VoIP services in select markets throughout Poland, with plans to develop support for deltathree’s entire line of services. deltathree will supply both providers with the eCommerce infrastructure that will enable customers to activate and recharge accounts, and the back office and billing service capabilities that will support capabilities such as prepaid accounts and PIN generation.

deltathree’s communications services include VoIP connectivity between phones, PCs and web sites or any combination thereof, as well as eCommerce, unified messaging, global roaming and calling cards. It routes traffic over its private, managed Internet telephony network, which uses the PSTN to both terminate and originate call traffic and has 107 POPs throughout 40 countries. The network combined with its affiliate provider’s networks, provide the company’s subscribers with connectivity in well over 160 countries.

Internet Data Systems


CoolCall.com Activates Global IP Network
CoolCall.com has announced that it has activated its global IP network, which has Clarent’s equipment deployed in more than 50 countries. The provider also plans to expand the network to include an additional 250 POPs over the next couple of years. In addition, the company is offering a turnkey solution to other businesses that includes the installation of hardware, software, network management applications and interconnection with its network to enable the business to offer a variety of enhanced services including IP telephony and unified messaging with global connectivity. The turnkey CoolCall solution automatically implements rating via multiple rating tables, LCR, back office support for customer care, billing and TAG capabilities, and it can be used to develop support for prepaid calling card and wholesale offerings.


CallNOW.com Introduces Web Based VoIP Technology
CallNOW.com has announced the introduction of its patented Internet telephony technology, 2Speak. The technology can be integrated into web sites and/or voice/text chat applications to enable users to click an icon to automatically initiate communications from a PC to a traditional phone. In addition, the company is planning to implement the technology in its online telephone directory to enable visitors to click a listing to initiate a call.


Grande Secures $25 Million and Begin Building Networks
Grande Communications announced that it has secured $25 million in equity financing from Reliant Energy. Terms were not disclosed, but Reliant is retaining the right to invest additional funds in Grande, under similar circumstances/terms. Grande is in the process of deploying broadband networks in select markets throughout Texas. The company recently initiated the development of fiber networks in both Austin and San Antonio, which it plans to use to offer a variety of services including high-speed Internet, local and long distance phone and CATV services. In addition, it has been granted cable franchise rights in other various Texas markets including Alamo Heights, Austin, Hollywood Park, Houston, New Braunfels, Olmos Park, San Antonio, San Marcos, Schertz, Terrell Hills, Universal City, West Lake Hills and Windcrest, with negotiations underway in several other cities around the Austin and San Antonio markets.

Grande Communications

Reliant Energy

Franklin Secures $2.5 Million in Private Placement
Franklin Telecommunications reported that it has completed a private placement of stock and warrants for $2.5 million in funding. The vendor intends to use the funds for general working capital expenditures.

Franklin Telecommunications

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