IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Oct, 12 2000

Global Crossing Deploys Sonus Networks’ VoIP Technologies
Global Crossing announced that it is in the process of deploying Sonus Networks’ VoIP technologies in its existing IP based optic networks to develop a global VoIP network. The provider has just installed Sonus’ Packet Telephony suite of technologies including the GSX9000 Open Services Switch, the PSX6000 SoftSwitch and the SGX2000 SS7 Signaling Gateway at seven U.S. VoIP gateway centers located in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Rochester (NY) and Seattle. It also plans to deploy similar technologies to develop VoIP operations in an additional 15 U.S. markets, and in several international markets including Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, London, Paris and Tokyo by the end of the year. In addition, throughout next year, it intends to further expand its VoIP network throughout Asia, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and other European markets, with ultimate plans to develop global operations.

The company expects that all of its voice traffic will be carrier by its VoIP infrastructures by the end of 2002.

Global Crossing is in the process of deploying a global optic network, which will consist of more than 101,000 route miles, serving five continents, 27 countries and more than 200 major metropolitan markets. Its existing global system of networks include: the Atlantic Crossing, connecting the U.S. and Europe; the Pan European Crossing, which interconnects markets throughout Europe; the Mid Atlantic Crossing, connecting select U.S. and Caribbean markets; the South American Crossing, which interconnects select markets in South America and the Caribbean; the Pan American Crossing, which interconnects the U.S., Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean; the Pacific Crossing, which connects U.S. and Asian markets; the Global Access Limited, which interconnects select Japanese markets; and the U.S. Crossing, which interconnects select U.S. markets.

Global Crossing

Sonus Networks

Counsel to Deploy Cisco’s Technologies to Develop VoIP Network
Counsel Communications LLC, a Counsel Corporation subsidiary, has announced that it is planning to deploy Cisco’s VoIP technologies to develop a VoIP infrastructure. According to the terms of the agreement, Counsel has secured a credit facility from Cisco, which will enable it to deploy Cisco’s MGX 8850 wide area IP+ATM multi-service switches, MGX 8260 media gateways, 12000 series routers, the Catalyst 6500 and 7206 VXRs as well as Cisco’s uOne unified communications software platform to develop the network to support a variety of service capabilities including VoIP, web based applications, legacy telecommunications and unified communications.

The new network and services are expected to be operational early next year.

Counsel is in the process of acquiring, consolidating and operating Internet telephony and other enhanced telecommunications services. It recently acquired an approximate 76 percent interest in Nexbell Communications, with intentions to leverage Nexbell’s existing VoIP operations throughout the U.S to develop, launch and expand its own IP telephony services. Nexbell also recently deployed Cisco’s VoIP based hardware and software technologies to build a U.S. network that has operations in 32 markets including Atlanta, Arlington, Austin, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit (Southfield), Durham, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Louisville, Memphis, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Tampa. In addition, it intends to further expand the network to include connectivity with an additional 30 markets by the end of the year, and another 70 markets by the end of 2002.

Counsel Corporation

Nexbell Communications


NetSpeak to Integrate Belle Systems’ CC&B Technology
Belle Systems has announced that it has reached an agreement with NetSpeak, in which the firms intend to develop interoperability between Belle’s IP based customer care and billing solution, the Internet Management System (IMS), and NetSpeak’s array of IP telephony software products to offer IP telephony solutions with built in billing capabilities.

The IMS application is based on the Oracle8 platform and UNIX hardware systems. It consists of a master database, an application server and RADIUS server(s) which enable providers to manage all aspects of IP services including provisioning, deployment, verification and authentication, mediation, rating and billing. The solution can rate thousands of CDRs per second, and it supports a variety of accounting methods including time, block, manual and volume pricing plans, with built in adjustable cut off thresholds and status alerts. The vendor enhanced the solution earlier this year to include a new VoIP interconnect billing capability, which facilitates settlement payments between providers, and to provide faster data processing, and improved scalability, provisioning, mediation, rating and billing capabilities. In addition, the solution features a separate mediation layer that, when combined with its new programmable rating engine, enables users to mediate, rate and bill for virtually any IP service.


Belle Systems

3Com Introduces SIP Solutions and Products
3Com has announced the introduction of SIP Solutions, its SIP/Internet based voice system that enables users to develop and offer a variety of IP telephony features and services to small to mid sized corporations. The solution includes SIP based Internet phones, personal digital assistant (PDA) phone control applications, a SIP client service platform, a software developer’s kit (SDK), and support services. The SIP phones feature capabilities such as call hold, call transfer, redial and call forward. In addition, the products also offer additional functionality including plug n play operation, user mobility, multi user support via one unit, and software that can be upgraded directly through the network. The software based PDA application enables users to control the functionality of a SIP phone (such as initiating conferences, transferring calls, or accessing an address book) using a PDA device. The SIP client platform consists of the vendor’s SIP Signaling Server and Support System, which manages the authentication, signaling and provisioning of the SIP phones from anywhere on the network. The server supports all call signaling functions between client devices and the backbone PSTN gateway, and the support system handles the configuration and operation of the signaling server, as well as the provisioning of SIP phone subscribers. Last, the SDK includes instructions and software libraries that enable developers to build solutions and applications based on the SIP products and services.

The solutions are currently available in the U.S.

3Com’s SIP Solutions


NetCentrex Introduced Web Based VoIP Technology
NetCentrex has announced the introduction of Myc@ll WEB, its web based VoIP communications technology. The product can be integrated into a web site to enable visitors to click an icon to initiate VoIP communications with a web site’s contact center via traditional telephony, VoIP or text chat sessions. In addition, once the connection is established, the contact center personnel can provide the visitor with additional information via web page push and document sharing technologies.

The solution is currently available in European markets, with U.S. availability scheduled for this month.


KyTEL to Deploy Nuera’s VoIP Technologies
KyTEL International Group reported that it is planning to deploy Nuera Communications’ ORCA line of VoIP solutions throughout its existing global telecommunications network to develop IP telephony capabilities. The provider also intends to eventually deploy additional Nuera equipment to expand the network’s reach.

KyTEL is a facilities telecommunications provider based in New York City. It is in the process of developing a global IP backbone and currently has operations in California, Canada, China, Cuba, Florida, Hong Kong, India, Jamaica, Japan, New York, Nicaragua, Philippines and Turkey.

Nuera Communications

KyTEL International Group

IMG to Integrate XACCT’s CC&B Technology
Intertech Management Group reported that it is planning to integrate XACCT’s customer care and billing technology, XACCTusage, into its Network Strategies software, which it uses to offer an outsourced end to end billing and management service.

XACCTusage enables users to define the exact IP session information that would like to be captured from IP services such as WAP, file transfer, VoIP, video, etc. It collects usage transaction details, in real-time, from a range of network elements and application servers and performs policy-based filtering, aggregation and merging to produce records similar to CDRs. It can also create usage-based bills via an array of parameters.

The combined solution is expected to be available later this month.

Intertech Management Group


Orbit Canada Launches Variety of Services in Canada
New Hilarity, which recently merged with Toronto based Orbit Canada, reported that Orbit has launched its network in Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg, and is now offering a service bundle that includes voice, video and data services to both residential and corporate customers. The company also recently reported that it is deploying Clarent’s technologies to initially develop support for a variety of services including MPEG1 and MPEG2 digital interactive multimedia, phone to phone VoIP, facsimile, videoconferencing, as well as V.90 dial up Internet access, email accounts, web hosting and eCommerce. In addition, the provider intends to expand the network into at least an additional 6 Canadian markets by the end of the year.

Orbit Canada


Multi-Tech Systems Introduces VoIP Gateway
Multi-Tech Systems has announced the introduction of the MultiVOIP MVP 2400, its enterprise size VoIP gateway. The unit, which features a T1 trunk interface and a 10BaseT interface, can connect with existing PBXs or key telephone systems to support up to 24 channels of IP based voice/fax communications. In addition, it implements a variety of data compression capabilities including the H.323 compliant G.729, and it offers DiffServ based QoS technologies to enhance communications. The product has also been designed to interoperate with the vendor’s other VoIP gateway and gatekeeper solutions.

The gateway is expected to be available before the end of the year.

Multi-Tech Systems

Oki Network Introduces VoIP Gateway
Oki Network Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Oki Electric Industry and Matsushita Electric Industrial (Panasonic), has announced the introduction of the VoIP-TA (Terminal Adapter), its single channel voice/data gateway solution. The product is being designed to enable users to use traditional communications devices (telephones and facsimile machines) to route voice, fax and data traffic over the Internet. It will implement the vendor’s jitter-buffer and echo-cancellation technologies.

The unit is expected to be available sometime early next year.

In related news, Oki Network Technologies reported that NETUSA is planning to market and distribute its VoIP technologies, including the recently introduced BV1250 gateway unit, throughout the U.S.


Oki Network Technologies

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