IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Oct, 12 2001

1. Dial Thru to Acquire Rapid Link
Dial Thru International, a facilities-based telecom service provider, has signed a definite agreement to acquire Rapid Link, a V/FoIP service provider that operates its own Clarent-driven IP network. The transaction will be based on the issuance of 600,000 shares of Dial Thru common stock, and a cash payment of approximately $2 million.

In a separate announcement, Dial Thru has said that it has teamed with Telkom South Africa to jointly provide V/FoIP services between South Africa and the U.S. International backbone connectivity will be provided by Telkom and Global Crossing.

Dial Thru International

Rapid Link

Telkom South Africa

3. SumaNetworks to Merge with BigFatWow!
SumaNetworks, a videoconferencing and PC-to-phone VoIP service provider, has said that it will merge with BigFatWow! Media Networks, an operator of an in-mall chain of 101 net access centers. The centers will be used to offer and promote PC-to-phone services.


5. NetVoice to Acquire videoNext
NetVoice Technologies, a VoIP solutions supplier, has said that it will acquire videoNext, a supplier of videoconferencing and video surveillance applications, for 11.5 million shares of common stock, one million shares of Series B preferred stock and warrants to purchase 2.5 million shares of common stock.

NetVoice offers IP Centrex delivering local and long distance, IP phone systems (PBX replacement), voicemail and Internet based on a flat rate price model per phone, per month via its Tier 1 Cisco based network, which routes traffic over a VPN utilizing Level 3’s backbone.



7. AudioCodes Introduces PCI Media Processing Board
AudioCodes has introduced the IPM-260 PCI Media Processing Board, a product that enables development of integrated voice features on a single board. The company’s technology supports 120-channels that process voice, fax and data calls through IP or PSTN. Functions supported include a mixture of E1/T1, VoIP/RTP and TDM bus, fax termination, speech recognition, text to speech and conferencing. The basic configuration includes a dual 100-based packet interface and an H.100 interface. An optional quad E1/T1 trunk interface is also available.

IPeria is currently evaluating the board.

The IPM 260 goes for $150 per channel fully configured in low volumes. Developer kits are available.


9. Agere Introduces TSI Chips for VoIP Gateways
Agere Systems has introduced a family of time slot interchangers for gateway developers. The devices are all DSO cross-connects, switching traffic via full-duplex, serial, TDM highway interfaces. They feature independently programmable CHI data rates ranging from 2.048 Mbps, or 32 time slots, to 16.384 Mbps, or 256 time slots. A translation lookup table and test pattern generator are provided.

Sample quantities are scheduled for availability in December, with production quantities slated for March 2002. Pricing in quantities of 5000 range from $76 to $195 per unit, depending on the TSI.

Agere Systems

11. Callahan to Deploy Motorola’s VoIP in Germany
Motorola has said that Callahan has chosen the company’s VoIP CPE for deployment over its cable system in Baden-Wurttemberg Germany. Callahan will deploy Motorola’s CG4500E gateway. Other technology providers for the deployment include Nortel Networks and ADC.

Callahan Associates


13. NetIQ Introduces VoIP Management Solution
NetIQ has introduced a new family of VoIP management technologies including Chariot VoIP Assessor and VoIP Manager Suite, a collection of tools including VoIP for Call Performance, and modules for Cisco and Compaq management.

Chariot VoIP Assessor is a tool for determining a network’s ability to handle VoIP traffic before the deployment of equipment. The technology can emulate more than 1,000 simultaneous VoIP calls across a network, collecting key voice and network metrics, and analyzing the results.

Chariot is scheduled to be released at the end of this month. It will be sold in one-month assessment licenses starting at $14,000.

VoIP Manager Suite is a management platform for monitoring the health, performance and availability of VoIP installations, including key VoIP servers, applications, and the underlying network. The tool includes alert options and automated problem management. It automatically pinpoints, correlates and corrects performance problems. More than 100 customizable Knowledge Scripts are included.

VoIP Manager for Call Performance monitors the data network’s ability to deliver acceptable VoIP call quality. It emulates VoIP calls, measures MOS call quality scores and one-way delay, jitter and packet loss. The agents can emulate multiple codecs and advanced features such as silence suppression and jitter buffers.

VoIP Manager for Cisco CallManager monitors system health, availability and performance for all Cisco CallManager server components including the OS, SQL database, IIS web server, TFTP server and CallManager application services. VoIP Manager for Compaq Insight Manager views, monitors, and manages hardware performance for media convergence servers and other VoIP servers based on Compaq hardware.

VoIP Manager is currently available, with pricing starting at $10,000 for a typical pilot VoIP deployment.


15. Qwest Deploying Nortel’s Softswitches
Nortel Networks has announced that it is deploying its softswitch, Succession Communications Server 2000, and trunking gateways for Qwest, as part of the provider’s migration from circuit-switched to packet technology. Nortel’s equipment has already been deployed in Boise, Idaho.

Nortel Networks


17. Bell Canada to Conduct Net2Phone VoIP Trial
Bell Canada has announced that it has a preliminary agreement to conduct a consumer trial of Net2Phone’s managed VoIP technologies. The trial is scheduled to be launched later this year.

Bell Canada


19. ElephantTalk to Resell JiTong’s V/FoIP Services

ElephantTalk and JiTong have entered into a co-marketing and co-development agreement that calls for ElephantTalk to interconnect its PoPs with JiTong’s network. ET will market and resell JiTong’s VoIP and FoIP services, while JiTong will be responsible for service provisioning, technical support and after-sales services to customers.



21. NEC Licenses Trillium’s H.323 Gateway Software
Trillium has announced that NEC has licensed its H.323 gateway software for the development of audio/video phones. The announcement follows NEC’s licensing of a collection of Trillium’s development software last January.

Trillium’s technology conforms to the latest Version 3 support and consists of H.225 RAS, H.225 call signaling, H.245 control signaling, H.450 supplementary services, ASN.1 encoder/decoder – PER, TCP/UDP convergence and RTP/RTCP source code software products. The company’s H.323 supports numerous configurations including gateway, gatekeeper and multipoint control unit, which supports the multipoint controller and multipoint processor functions.



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