IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Oct, 13 1998

Glocalnet Gearing Up to Become Major Global ITSP

According to a series of announcements over the last few months, Glocalnet
is preparing to become a major provider in the global ITSP arena.
Glocalnet, which has been aggressively expanding the geographic
availability of its VoIP services, has just announced that both Swiss
Online and Switzerland based Som-Net will offer its services in the
European market. Swiss Online currently offers pre-paid calling cards
enabling customers to make both national and international phone calls.
The provider also plans to offer Glocalnet’s IP telephony services to its
customer base. Som-Net is offering Glocalnet’s VoIP services in the
Swedish market. The company plans to expand its service to include select
markets in Great Britain and the Netherlands.

Last week, Glocalnet announced that a V/FoIP inter-exchange alliance
between itself, Inter-Tel.net, NTT International (NTT), and Telba
Telecomunicacoes is landing deals with providers including Taiwan-based
Evergroup, US-based NetVoice Technologies and Korea-based Dohwa Operation
Service. Evergroup has established gateways in six Taiwanese cities, one
in mainland China and one in San Francisco; NetVoice owns seven gateway
sites in Texas and Oklahoma; and Dohwa operates a gateway site in Seoul,

The alliance members currently operate gateways in the US, Europe and South
America. Inter-Tel.net has gateways in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York,
Pheonix, Reno, San Jose and Washington DC. NTT owns gateways in Tokyo,
Osaka and Nagoya. Glocalnet has installed gateways in London, Amsterdam,
Stockholm, Brussels, Frankfurt, Paris, Milan and Zurich. Telba
Telecomunicacoes is currently developing its network of gateways in
Curitiba, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina and
Santiago, Chile.

The alliance’s IP telephony service operates utilizing Inter-Tel’s
Vocal’Net IP telephony gateways and call accounting application, and
Natural MicroSystems Fusion technology.

Earlier this summer, Glocalnet announced VoIP provisioning deals with Shell
Sweden, Stockholm Energi AB and Interfon AG. Shell Sweden began a phone to
phone and phone to cell phone trial of Glocalnet’s Internet telephony
service with 15,000 of its subs. The provider is planning to eventually
offer the services on a commercial basis. Stockholm Energi AB, a Swedish
utility provider, teamed with Glocalnet to form a new entity to offer VoIP
services in Sweden. The venture provides Glocalnet’s VoIP services to
Stockholm Energi’s 800,000 customers. Interfon AG is bundling Glocalnet’s
VoIP termination service with the equipment that it is installing and
maintaining for Swedish corporate customers.



Swiss Online




NTT International


TELBA TelecomunicaÁıes


Interfon AG


Stockholm Energi AB


Deutsche Telekom Canada Deploys Mind CTI’s Billing Solution

Deutsche Telekom Canada has announced that it is using MIND CTI’s real-time
iPhonEX IP telephony billing system for its commercial phone to phone IP
telephony service with connectivity between Canada and over 100 countries.

The iPhonEX Internet Telephony Billing system is a Windows NT based
real-time billing and call management product designed to provide billing
and call traffic analysis for V/FoIP services. It provides fraud detection,
traffic analysis and call management reports to ensure that all resources
are optimally used. The product is capable of billing tens of millions of
calls per month. It features real-time service cut-off when the call limit
is reached, calling card management, individualized customer rate tables
and flexible fax charge options by page, duration or priority (real-time
vs. store & forward). Its Web Client module enables CSRs to update and
view customer information via any web browser. The Web Customer Bill module
allows customers to view account information online, including invoices,
calls and payments made and real-time balances. The iPhonEX Guard Module
protects users from stolen calls and telephone misuse. The system can also
be expanded to encompass inter-billing and arbitration between connected
service providers.

Mind CTI


Deutsche Telekom


Frontier Provides IDT with Network Capacity for Telephony Services

Frontier Corporation has announced that, in a $52 million deal, IDT will
use its nationwide OC-3 backbone network to offer IP telephony and long
distance services. The terms of the agreement provide IDT with capacity on
Frontier’s OC-3 backbone network for termination in all major US cities and
DS3 hookups to regional areas.

The Frontier Optronics Network connects more than 120 metropolitan areas
around the nation using fiber optics with DWDM. Upon completion, the entire
network will exceed a capacity of 460 Gbps.





Access Power to Provide Ltd Net Com With VoIP Services

Access Power has announced that it will provide international Internet
telephony services to Ldt Net Com, a Florida based long distance telco.
According to the five year contract, Access Power will receive
approximately US$2 million per year in revenues for providing a guaranteed
minimum of 1,000,000 minutes of phone time per month.

Access Power’s IP Network utilizes Netspeak’s VoIP equipment.

Access Power




IXC to Open Interoperability Testing Laboratory

IXC Communications has announced the introduction of its laboratory to
assure the interoperability of equipment deployed over its network. The lab
will contain the latest in networking technologies from more than 30
equipment suppliers such as Alcatel, Cisco Systems, Newbridge, and Nortel.
It will simulate its network to test a wide array of technologies including
ATM, IP, Frame Relay, VoIP, SONET, DWDM and IP SONET.



Telogy VoIP Software to be Integrated into TouchWave and Nortel Products

Telogy Networks has announced that both TouchWave and Nortel have licensed
its Golden Gateway (GG) VoIP embedded communications software for
integration into their respective products.

The GG VoIP software is embedded on a single DSP microprocessor to enable
OEM developers to develop scaleable voice and fax over IP, ATM or FR
solutions. Its multi-function, multi-channel capabilities support up to
four simultaneous channels and allow multiple voice and fax calls to be
allocated and processed in a single DSP.

TouchWave has already integrated the GG software into its WebSwitch 1608 IP
networked PBX product. The integrated product will enable small to
medium-sized companies to build enterprise wide phone systems that can be
distributed across the Internet and IP networks. It features call handling
capabilities, auto attendant and voicemail. These features can be
controlled from a regular phone or from any Windows-based computer on the
network. A graphic user interface enables network administrators to manage
and add enhanced features such as visual voicemail. The integrated VoIP
gateway requires no additional software or hardware to support G.729 (A)
compression protocols. The product will support from 4 to 16 channels.

The integrated WebSwitch 1608 IP is priced at $7,995. Existing customers
can upgrade their WebSwitch 1608 by adding the VoIP module for $2,495.

The Nortel licensing agreement will enable Nortel’s separate business units
to integrate the GG software into communications products and set a
corporate-wide standard for terms and pricing for the software. Nortel
Networks initially plans to integrate the VoIP software into its Meridian
Integrated IP Telephony Gateway. The integrated product will enable
real-time voice and fax calls to be routed over IP data networks.

Telogy Networks




Nortel Networks


Inter-Tel to Unveil New IP Telephony Products

Inter-Tel has announced that it is planning to introduce a new version of
its Vocal’Net carrier-class IP telephony gateway software and an InterPrise
family of VoIP products.

The new version of Inter-Tel’s Vocal’Net software will include real-time
FoIP capabilities and enhanced voice capabilities. The software will
provide support for H.323 protocols for call control and G.723.1 for voice
compression. It is also expected to be able to enhance a provider’s ability
to manage unique rate table structures, call restriction tables and
administration processes.

The InterPrise IP telephony products will be aimed at businesses requiring
as few as four communications ports. The four port InterPrise 400 will be
the first product of the line, designed for voice, fax and data
communications across corporate IP or frame relay networks. As an analog
solution, the InterPrise 400 will support subscriber interfaces for
standard telephones, fax machines, voice band modems, PBX or PSTN loop
lines (FXO) and PBX E&M tie lines.



Ericsson Releases E-Commerce Solution

Ericsson has announced the availability of the Phone Doubler Quick Call
(PDQC), an e-commerce application that enables an Internet surfer to
initiate IP telephony communications with a call center agent using the
same Internet connection. It interoperates with any telephone system, PBX
or call center system. Calls may be received directly from the Internet
without the need for special IP-based telephone systems. End-users will
require a standard multimedia PC. Additionally, PDQC can reside on an IP
telephony platform with other Ericsson IP telephony offerings such as
virtual second line, PC to phone, phone to phone, fax to fax and web

Ericsson is aiming the application at ISPs, web hosts and e-commerce



AudioCodes Unveils New VoIP Processor Application

AudioCodes has announced the introduction of a new VoIP processor chip,
dubbed AC481xxA-C. The chip is a multi-channel voice over packet processor
enabling five independent channels of G.723.1 or G.729A compressed voice,
G3 fax or V.32bis data to be sent over IP, ATM or Frame Relay networks. In
addition to supporting G.723.1, G.729A, G.726/G.727, G.728 and G.711codecs,
it can utilize AudioCodes’ proprietary voice coder, NetCoder, to send
transmissions at 4.8 to 9.6 Kbps. The product also supports the detection
and generation of various in-band signaling standard tones such as DTMF,
MFR1, MFR2, AC15, SS4, call progress tones and user defined tone pairs.



CMR to Integrate Dialogic’s Products Into its Internet Fax Technology

CMR Communications has announced that it will integrate Dialogic’s products
into its real-time fax over IP technology. CMR has also initiated a global
network partnership program to expand its Reindeer Internet fax network
into South East Asia, South Africa, Europe, the US and South America. The
company intends to utilize the partnerhip program to offer service in every
market in the world. The fax network offers fax to fax, fax to e-mail,
e-mail/web to fax and fax broadcasting capabilities.





PhoneZone Offers Results from an Interesting Internet Telephony Usage Poll

PhoneZone recently polled its web site visitors regarding their usage of
VoIP and their opinions as to the technology’s usefulness, based on the
quality of IP calls. PhoneZone published the following results:

Internet telephony was used by those surveyedÖ.

-every day 24%

-every week 21%

-every month 9%

-not at all 46%

The technology is acceptable for*Ö.

-experimental use only 37%

-talking with friends 40%

-business uses 23%

*Note that only 54% of respondents surveyed use IP telephony.



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