IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Oct, 17 2000

Access Power to Use Capacity on Sprint’s Networks
Access Power reported that it has joined Sprint’s Enabling Applications Service Provider program, which will provide it with access to the carrier’s networks, and collocation services as well as access to Sprint’s sales and marketing programs. Access Power intends to leverage the program, and Sprint’s service level guarantees for network availability and performance, to develop and offer a variety of seamless, end to end voice and eCommerce solutions to businesses.

Access Power’s eCommerce technology, e-button, is a web to phone communications application that enables web site visitors to click an icon to initiate PC to phone VoIP communications with a CSR. The Java applet based technology (under 800k in size) automatically installs on a users PC when the icon is clicked. Once connected, the CSR can assist the customer in finding information on a web site by steering the visitor’s web browser, jointly viewing web pages and completing transactions.

Access Power also offers a flat rate phone to phone service in the U.S. and an international PC to phone service (Net.Caller) based on its own client. The phone to phone VoIP service that allows users to place an unlimited amount of calls within the U.S. for $49 per month. The Net.Caller service enables users to download a client application to place an unlimited amount of calls from any PC in the world to traditional phones in select markets. It offers two calling plans for the PC to phone service: a European plan that allows users to place an unlimited amount of calls for $20 per month from any PC to any phone in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada and Puerto Rico; and a U.S. plan that allows users to placed an unlimited amount of calls from any PC in the world to any phone in the U.S., Puerto Rico or Canada for $10. In addition, the provider recently launched an unlimited no charge PC to phone service, FreeWebCall.com, based on the NetMeeting client to enable users to place calls from any PC in the world to traditional phones throughout Canada, the UK and the U.S. It utilizes Cisco’s AccessPath-VS3 IP telephony gateway units to route calls to the destination telephones via Sprint’s networks.

Access Power


PhoneFree to Use ITXC’s Web Based Service
ITXC has reported that PhoneFree.com is using its PC to phone VoIP service, webtalkNOW!, to offer a PC to phone service that enables users to place a call from any PC in the world to a traditional phone in the U.S.

webtalkNOW! is a turnkey web based PC to phone IP telephony offering that enables web site owners to integrate private branded VoIP calling technologies into web sites. The service includes licensing a voice enabled web client or standalone PC application, wholesale traffic routing, network management and call accounting services. All traffic is routed over ITXC’s global Internet telephony network, which has more than 273 POPs in over 65 countries, and enables affiliate providers to terminate VoIP calls to any telephone in the world via the network, ITXC’s affiliate’s networks, the public Internet or the PSTN. The company also implements its own patent pending BestValue Routing technology to control the quality of calls.



Go2Call Expands PC to Phone Service
Go2Call said that it has expanded its unlimited no charge web based PC to phone service to provide connectivity in Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden. The service now enables users to place calls from any PC to any traditional phone in Belgium, Canada, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK and the U.S. In addition, it has just launched a flat rate calling plan, EuropeSelect, that enable users to place an unlimited amount of calls from any Internet connected PC to any traditional phone throughout Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland for US$18 per month (US$45 per 3 months).

In other news, Go2Call reported that it has reached agreements with both iWon and ZDNet UK, in which the web portal operators will offer its PC to phone VoIP services. Both operators intend to integrate access to Go2Call’s technology into their respective web sites to enable visitors to place an unlimited amount of calls from a PC to any traditional phone throughout the Canada and select European markets and the U.S.




Toshiba to Distribute Oki’s VoIP Gateway Technology
Oki Network Technologies has announced that it has signed an agreement with Toshiba America that will enable Toshiba’s line of authorized affiliates and dealers to market and distribute Oki’s model BV1250 VoIP gateway. The stackable 4 port BV1250 IP telephony gateway can be configured to operate with existing PBXs, key telephone systems, traditional telephone systems, PSTN lines and fax machines. It supports H.323 v2 protocols including G.729a (8 kbps) and G.723.1 (5.3/6.3 kbps), as well as G3 real time facsimile technologies. It features integrated jitter-buffer technologies, automatic delay recovery controls, adjustable voice payload length and voice level control, and an automatic echo cancellation application.


Oki Network Technologies

IDC Releases VoIP Market Report
IDC said that it has recently published a report entitled, Standalone VOIP Gateways: Market Analysis. The research examines the market’s 1999 performance, discusses emerging trends, and provides forecasts for both revenues and shipments through 2004, with the worldwide market projected to surpass $1.4 billion that year. It also offers figures on vendor market shares.

The report is currently available. It is priced at US$2,500. To purchase a copy, contact Bruce Atlas at batlas@idc.com or 1-800-343-4952 extension 4053.

Standalone VOIP Gateways: Market Analysis


World Online to Resell Callserve’s VoIP Service
World Online (WO) reported that it is teaming with Callserve Communications to develop a VoIP service. According to the terms of the deal, WO intends to private brand and offer Callserve’s IP telephony services from its European web portals. Callserve allows its partner providers to private brand and offer its services via its existing infrastructures. Late last year, it teamed with NetSpeak to develop VoIP operations in select markets including London, Paris, Frankfurt, New York and San Francisco, and to develop a PC to phone service.


World Online

TollBridge Teams With VodTel to Develop VoDSL System in Taiwan
TollBridge Technologies reported that it is teaming with VodTel, a Taiwan based manufacturer of broadband communications devices, to develop IADs that will operate exclusively with TollBridge’s V5.2 TB200 broadband voice gateway. The IADs are expected to support multiple ports of voice and high speed data services via a single DSL interface. In addition, VodTel also intends to develop its multimedia terminal adapters, which support services over CATV systems, to interoperate with the developing solution.

In other news, TollBridge said that Singapore Telecom (SingTel) is planning to test its TB200 broadband voice gateway in its test labs to evaluate the feasibility of offering VoDSL services.

Singapore Telecom

TollBridge Technologies

Yupi Internet Deploys Lipstream’s Web Based VoIP Technology
Yupi Internet, an operator of Spanish-language compliant web portals, reported that it has deployed Lipstream’s web based VoIP technology, Live Voice, to develop a voice chat section at its web site, Yupi Voice Chat, that will enable visitors to communicate with each other in real time. In addition, Yupi is also integrating the technology into its virtual community, Ciudad Futura, and its business to business portal, amarillas.com. Users will need access to at least a 28.8 Internet connection, a Pentium 90 running Windows 95, 98, NT or 2000, a browser, speakers and a microphone.

Yupi Internet

Ciudad Futura



VegaStream Introduces Gateway and IAD Products
VegaStream has announced the introduction of its Vega 50 Basic Rate ISDN (BRI) gateway, and the Vega 50 IAD unit. The ISDN product ships with support for both H.323 and SIP technologies, and can interface with existing PBXs via 4 BRI interfaces, which provide support for up to 8 ports of simultaneous voice/data communications. The IAD, which also provides support for both H.323 and SIP technologies, offers a LAN interface, and can connect directly to analog phones, also supporting up to 8 ports of voice/data communications. In addition, it features two fall back ports that can be used to route traffic via the traditional method should the IP network is not functioning properly.

Both units are priced from $100 per port, and are expected to be available by next month.


Tekelec Enhanced Test Product to Support SS7 and VoIP Technologies
Tekelec reported that it has enhanced its next gen diagnostic solution, velOSity IP, to support SS7 and IP telephony technologies. The product can be used to verify the transmission of SS7 traffic across an IP network without tapping into the old physical SS7 links, and it provides detailed data and information regarding traffic and/or network problems. In addition, the system can be used to test ATM, GPRS and UMTS infrastructure/products.


BSQUARE Introduces VoIP Software for Mobile Devices
BSQUARE has announced the introduction of its VoIP software, bInTouch. The product supports VoIP communications between mobile devices such as pocket PCs, web pads, industrial data collection devices, handheld PCs, and other Windows CE-based devices.

It is currently available. Pricing begins at $49.95, and the vendor is currently offering two for the price of one. A free evaluation is also currently available for download.


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