IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Oct, 18 2001

1. VocalTec Introduces Softswitch Along with Alliance Program
VocalTec has introduced its Softswitch Architecture Series 3000, a modular, open platform that supports SIP, MGCP, and H.323 as well as providing interconnectivity with SS7 and the PSTN. In conjunction with the product announcement, the company has established an alliance program divided into five categories including packet transport infrastructure alliances (with subcategories for MGCP, carrier class gateways based on H.323 and SIP, IADs, CPE gateways, access devices and traffic management solutions), managed services alliances, technology alliances, billing and customer care alliances, and distribution and integration alliances.

The alliance program already claims more than 20 participants such as Mediatrix, CosmoCom, Kagoor Networks, Congruency, IP Unity, Longboard, ECI Telecom, and Pactolus.

The softswitch platform is available for carrier trials and evaluations. Commercial availability is scheduled for later this quarter.


3. Percipia to Deploy BroadSoft for Hospitality Customers
BroadSoft has announced that Percipia will use BroadWorks, its VoIP solution to offer IP Centrex services, enterprise networking and PBX replacement to Percipia’s hospitality industry customers. Telephony services to be provided include conferencing, call forwarding, voice mail, follow-me-anywhere calling, and auto attendant.

BroadWorks is a platform that includes an application server, a media server, a subscriber management system, an element management system and a service creation environment. With the system, end-users are able to configure and control their services through a web-based interface.



5. Trinity Introduces VoIP Development Platform
Trinity Convergence has introduced VeriCall, an embedded software framework with a set of system controller, DSP and packet processor resources to be utilized for the development of media gateways, voice gateways, softswitches, regional access gateways, DSLAMs and 3G wireless transcoders, interworking gateways, and IP phones. The technology provides real-time voice processing algorithms, QoS functions, telephony signaling support, and system management and control facilities. VeriCall includes GSM-AMR as well as ITU vocoder standards G.711, G.723.1 and G.729 A&B. It features G.165/G.168 echo cancellation, DTMF detection and generation, voice activity detect, comfort noise generation, and an adaptive jitter buffer manager. The following data transport protocols are also included: IP/UDP/TRP/RTCP.

VeriCall is designed to be used on Motorola’s Smart Networks Platform.

Within the next few months, Trinity plans to introduce the integration of several third party developed packet telephony modules into VeriCall.

Trinity Convergence

7. Nortel and Mediatrix Enter Co-Marketing Deal
Nortel Networks and Mediatrix have teamed to co-market the companies’ IP telephony solutions including Nortel’s Succession Communication Server and Mediatrix’s IADs.

Nortel Networks

Mediatrix Telecom

9. ComMatch and Congruency Team
Commatch and Congruency have teamed to offer a VoIP solution that includes Commatch’s Duet 6000 gateway and Congruency’s CNS 3200 enhanced hosted communications platform.

The Duet gateway enables service providers to provision customers with 3-way calling, call waiting, free-phone, caller ID and all other Class, IN and ISDN services common to PSTN subscribers. Congruency’s platform enables end-to- end IP telecommunications between IP telephones, softphones, analog phones, and the PSTN.



11. Achieve Using NetCentrex Softswitch & Genuity Service
NetCentrex has announced that Achieve Networks, a VoIP network recently acquired by Pipeline, is using the company’s CCS softswitch platform. The provider will utilize Genuity ESP Direct VoIP call origination, transport, and termination services.

NetCentrex is a supplier of multi-protocol softswitch and media platforms, application and execution platforms, and applications for mult-media contact centers, VoIP VPNs, IP Centrex services, and residential telephony.


Achieve Networks

13. VorTecs to Resell CosmoCom’s Call Center
VorTecs, a VAR for CTI, IVR and VoIP implementations, has announced that it will resell CosmoCom’s CosmoCall Universe, integrating the multimedia call center software into next generation contact centers.

CosmoCall hosts mission critical contact center applications. The technology supports multichannel customer interactions via telephone and Internet, live and message-based, and fixed and wireless, in a single platform.



15. NetNumber Introduces SIP Lookup Alliance Program
NetNumber, provider of a telephone number mapping service (ENUM) that translates telephone numbers into URLs that include IP application addresses as SIP proxy, has introduced an alliance program to promote SIP and its ENUM services. The alliance objectives include promoting and testing practical interoperability of SIP and ENUM across multiple platforms, providing a context to resolve technical issues such as NAT and firewalls, offering a forum to explore business issues associated with origination and termination settlement charges for SIP interconnects, and promoting the availability of SIP addressable endpoints to inter-exchange carriers.

Members will provision E.164 phone numbers and associated network facing SIP server addresses into ENUM, which allows this information to be queried by other ENUM participants. Member companies will have an ENUM-compliant network facing SIP server that addresses IP-enabled endpoints provided by the company to its customers. Members will query NetNumber and will accept SIP requests from other alliance members and agree to promote the usage of ENUM within the telecom industry.

Initial members of the alliance include Webley, Voxeo, Vonage, Tellme, TalkingNets, Siply Speaking, Exario, Denwa, Centile and Aventura.


17. Mediatrix Introduces 24-Port IAD
Mediatrix has introduced a 24-port IAD, the MediaTrix 1124, that provides IP telephony service up to 24 conventional analog telephones or Group 3 fax machines. The technology can be deployed in both MGCP or SIP networks and can detect a variety of voice codecs and fax protocols including T.38. The 1124 can be auto-provisioned and upgraded remotely using the company’s unit manager or web-configured through a built-in web server.

The IAD will be available next month.

MediaTrix Telecom

19. Telkom to Use Clarent for Clearinghouse
Clarent has announced that it will provide clearinghouse services for Telkom South Africa. Telkom has already deployed a VoIP network consisting of Clarent’s softswitches and gateways.

Telkom is the only licensed provider of public switched telecommunications services in South Africa.



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