IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Oct, 19 2004

1. USA Datanet Launches Consumer, Business & Wholesale VoIP
USA Datanet, a telecom provider operating a nationwide SIP network, has launched residential, business, and wholesale VoIP services. The residential service offers unlimited local and long distance calling for $24.99 per month. Calling features include caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, voicemail, voicemail to email, call forwarding, call hunting, call blocking, number portability, return call, anonymous call rejection, call retrieve, call notify, call park, call transfer, selective call transfer, e911, and voice dialing.

The wholesale offer is targeted primarily at CLECs, ILECs, and ISPs. In addition to the full set of calling features and web based service control, the wholesale service includes integrated order fulfillment capabilities.

All of the provider’s services are driven by BroadSoft’s BroadWorks, Sonus’ softswitch, Pactolus’ technology, Intrado’s e911, and Terakeet’s voice recognition.

Currently, USA Datanet serves 480,000 voice and data customers.

USA Datanet

3. Empirix Introduces Carrier Scale Service Monitoring
Empirix has introduced Hammer XMS, a carrier scale service monitoring solution that monitors and reports on extensive diagnostic elements within a VoIP or TDM network. The technology features R-Factor, MOS and jitter management capabilities, web access to the central SQL database, IP and TDM end to end call analysis across multiple paths and legs, integration with existing network and fault management systems, and support for multiple VoIP and TDM gateway protocols.

Hammer XMS is available in a variety of configurations. A single site installation starts at approximately $50,000.


5. Quallaby Unveils Performance Management for CallManager
Quallaby has introduced the Cisco IPT Application pack, a new product within the company’s Proviso Application Pack that provides improved service assurance and performance reporting for managed service providers deploying Cisco’s CallManager.

The technology consolidates performance management across three technology domains into a single data mart. The data mart correlates voice quality, call signaling, and network infrastructure performance measurements along the entire voice management path. Data is correlated from multiple sources including CDRs, PBX, gateway and gatekeeper performance, and network infrastructure such as jitter per class of service. This provides drill down reports to analyze problems and understand capacity issues.

The application pack provides real-time customer facing reports that show call destination in categories such as internal, local, long distance, international, on-net and off-net. Further breakdowns are delivered according to department, location and individual extensions.

The technology uses instrumentation built into Cisco IOS and therefore, does not require any additional agent software to be installed on CallManager.

The application pack goes for less than $35 per extension.


7. Net2Phone Introduces Wi-Fi VoIP Service Solution
Net2Phone has introduced a Wi-Fi VoIP service solution that allows wireless ISPs and other Wi-Fi network operators to support VoIP service. The solution combines Net2Phone’s VoIP service with its new VoiceLine XJ100 wireless VoIP handset.

The service supports inbound and outbound calling and allows users to choose from a U.S. local, U.S. toll free or UK toll free number, regardless of the their location. The service supports multiple calling features such as voicemail, caller ID, and call forwarding.

Net2Phone routes calls over wireless IP networks to its SIP platform, which performs call management, provides CLASS 5 features, billing, provisioning and enhanced services, as well as facilitating access to the PSTN.

In the near future, Net2Phone plans to introduce a softphone client that will allow Wi-Fi access using PDAs, desktops or laptops.


9. VeriSign Launches Enterprise VoIP Interconnection Service
VeriSign has launched IP Connect, a suite of services that enable the interconnection of a variety of VoIP networks and legacy systems. The services are driven by NexTone’s session border controller and VeriSign’s Network Routing Directory (NRD).

The NRD supports ENUM, SIP, and SS7 – providing access to key directory components for route optimization, rules and policy enforcement, and translations. The NRD services include several tiers of routing and directory for VoIP (inter-carrier, intra- carrier, application location, and priority), and several tiers of subscriber profiles including enterprise, consumer, and small business.

NexTone’s Multiprotocol Session Controller will be used to provide protocol interoperability between IP PBXs from multiple vendors. MSC will provide support for multiple calling features such as call transfer, 3-way calling, call forwarding, call waiting, call holding, and desktop video.

NexTone’s product provides centralized voice and data management across VoIP networks and legacy systems as well as providing routing, signaling, and security capabilities.

VeriSign has announced that Internap plans to evaluate the IP Connect service.




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