IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Oct, 20 2005

1. SupportSoft Introduces Service Verification for VoIP

SupportSoft has introduced ServiceVerify, software designed
to automatically validate the installation of a VoIP service
and assist in diagnosing problems with both the network and

The solution consists of SmartIssue and Guided Problem
Resolution. SmartIssue is a template-based tool that
defines criteria for measurements for tests, pass/fail
thresholds, workflow and content for problem diagnosis and
resolution. Guided Problem Resolution is a customizable
tool for addressing problems with a VoIP service.


3. AltiGen Introduces IP Phone

AltiGen Communications has introduced IP 710, a feature rich
IP phone that features single button access to voicemail,
activity/presence selection, voicemail greeting selections,
call recording, call conferencing, call transferring, and
placing calls to employees in other countries. The 4-line
phone is capable of displaying time, Caller ID name and number,
real-time call center workgroup statistics, do-not-disturb, and
call forwarding status. The IP 710 can be personalized with 15
backlit user-defined keys and can be setup for any combination
of configurable features such as speed-dialing, extension busy/
ringing appearances, call appearances, line appearances, and
workgroup activity status.

The IP 710 is compatible with 3rd party hands free headsets using
AltiGen’s dedicated headset answering button and RJ9 and 2.5mm
headset ports and also provides 14 combined traditional and
melodic ring tones which can be assigned to line and extension
appearances on the programmable keys.

The phone also includes Auto answer, which allows calls to be
answered automatically to a defined voice device within a specific
ring time.

Photo of IP 710 phone

AltiGen Communications

5. ESI Granted Patent for Remote Call Monitoring Using VoIP

ESI has been granted patent 6,925,167 for its method of
remotely monitoring and capturing phone display indications
over an IP network.


7. Radcom Adds SDK to SIP Services Testing Solution

Radcom has added a SDK to SIPSim, its high-volume, SIP services
simulation tool. The SDK-enhanced solution allows customers
to define call flows to simulate conditions of extreme stress.
It also offers a Call Flow Library of common call flows that
can be deployed as is or with customer-defined modifications
to stress test any SIP entity. Additionally, the solution
enables customers to control call flow run-times and other
parameters via GUI commands. For example, for VoIP calls,
SIPSim allows customers to configure the entire call process,
from registration and call flow to customization of the call
handling process to the content of the SIP messages.


9. SynQor Unveils 53V, 7.6A Output Half Brick DC/DC Converter

SynQor has introduced a 53V, 7.6A output half brick dc/dc
converter in both an open frame and base plated version,
ideal for VoIP applications.

The PQ5553HEA08 (open frame version) and PQ5553HEB08 (base-
plated version) converters use synchronous rectification and
SynQor’s own topology to support an input voltage range of
38-55V, while operating at 95% efficiency. The open frame
device can supply up to 265W at 55∞C ambient with just 200LFM
(1m/s) of forced air-cooling. The base-plated option allows
the addition of a heatsink to increase the available power
to the full 360W rating.

The device has a basic isolation level from input to output
of 2250Vdc. The wide trim range of -50% to +5% adds additional
flexibility for the user to adjust to their desired output
voltage. Other control and protection features include remote
sense, input UVLO, output OVP, current limit, short circuit,
and thermal shutdown.

Sample and production quantities are available immediately with
a stock to 8-week lead-time. The modules are priced at $97.00 in
OEM quantities for the open frame version.


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