IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Oct, 23 2000

OpenVoB to Host Interoperability Conference at UNH
OpenVoB, an organization pushing for interoperable voice over broadband (DSL, cable and wireless) specifications based on existing and developing technologies, reported that it is hosting its inaugural conference, branded CallFest, at the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory on November 27 through December 1, 2000. The show will focus on evaluating, testing, developing and benchmarking OpenVoB compliant solutions. It will also feature the testing and evaluation of an initial implementation guideline that the organization has adopted, the ATM Forum AAL2 Loop Emulation Service. The organization also recently drafted a white paper that outlines the need for OpenVoB specs and presents a road map detailing the steps the group intends to take to reach its primary objectives.

The organization, which consists of a variety of telecommunications, cable, and broadband wireless companies, is open to members committed to deployment of interoperable, standards based voice over broadband technologies.


The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab

The White Paper

Motorola Teams With Nuera to Develop CATV VoIP System
Motorola’s Broadband Communications division has reported the introduction of its Switched IP Access solution for telephony over CATV plant. The system, which is based on DOCSIS and PacketCable specs, consists of the vendor’s line of VoIP CPE, CAS 2000 DOCSIS based CMTS, its NETsentry access network management technology, and Nuera’s ORCA model RDT-21 IP digital terminal/GR-303 gateway interface solution. It is expected to enable U.S. based operators, with access to a Class 5 switch, to offer converged voice and data services with call-routing, billing, customer care and CLASS feature functionality.

The ORCA technology provides an interface between an operator’s Class 5 switch and an IP network. It translates all GR-303 signaling and bearer traffic from the switch to MGCP signaling and IP-based voice traffic. It also has the capability to process and support the existing CLASS features implemented in the Class 5 switch, and transfer the CLASS functionality through the DOCSIS network to the CPE.

Motorola’s CPE portfolio includes the CentriQ 1000 communications gateway, which provides four lines of telephony and high-speed data, the SURFboard SB3500 DOCSIS-based, telephony-enabled cable modem, which offers two lines of telephony and high-speed data, the SURFboard SB3600, a SOHO unit that offers 12 lines of telephony, 3 high speed data ports, with routing, firewall, NAT and turnkey VPN capabilities, and the CentriQ MDU (Multiple Dwelling Unit), which offers 7 modules, each capable of supporting 12 telephony lines and 3 high speed data ports. The CMTS unit can be configured to support a variety of both data and IP telephony applications, providing the five 9s of availability.



Terayon Introduces Cable Compliant Voice/Data/Video Solutions
Terayon Communication Systems has announced the introduction of its second generation broadband access platforms, BroadbandEdge models 2000 and 2800, which can be used to support voice, data and video services over CATV plant. The products combine the capabilities of a DOCSIS CMTS with an IP switch/router to support packet based broadband services such as Internet access and VoIP. In addition, the 2000 system has been qualified by CableLabs for DOCSIS 1.0 compliancy, and can be deployed with the vendor’s TeraJet line of DOCSIS certified cable modems to develop a complete DOCSIS compliant cable modem system capable of supporting voice, data and video communications.

Both products are currently available.


VirtualLINC to Integrate RADVision’s Gatekeeper Technology
VirtuaLINC announced that it is planning to integrate RADVision’s H.323 Gatekeeper technology into its next gen resource management system solution for IP based videoconferencing services. VirtuaLINC leverages the system to provide hotels and corporate users with IP-based videoconferencing communications capabilities. The technology is based on the company’s LINCenter software application deployed at its video network operation center to control all aspects of data and video collaboration including gateways, VoIP, collaboration management, multipoint conferencing, real time transcoding, web broadcasting, billing, reservations, network traffic analysis and security and authentication. The firm intends to use RADVision’s Gatekeeper Toolkit to develop a customized gatekeeper application for the service/system.

The Gatekeeper Toolkit can be used to create customized gatekeeper applications for managing and controlling H.323 compliant networks. It features call control and registration capabilities, support for all mandatory H.323 functions, and provides the foundation H.323 technology to implement softswitch PBX type functionality, as well as for delivering new and developing IP services and applications.

VirtuaLINC Corporation


TELUS Deploys Protus’ Internet Fax Technology
TELUS Corporation said that it has is deploying Protus IP Solutions’ Internet fax technologies to develop three Internet fax services: Fax-to-Email, Desktop Fax and Fax Broadcast. The Fax-to-Email service enables users to receive facsimiles via an existing email account. The Desktop Fax and Fax Broadcast services both enable users to send a fax directly from a PC to any fax machine in the world.

The provider is currently offering the services from its web portals, MyBC.com and Alberta.com. Pricing for the fax to email service begins at $3.95 per month, with the other two services being billed from 10 cents per page, with no monthly service charge. The company also offers a section at the portals that enables users to view account details.

Protus IP Solutions


Frost and Sullivan Release Quarterly Update on VoIP Market
Frost and Sullivan said that it has released a quarterly update entitled, World Q3 VoIP Equipment Market Forecast Update, which examines market trends, and includes new coverage of the IP appliance and phone market segment, as well as a detailed analysis of the enterprise market segment and the latest intelligence on carrier deployments. The update indicates that VoIP is the fastest-growing market in global communications, with the IP phone and appliance segment the latest segment to emerge. It is expected to account for over 790,000 units shipped this year alone, and projected to generate $2.7 billion in revenues by 2006. The research also provides information on past, current and developing trends in the market.

The update is currently available. Pricing was not disclosed.

Frost and Sullivan

Cablecom to Deploy Amdocs’ and TIBCO’s Gear For Cable Services
Cablecom, a Switzerland based cable operator, reported that it is planning to deploy Amdocs’ customer care and billing solution, IAF Horizon, to manage and bill for its array of IP based services, including the IP telephony offering that it is developing. In addition, the operator intends to deploy a combination of Amdocs’ platform and TIBCO’s software technologies to support the VoIP service. The company also plans to develop a variety of additional services including video on demand, gaming on demand, VISP and UMTS.




Tekelec Introduces Enhanced IP Diagnostic Tool
Tekelec reported that it has further enhanced its next gen diagnostic solution, velOCity IP, to support Megaco H.248 as well as SCTP and SIP technologies. The line of products enables users to test existing and emerging/converging technologies, and is specifically designed to test and verify a variety of network topologies including IP, SS7, SS7 over ATM, GPRS and UMTS. In addition, it now provides support for more than 150 protocols and 3,500 variants.


ClearWorks Completes Acquisition of LDConnect.com
ClearWorks.net has announced that it has completed its acquisition of LDConnect.com. Financial details were not disclosed. ClearWorks, which currently resells last mile capacity, solutions and services, plans to leverage LDConnect’s established presence as a VoIP provider to begin offering its own services. ClearWorks currently operates systems in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Phoenix and Las Vegas.



QuesCom to Integrate Natural MicroSystems’ Technology
QuesCom announced that it is integrating Natural MicroSystems’ Alliance Generation VoIP technologies into the IADs, the QuesCom 500 and the QuesCom 600, that it is developing. In addition, QuesCom also intends to integrate Natural MicroSystems’ IVR and fax technologies into the products, as well as use the IP telephony technology to develop additional products.


Natural MicroSystems

Broadcom Completes Acquisition of Silicon Spice
Broadcom reported that it has completed its acquisition of Silicon Spice. According to the terms of the deal, Broadcom exchanged 3,864,161 shares of its Class A common stock for all Silicon Spice’s outstanding shares and common stock, and it reserved an additional 1,126,885 shares of Class A common stock for issuance upon exercise of outstanding employee stock options, warrants and other rights. Earlier this year, Broadcom said that it intends to integrate Silicon’s semiconductor technologies for developing packet based voice, fax and data solutions into its own to develop and offer packet based IP and ATM platforms that can support any type of service on any port.

Silicon Spice


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