IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Oct, 23 2003

1. Mediatrix Unveils New Line of VoIP Gateways and Routers
Mediatrix has introduced a new line of digital VoIP gateways and routers designed to connect analog telephones, fax machines, legacy PBX and Key Systems, and PSTN lines to an IP telephony network. They also provide PSTN access for various VoIP endpoints such as IP phones, FXS devices, softphones, and IP- based PBX and Key Systems.

Mediatrixí new VoIP gateways and routers provide IP connectivity for higher density applications using ISDN BRI/PRI phones and PSTN/ISDN lines, as well as PBX PRI trunks and Key System BRI lines.

The new product line consists of BRI, T1 PRI and E1 PRI gateways and routers. The digital gateways will be branded as the Mediatrix 1400, Mediatrix 1500 and Mediatrix 1600 series; and the IP routers will be branded as the Mediatrix 2400, Mediatrix 2500 and Mediatrix 2600 series.

Common product specifications include support for multiple vocoders, Q.SIG and T.38. The Mediatrix 2400/2500/2600 IP router family provides additional features such as LAN connectivity, PPPoE, VPN pass through, firewall, and DHCP server capabilities.

The 1400/1500/1600 series and 2400/2500/2600 series will be available in H.323, and MGCP protocols in Q4/03 in both PRI and BRI configurations. SIP versions will be available in Q1/2004.

Separately, Mediatrix has announced signing two new resellers including Intrasat Telecomunicaciones S.A. and NetxUSA.

Intrasat, a Spain based provider of VoIP over satellite will resell Mediatrix’s 1102 SIP based VoIP access devices. The 1102 includes two FXS ports for voice communications as well as two Ethernet ports. As part of the agreement, Mediatrix will also develop custom software loads to meet Intrasat’s specific requirements.

NetxUSA, located in Greenville, South Carolina, will distribute Mediatrixís complete line of VoIP access devices, gateways and software applications. NETXUSAís customer base consists of IP telephony resellers as well as enterprise end-users.


Intrasat Telecomunicaciones


3. Orbit E-Commerce Acquires Phoenix TelNet VoIP
Orbit E-Commerce, a failed North American VoIP service provider and IP network operator that evolved into a holding company at the end of its fiscal 2002, has acquired the VoIP network assets of Phoenix TelNet VoIP in exchange for stock. The deal includes a license to use proprietary technology to provide VoCable services. Orbit had previously owned 49% of Phoenix.

Phoenix’s network assets include PoPs in 26 major urban areas in the United States, a NOC and customer call center in Toronto, as well as proprietary automated billing and administrative systems.

Orbit plans to immediately pursue financing and listing on the American Stock Exchange.

The company will initially seek local and long distance VoCable agreements, with plans to later expand to offer prepaid calling cards, international calling, videoconferencing, as well as services that target small to mid sized businesses.

Orbit E-Commerce

Phoenix Telnet

5. Oni Telecom to Deploy Sonus’ Softswitch
Oni Telecom, a Portugese telecom provider, will deploy Sonus Networks’ softswitch to deliver long distance voice between mainland Portugal and the Azores. Oni will deploy Sonus’ GSX9000 Open Services Switch; Insignius Softswitch including the PSX Policy Server and SGX SS7 Signaling Gateway modules; and Insight Management System.

Later, Oni plans to use the technology to offer a variety of consumer and corporate services such as local and long distance calling and voice VPN.

Oni Telecom

Sonus Networks

7. Alcatel & HP Team to Offer Pay Per Use SMB Solution
Alcatel and HP have teamed to offer a pay per use computing and networking solution for small to mid sized businesses that will include a wide range of products and services from computers to IP telephony services. France Telecom S.A. has been announced as the duo’s first Office Ready pay per use customer.



9. France Telecom & NetCentrex to Offer Enterprise VoIP
France Telecom and NetCentrex have teamed to offer an enterprise IP telephony solution dubbed Servie e-telephonie, that calls for France Telecom to provide hosting and PSTN interconnection while NetCentrex’s IPCentrex will be employed to deliver services. The service will use Equant’s IP infrastructure.

France Telecom


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