IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Oct, 25 2001

1. Dynamicsoft Introduces Origination and Termination Solution
Dynamicsoft has introduced a wholesale origination and termination solution that includes the company’s SIP proxy server, route engine, and firewall control proxy along with products from partners to handle security, IP traffic management, load balancing, billing/mediation and gateway capabilities. The solution, designed to support SIP-based PC-to-phone services offered via XP Windows, is targeted at facilities based service providers.

Service level capabilities include self provisioning, user-level security and fraud detection, customizable call routing, service customization and usage reporting/bill presentation.

Partners for the solution include Netscreen (security), Nuera (softswitch/gateway), Dataflex (billing/mediation), Digiquant (mediation), and F5 Networks (load balancing, application persistence, traffic management).

London-based CallServe has announced that it will use Dynamicsoft’s solution to offer services through XP Windows’ Messenger.

In a separate announcement, Dynamicsoft has introduced its AppEngine 2.1, a platform for developing SIP-based services such as prepaid calling, conferencing, unified messaging, billing and IP Centrex. aTelo is using the AppEngine with its media server to develop a service creation and delivery platform that combines media and signaling. ECI IP is using the platform as the basis for a OSS platform with a rating engine to support prepaid calling applications.


3. DigiQuant Introduces Service Framework Platform
Digiquant has introduced Internet Management System version 4.0, a service framework platform that enables service creation, deployment, and management. Management capabilities include authentication, authorization, service activation, mediation, rating, billing, and customer care. IMS is orm targeted at systems integrators, software developers and network equipment manufacturers that need to develop OSS/BSS solutions and service modules based on a core, standardized platform.

The system separates the data model from the core functional layer, whih features a CORBA API with more than 600 function calls. IMS’ interoperability at the network level and its provisioning module allows support for any number of network elements and technologies including SIP, softswitches, VPN, GPRS, CDMA, WAP and wireline devices.

A VoIP module is included in the 4.0 release. Additional service modules are available for MPLS-VPN, VPDN, Dial, Roaming, 2.5 and 3G wireless, including content.


5. Masergy & bConvergence to Deploy BroadSoft’s Platform
BroadSoft has announced that bConvergence and Masergy will add the BroadWorks platform to their product line, deploying the system among each company’s SME customer base. The technology will be deployed to offer IP Centrex services and voice VPNs with web-enabled mail, follow-me-anywhere calling, and auto-attendant. Masergy will deploy the system in conjunction with Sonus’ switches and bConvergence will deploy in a Cisco-driven network.


7. TI to Integrate Radvision’s MEGACO/H.248
Texas Instruments has said that it will use Radvision’s MEGACO/H.248 in its IP phone and residential and SOHO VoIP gateways. TI customers will be able to license specific embedded Radvision protocol toolkits .

The IP phone and gateways include integrated processors with DSP cores, RISC processors and software. The Telogy software includes signaling, telephony, protocol processing modules and network management APIs. It addresses QoS issues such as network delay, jitter, and lost packets, and incorporates compression, line-echo cancellation and tone detection.

Texas Instruments

9. Alcatel Introduces VoDSL Reference Platform
Alcatel has announced that it is shipping its VoDSL reference platform to OEM customers. The MTK-50090 is a residential gateway that connects ADSL to Ethernet and POTS. The IAD consists of the company’s own ADSL chipset, along with a voice processor and POTS solution. The technology utilizes Netergy’s VoDSL semiconductor and software. The MTK-50090 supports four phone lines using VoIP or VoDSL standards. Bridge and router configurations are supported as well as encryption and firewall applications.


11. ITXC Introduces Back-Office Tools for Customers
ITXC has introduced a new suite of web-based back office tools, known as RapidTools, for its customers. The software enables affiliates to change termination rates, add destinations, and monitor quality 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. Real-time traffic can be monitored as well as historical traffic. Users can access call completion rates and the average length of calls being routed to and from their gateways.

ITXC’s network includes more than 645 PoPs in 349 cities in 133 countries.


13. Convedia to be Interoperable with Comgates’ Softswitch
Convedia has said that it is building interoperability between its CMS-6000 media server and Comgates’ CSSW4000 softswitch.

Convedia’s media server provides voice and videoconferencing, speech recognition, voice messaging and network announcements/IVR capabilities. It supports IP and ATM networks and can be utilized in packet telephony networks based on the Softswitch, PacketCable and 2G/3G wireless architectures.

Comgates’ softswitch provides refined call control enabling simultaneous interworking between H.323, SIP and MGCP within IP backbones. It can support up to 40,000 simultaneous calls.

Convedia has also announced the inclusion of a native SIP control interface for its media server.



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