IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Oct, 26 2001

1. Brooktrout Using Trillium’s Protocol Software
Trillium Digital Systems has announced the licensing of its MGCP and MEGACO/H.248 and H.323 to Brooktrout Technology for integration into Brooktrout’s TRxStream series of open standards media resource boards.

Trillium’s product portfolio includes H.323, MGCP, MEGACO/H.248, SIP, SIGTRAN, and RTP/RTCP.

Trillium Digital Systems

Brooktrout Technology

3. NMS to Buy Lucent’s Voice Enhancement Business
NMS Communications has said that it has signed a definite agreement to acquire the voice enhancement and echo cancellation business of Lucent Technologies. NMS will pay $60 million in cash for all of the business’ assets and to enter into a multi-year contract to serve as the exclusive supplier of stand-alone echo cancellation systems and sound quality equipment for Lucent. Lucent will continue providing these systems to its global service provider customers.

In specific, NMS will pick up a family of systems, a sales force, voice quality technology, wireless networks and fault tolerant systems as well as intellectual property and patents.


Lucent Technologies

5. Octiv Introduces VoIP Audio Toolkit
Octiv has introduced ActiVox Audio toolkit, a solution for the development of IP phones. The tools are designed to provide echo suppression, latency reduction, and dynamic processing.

Echo is reduced by measuring the round-trip delay and the suppressing the output volume during the exact time that echo would be occurring. The process also detects the presence of far-end speech and inhibits echo suppression during such speech.

Latency reduction is achieved by using a layer of software for access to the underlying audio hardware. The software makes exacting measurements during a setup process to determine timing parameters and other information about the actual audio hardware/driver system. The information is used to tune a buffer management system that reduces the round-trip latency for audio data. Octiv claims its technology achieves a reduction in the double round trip latency from around 500 milliseconds to around 50.

OctiVox operates on the audio data stream with an algorithm that separates the audio into multiple frequency bands, measures the amplitude and other parameters in each band, and operates on the bands by increasing or decreasing the amplitude of data. The process is conducted in stages including amplitude nomralization, noise gating, spectral balancing, and consonant and vowel enhancement.

OctiVox is available for license to software developers, manufacturers and service providers.


7. Delta Introduces VoIP Test Equipment
Delta, formerly Multimedia Test Systems, has introduced Delta Protocol Test Solutions, a suite of VoIP analyzers and call generators that handle H.323, SIP and other VoIP protocols. The solution includes a gatekeeper test utility that is able to stress large scale H.323 gatekeepers by generating high volume registration and unregistration activity. The call generator simulates tens of thousands of simultaneous calls. The tool can be used for gatekeeper and call signaling, and can generate calls with or without media streams.


9. MetaSwitch Platform Interoperable with 3Com’s VoDSL
MetaSwitch has said that its VP3000 broadband voice platform, based on Class 5 softswitch functionality, is interoperable with 3Com’s OfficeConnect Gateway family of IADs for VoDSL services.



11. Sonera Entrum Deploys Ericsson’s VoDSL Gateway
Ericsson has announced that Sonera Entrum, a Finland-based ADSL provider, has deployed its digital residential gateways to support a VoDSL service known as Puhekaista.


13. Internet Telephony Expo Scheduled for Feb in Miami
TMC has announced that it will host its Internet Telephony Conference and Expo at the Inter-Continental Hotel in Miami from February 6-8. The event will feature programs focused on solutions for enterprises, contact centers, service providers and developers. Half-day workshops will cover and standards and international opportunities.

Last year’s conference drew more than 2,000 attendees.

Internet Telephony Conference and Expo


15. ADIR Introduces VoIP Management Products
ADIR Technologies has introduced Voxis, a VoIP performance and fault management solution. The technology includes Voxis Dashboard, a real-time call-level console that displays gateway, span, and call detail information; Voxis Miner, a tool for data reduction, analysis, alarming, and reporting that supports SLA management, network troubleshooting and fraud detection; Voxis Dialer, and end-to-end PSTN testing analysis tool that measures and reports on call completion, access, and voice quality; and Voxis Streamer, an IP mest testing system that measures packet loss, jitter, delay, and other metrics. The solution is capable of handling tens of thousands of simultaneous calls across thousands of gateways.

Voxis is compatible with Cisco 2600, 3600, 5300 and 5400 voice-enabled hardware platforms.

ADIR Technologies

17. Lexra Introduces RISC-DSP Core
Lexra has introduced LX5380, a 32-bit RISC-DSP core that targets operation at 420 MHz ina 0.13 micron process. The technology executes the MIPS I(a) instruction set, with Radiax 2 DSP extensions. Features include a 7-stage execution pipeline to achieve higher clock speed, and a memory management unit and data cache to enable embedded systems to run OSS such Windows CE, Linux, VxWorks, OSE and EPOC. The core also features a block move controller that can transfer samples in the background while the DSP processes data in the foreground.

The DSP processing requirement for an 8-channel VoIP solution takes 266 of the LX5380’s 420 MHz bandwidth. A CPE chip with one core supports up to 8 channels; a chip with four cores supports over 24 channels.

General availability of the RISC-DSP core is scheduled for the second quarter of next year. The single project license for RTL is $535,000 with a $1.10 royalty per chip for up to a 100k-unit quantity.


19. Octasic Introduces VoIP/AAL2 Packetization Engine
Octasic has introduced a VoIP/AAL2 packetization engine, the OCT8304, that delivers 1000/4000+ voice packetization/aggregation capacity. The technology works directly with compressed or uncompressed TDM traffic, or combination thereof, in conjunction with companion DSP or hardware based compression engines. It supports Ethernet, PoS, or ATM interfaces. Applications include implementation of VoIP/VoATM multimedia switches, VoIP trunking gateways, voice over cable gateways, VoDSL gateways, VoIP/VoATM media servers and 3G wireless gateways.

The OCT8304 is currently available. Pricing is set at $225 in 1,000 unit quantities. An evaluation kit, including a PCI/H.100 evaluation board, example schematics, an ORCAD library element, an operating system independent software API, and example code to exercise the device, is also available.


21. Cogeco Abandons VoIP over Cable Effort
Cogeco Cable has announced that will ditch efforts to develop a VoIP service over its cable systems in Canada. The MSO, the fourth largest in Canada, made the announcement within a quarterly report that detailed falling profits. The report stated it would abandon the technology because of the unforeseen level of effort to deploy it.

Cogeco Cable

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