IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Oct, 26 2004

1. Speakeasy, On-Instant, & Champion to Use Level 3’s Services
Level 3 has announced agreements with a few emerging service providers, enabling them to extend the range of their VoIP offerings. Agreements have been established with Speakeasy, On-Instant, and Champion Communications.

Speakeasy will use Level 3’s HomeTone service to deliver Speakeasy Voice, primary line residential VoIP service to be offered in 120 markets in the U.S. The service will include multiple calling features such as caller ID, call waiting, last call return, voicemail, directory assistance, e911, and voicemail. Subscribers will receive the first 3 months of service at no cost. After, subscribers will pay $29.95 per month for unlimited calling within North America. A $40 installation fee applies.

On-Instant, a UK based provider of peer to peer business services, will use Level 3’s Voice Termination service to provide connectivity between On-Instant’s IP environment and the PSTN as well as global termination. In addition to discounted calling rates, On-Instant’s service, launched last May, supports find me/follow me, conferencing, test messaging, and directory assistance.

Champion Communications will use Level 3’s VoIP Enhanced Local Service and Voice Termination Service to offer hosted primary line residential VoIP services throughout the U.S.

Level 3



Champion Communications

3. Verso Launches IP Centrex Service
Verso Technologies has launched a couple of pre-integrated, turnkey IP Centrex solutions. For service providers with legacy Class 5 equipment, Verso offers the application via an IP interface to an existing Class 5 switch. For service providers who have broadband infrastructures and are seeking to deliver end to end IP-based services, the company offers a solution using its Class 5 Call Manager or softswitch.

The services will be available in the first quarter of next year.

In another announcement, Verso said that a venture between Aero Communications and Heartland Communications planned to offer a second line VoIP service to broadband subscribers based on Verso’s technology. Dynavar Networking, a Verso distribution partner, landed the deal.

Verso Technologies

Heartland Communications Internet Services

Dynavar Networking

5. AeroTelesis Introduces IP PBX for SMBs
AeroTelesis has introduced AeroOffice, an SIP based IP PBX system that supports from 5 to 150 extensions. The system, which has been designed primarily to support enhanced conferencing capabilities, will be marketed to small to mid sized businesses in the U.S. AeroOffice features:

  • Option to choose a phone number from any area code in the U.S.
  • Video at 30 FPS refresh rate
  • Transcoding
  • Public/private restricted conferencing
  • Audio/video/data/IM multiparty conferencing
  • Conference attendant for PSTN participants
  • Multi-domain support enabling conference hosting
  • Schedule and ad hoc conferences
  • Email notification for participants
  • File sharing among participants
  • Multicast instant messaging
  • Dynamic firewall engine
  • Dynamic port allocation
  • Enterprise NAT/PAT traversal
  • 3DES, 128-bit encryption, and attack prevention
  • Multimedia application support via MSN Messenger
        with a PC or video over IP using phones with video conferencing capabilities

  • voicemail

    In addition to offering AeroOffice, AeroTelesis provides wireless telecom services employing Ultra Spectral Modulation as well as providing wholesale voice traffic to Southeast Asia.


    7. FoneFriend to Acquire InfiniCom Networks
    FoneFriend, a VoIP service provider, plans to acquire InfiniCom Networks, another VoIP service provider. As a result of the deal, FoneFriend will gain 40,000 new VoIP customers, raising its total subscriber base to more than 110,000 customers. FoneFriend expects the buy to increase its monthly recurring revenues to around $1.65 million. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.


    9. GIPS Unveils Speech Processing Solution for CPU Based IP Phones
    Global IP Sound has introduced Embedded VoiceEngine, a software plug that provides speech processing tasks in CPU based IP phones, such as those based on MIPS and Xscale/ARM. The platform provides an API and eliminates the need for developers to purchase individual components or create a proprietary software framework to deliver their solution.

    Global IP Sound provides a variety of voice enhancement solutions including jitter buffering and error concealment, wideband and narrowband CODECs, echo cancellers, and speech processing tools. The technology is used by application developers, service providers, IP phone developers, gateway manufacturers, and chip and board manufacturers.

    Global IP Sound

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