IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Oct, 27 1998

IDT Introduces Reseller Program

IDT has announced the introduction of a reseller program for its Net2Phone
Pro services. Resellers will be able to purchase the Net2Phone application
at wholesale rates, generate revenues each time customers buy additional
calling minutes, receive sales and IP telephony technical support from IDT
and offer IDT’s full range of telecom and Internet telephony products.

Net2Phone Pro is a one-port, hardware/software gateway solution that
enables both corporate and residential users to place calls via the
Internet using a traditional phone and/or corporate PBX. The gateway is
connected between the phone and a RJ-11 jack. It utilizes a specially
developed version of Quicknet Technology’s Internet PhoneJACK to convert
voice into data packets for transmission via the Internet to IDT’s global
network of gateways. The gateways convert the data packets back into voice
and route the call as a standard toll-quality call to any telephone in the

The gateway solution has been tested in three undisclosed markets.

In a separate announcement, Net2Phone is currently upgrading the CODEC
technology it uses for its phone to phone Internet telephony service,
Net2Phone Direct. According to IDT, the improved CODEC technology will
reduce delays by at least 40 milliseconds. The CODEC upgrade is expected to
be complete this week.

Net2Phone Pro








ArelNet Develops Virtual VPN Capabilities Over the Internet

ArelNet has announced that its i-Tone V/FoIP gateway can enable service
providers to offer virtual VPN capabilities without installing dedicated
infrastructure. The i-Tone voice/fax over IP solution utilizes a carrier
grade gateway/gatekeeper architecture to manage more than 6000 ports and
more than 1 million queries per day. It is H.323 compliant and employs DSP
based processing to support voice codecs such as G.711, G.723 and G.729. It
provides connectivity from phone to phone, fax to fax, or PC to phone. In
addition, it provides store and forward services such as PC to fax, email
to fax and fax broadcasting.



Glocalnet to offer IP telephony in Spain

Glocalnet has announced that it has a signed a deal with an ISP to offer
its VoIP services in Spain. The ISP will utilize its own IP network. The
two companies are establishing trials. Once the telecommunications market
in Spain becomes deregulated this December, the undisclosed ISP will begin
offering Glocalnet services.



PakNetX and NetCentric Join Microsoft Affiliate Program to Distribute Products

Microsoft has announced that both PakNetX and NetCentric have joined the
Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider alliance (MCSP) and will utilize the
technologies and discounts on applications offered between members of the
MCSP alliance. PakNetX will offer discounts and referral bonuses on its PNX
ACD software telephone switch and ACD application to MCSP members.
NetCentric will offer its Internet fax software, FaxStorm, and Internet fax
SDK as well as trial Internet fax accounts to MCSP affiliates to enable
them to integrate Internet fax capabilities into their software and
hardware applications.

Over 100 vendors are participating in the MCSP alliance including Accuity,
AltiGen Communications, Applied Learning Systems, Artisoft, Callware
Technologies, COM2001 Technologies, Compaq, Dialogic, Digi International,
Fore Systems, Interactive Intelligence, Intersis Technologies, iPass,
NetCentric, Network Associates, PakNetx, Pivotal Software, RAScom, Selsius,
Telco Research, and Telekol.

MCSP Alliance








Telogy Develops Optional Voice Packet Module for its Embedded VoIP software

Telogy has announced the introduction of a high density, pulse code
modulation (PCM) voice packet module for its Golden Gateway (GG) VoIP
embedded software suite. The GG VoIP software is embedded on a single DSP
microprocessor to enable OEM developers to develop voice and fax over IP,
ATM or FR solutions. Its multi-function, multi-channel capabilities support
up to four simultaneous channels and allow multiple voice and fax calls to
be allocated and processed in a single DSP chip. The PCM voice packet
module option will enable the GG software to perform tone detection and
generation, echo cancellation, voice compression, voice activity detection,
jitter removal, re-sampling, and voice packetization. It will provide
support for up to 30 uncompressed voice channels on a single DSP.

In a separate announcement, Telogy is offering two versions of its Golden
Gateway V/FoIP embedded software, golden gateway client and golden gateway
carrier class/infrastructure, to enable OEM developers to create products
that can route voice, real time fax and data over IP, ATM or FR networks.
The client application enables consumer products such as cable modems and
xDSL modems to be V/FoIP capable. The carrier class/infrastructure
application will enable large-scale hardware equipment to support V/FoIP



Soliton Systems Integrates Telogy’s VoIP Software Into Four Port Gateway Product

Soliton Systems KK has announced that it has integrated Telogy’s Golden
Gateway (GG) V/FoIP embedded communications software into its SolPhone 1004
Soliton VoIP access device. The product can be installed over any IP-based
network to provide support for up to four ports of analog telephone and/or
G3 fax communications.

The GG VoIP software is embedded on a single DSP microprocessor. Its
multi-function, multi-channel capabilities support up to four simultaneous
channels and allow multiple voice and fax calls to be allocated and
processed in a single DSP.

The product is currently undergoing trials.

Soliton is a Japanese network systems integrator. The company also develops
products and systems related to network security and management.





RadiSys Introduces Voice Gateway Platform

RadiSys has announced the introduction of its Voice Gateway Platform
(VGP)-200, a voice gateway development kit for telecom and datacom
telephony equipment manufacturers. The solution is shipped with starter
applications kits for VoIP, H.323, Fax and Hot Swap technologies. It
utilizes RadiSys’ SPIRIT-6040 high-density, quad ‘C6201 DSP to provide
support for up to 120 ports. The VGP-200 can be configured to support
protocols including G.165, G.723.1, G.726, G.729, G.729A, Echo Cancellors,
V.17 fax, and DTMF/MF tone detector/generator. RadiSys’ Telecom Application
Specific Kernel (TASK) -6000 provides an advanced application composition
tool with GUI, and a real time DSP kernel.

The VGP-200 is currently available. For quantity and/or OEM pricing, call
(503) 615-1100.



HotHaus Releases TI Based DSP Software for Packet Based Networks

HotHaus Technologies has announced the introduction of its HausWare xChange
DSP software solution for the exchange of voice, fax, and data between
circuit-switched and packet networks. It utilizes Texas Instruments’ C549
DSP chips to provide four channel solutions. Its software architecture
provides an API that enables OEM developers to implement standards based or
proprietary algorithms to route xChange packets to and from IP, FR or ATM

xChange provides all of the signal processing algorithms and packet
management functions necessary to implement VoIP network applications. It
supports protocols including G.711, G.726, G729A/B, and G723.1, and G.168
line echo cancellation (up to 128 ms). The software can also relay fax
images from Group 3 fax equipment over a packet network. Group 3 fax modems
supported, range from 4800 bps (V.27) up to 14,400 bps (V.17). In addition,
the solution will relay high-speed modem data from an analog-loop line
connection over packet networks. Data modem speeds up to V.34 are supported.

The HausWare xChange application is currently available. A development
license is priced at $50,000, with unit pricing starting at $27 per DSP in
quantity. A starter kit including a standalone DSP hardware platform based
on a 100 MIPS ‘C549 is available for $995.



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