IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Oct, 27 1999

GTE Launches Wholesale V/FoIP Services

GTE Launches Wholesale V/FoIP Services
GTE Internetworking said that it has teamed with Cisco to develop a global VoIP network based on Cisco's V/FoIP gateway and gatekeeper technologies that it is using to offer a wholesale international V/FoIP carrier service named International VoIP Direct. The fiber backbone network is a dedicated, enhanced IP services network consisting of 17,000 miles throughout the U.S., and managed high bandwidth connectivity to European, Pacific Rim and South American markets. It can provide local access to 80 percent of U.S. markets, and high speed IP connectivity throughout the company's international POPs. The company has deployed its own Intelligent Route Diversity technology to provide load balancing, automated dynamic LCR, and failover to the PSTN capablities for the service. GTE will provide billing and settlement services to all participating providers.

In a related announcement, Dialpad.com said that it is using the GTE Interconnectivity network to offer an unlimited, no charge PC to phone VoIP service. The service, which is based on Dialpad's own H.323 compliant java applet technologies, will allow users to place calls from any PC to any phone in the continental U.S.

Both services are currently available.

International VoIP Direct

GTE Internetworking



PanAmSat to Use Nuera's Gear for Satellite Service
PanAmSat said that it is planning to deploy Nuera's F200ip VoIP gateway products to offer a V/FoIP service over its Atlantic Ocean region satellite network. The service will be able to route V/FoIP communications throughout the Americas, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. The firms expect that using the satellite network instead of the public network will improve QoS. PanAmSat plans to bundle the VoIP services into its SPOTel line of voice and data services that it offers to providers and corporations.

The F200ip unit can route VoIP over IP or frame relay based networks. The unit can support up to 30 ports (2.048 Megabytes per second) of simultaneous voice, fax and modem traffic. It utilizes H.323 compliant (G.726, G.728 and G.729) protocols to implement call transfer rates between 4.8 kbps to 64 kbps on a call by call basis.

The F200ip VoIP Gateway



Networks Telephony Deploys Lucent's V/FoIP Technology
Networks Telephony Corporation has announced that is planning to deploy Lucent's MultiVoice for MAX V/FoIP solution to expand its VoIP interconnectivity service, Everyline. The provider has already installed 20 MultiVoice units throughout the U.S. and Europe, and plans to deploy at least 8 additional gateways per month for an unspecified time. The deal has an estimated value of US$1million. The Everyline PC to phone and phone to phone interconnectivity service utilizes Infonet Services' private, global backbone with POPs in 40 countries and termination capabilities in 220 markets.

The MultiVoice for the MAX platform utilizes Analog Devices' ADSP-21mod870 Internet gateway DSPs to provide support for up to 672 ports (48 ports per DSP slot card) of voice and fax communications. The product can interoperate with other VoIP products via H.323 v2 protocols combined with MGCP and SS7 technologies. The gateway features traditional PSTN capabilities such as caller ID, voicemail access and delivery, global network call progress tone support (dial tone, alerting tone, busy signals, etc.) in more than 21 countries. The units ship with gatekeeper functionality including the capability to centrally manage multiple VoIP networks, and the ability for gatekeepers to communicate with other gatekeepers that manage multiple networks. In addition, the products utilize a QoS technology that sets type of service bits in voice packets to enable the voice packets to be labeled as high priority. The gateway is also capable of automatically re-routing traffic to the PSTN, should the VoIP network fail or become too congested.

Networks Telephony


Infonet Services

Radcom Releases VoIP System Testing Product
RADCOM has announced the introduction of the H.323 Call Generator, its VoIP system testing solution. The product is capable of generating over 2000 simultaneous H.323 or H.323 v2 (G.711, G.723, G.729, GSM, RAS, RTP, RTCP, H.225, H.245 and Q.931) compliant calls, and it allows call parameters such as duration and rate to be controlled and monitored. The Windows NT based unit can be used to perform interoperability testing or to verify the functionality of devices using different protocol settings. It features real time and post-execution analysis tools that provide result interpretation via a variety of report and data analysis options.

The product is currently available in three versions to emulate traffic loads of up to 75 calls, 500 calls or 2,016 calls. Pricing was not disclosed.


JFAX Expands FoIP Service into Las Vegas
JFAX.Com has announced that it has expanded its Internet fax service to include select local markets in the Las Vegas area. JFAX.Com's FoIP services now include POPs in more than 80 cities around the world. The service enables users to receive an unlimited amount of faxes and voice messages for $12.95 per month. Users can also send facsimiles for a an undisclosed per minute charge. In addition to the local service areas, users can also access the network/service from anywhere in the world via a toll free number.

In related news, iWon.com said that it is planning to market the JFAX.com products and services by developing an online service sign up page for its web site.



Yahoo Deploys HearMe's VoIP Technology
Yahoo has announced that it is integrating HearMe's VoIP technologies into the chat section of its web site to offer VoIP voice chat capabilities. HearMe's proprietary live voice technology is a client/server software that enable users to create real time voice chat rooms. It handles all compression/decompression and playback of audio streams and can be used to host group conferences or private one on one conversations. It works as a pop up addition to Netscape or Internet Explorer browsers, enabling users to communicate with only a PC with attached microphone and speakers. The technology also includes capabilities for instant messaging, whiteboarding and for paging other users.

In other news, the vendor recently introduced a voice chat SDK that allows users to deploy voice chat capabilities in web sites. Pricing was not disclosed.



NetVoice to Deploy Portal's CC&B Technology
NetVoice Technologies said that it is planning to use Portal Software's customer management and billing solution, Infranet IPT, to manage its VoIP services. The Infranet product is an end to end customer management and billing solution for ITSPs. The product enables providers to develop Internet telephony services that can support millions of users on a 24 x 7 basis. Its features include customer registration, caller authentication, credit limit verification, tracking of prepaid usage and account termination, LCR, and inter domain reconciliation and settlement capabilities.

NetVoice utilizes Cisco's gear to provide services throughout Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon and Texas. The provider also interconnects its network with Inter-Tel's U.S. domestic VoIP network. In addition, the company recently began implementing plans to collocate servers throughout Level 3's network to expand the offerings into at least an additional 12 U.S. markets by the end of the year.



Justice to Use ITXC's Technology to Route V/FoIP Traffic
Justice Technology said that it is planning to deploy ITXC's V/FoIP device, SNARC, throughout its IP networks to route V/FoIP traffic over ITXC's global V/FoIP termination network. The SNARC is a V/FoIP CPE device which can be attached to a carrier's traditional switch, via T1/E1 interfaces, to enable the carrier to route V/FoIP traffic over ITXC's networks. It ships as a plug and play product that ITXC will retain ownership of and maintain.

ITXC's network has 118 POPs in 73 cities and 35 countries, enabling participating providers to terminate calls to any telephone in the world via other affiliate providers or the PSTN. In addition to routing traffic over the network, Justice will also terminate V/FoIP traffic for other providers throughout its IP networks in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and the U.S.

Justice Technology Corporation


Ficon Introduces MGCP Product
Ficon Technology has announced the introduction of PacketPro, its implementation of MGCP, which is designed to enable OEM VoIP product manufactures to develop and test products. The unit provides an object oriented, open implementation of MGCP. It features capabilities such as triple handshake, piggybacking, encapsulated messages, extension command message, parameter and field statistics, tracing and logging, load sharing and transaction identifier management. Its embedded GUI application enables users to perform call flow testing in interactive or manual modes.

The product is currently available. Pricing was not disclosed.

Ficon Technology

Tundo & Interactive Team to Develop eCommerce Product
Tundo has announced that it is teaming with Interactive Intelligence to develop a corporate VoIP/ecommerce application based on the integration of its recently introduced VoIP capable Network Telephony System integrated with Interactive's Enterprise Command Center. The product is expected to be able to support voice, fax, email and web interaction via IP network infrastructures.

Interactive Intelligence



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