IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Oct, 30 2001

1. Cisco Introduces New VoIP Products & Enhancements
Cisco has introduced a series of new AVVID-based products, releases and enhancements to its portfolio of VoIP products. New software includes Conference Connection, CallManager 3.2, Emergency Responder (911 service), MGCP support for 2600/3600 routers, Internet Service Node 1.0, and the IP Contact Center Bundle. New infrastructure products include VG248 Analog Phone Gateway, Catalyst 4200 with SNA and IPX, Survivable/Standby Remote Site Telephony for the 7200 router, High Density Analog Voice/Fax Network Modules, the Advanced Integration Modules VOICE-30, and the IP Phone Expansion Module 7914.

New features to CallManager include localization of client interfaces adding 10 new languages, station-to-station intercom, drop last conference party, certification of virus checking and certification of Intrusion Detection System Host Sensor software.

New features to ISN include web-based IVR capabilities combined with IP routing and transfer services for both IP and traditional telephony networks.

The IPCC bundles provides a pre-configured contact routing and queuing solution for small to mid-sized contact centers, help desks, and informal call centers.

The Conference Connection enables an IP phone to serve as the entry point to a web-based conference scheduler.

Cisco’s IP Phone Expansion Module provides 14 additional line appearances and speed dial functionality for the 7960 IP Phone. The use of two expansion modules provides up to 34 lines, 33 speed dials, or a combination of line appearances and speed dial buttons.

The analog phone gateway offers 48 analog phone lines to be used as extensions to CallManager in a 19-inch rack-mount chassis.

Availability and Pricing

  • Catalyst 4200 SNA/IPX: currently available for $12,995
  • Conference Connection: currently available for $21,000
  • IP Phone Expansion Module 7914: currently available for $428
  • AIM-VOICE 30: currently available for $4,000
  • VG248 Analog Phone Gateway: currently available for $11,995
  • MGCP support for 2600/3600 routers: currently available as free IOS upgrade
  • SRST with 7200 routers: currently available for $16,250
  • ISN 1.0: currently available for $7,000 plus $1,000 per port
  • IPCC Bundle: currently available for $55,000
  • Emergency Responder: available Dec 7 starting at $5,995
  • High Density Analog Voice/Fax Network Modules: available Dec 28 starting at $3,900
  • CallManager 3.2: available Dec 31 at $5,995 or as free upgrade for 3.1 customers

    Cisco Systems

    3. Broadview Introduces VoDSL in Boston
    Broadview Networks has launched a VoDSL service, known as Broadspeed, to SMEs and SOHOs in 14-Boston area locations including Ware Street and Harrison Stree, Back Bay, Cambridge, and Newton. The service utilizes CopperCom’s gateway.

    Broadview Networks

    5. Anatel Introduces VoIP Edge Gateways
    Anatel Communications has introduced a family of NEBS Level 3 certified VoIP edge gateways for central office applications. The MB-1003 1U 2-12 Span gateways support H.323, MGCP, SIP, and MEGACO.

    Anatel Communications

    7. Comsat Argentina Using ITXC Network
    Comsat Argentina has announced that it has collocated ITXC’s CPE in Wilde, Argentina to offer international long distance throughout the country.

    ITXC has more than 645 PoPs in 349 cities in 133 countries.

    Lockheed Martin Global Telecommunications


    9. ISC Reschedules Interop Lab Test for Nov 4
    The International Softswitch Consortium has announced that it has rescheduled its interop lab test for November 4 at its facilities in Santa Rosa, California. The event seeks to validate MGCP and provide participating ISC members with the opportunity to exercise their implementations with each other.

    Registered participants include Alcatel, Anatel, Catapult, Catena, Cisco, Data Connection, Gallery IP Telephony, Hughes Software Systems, IP Unity, ipGen, Ishoni, iThinkTest, Mindtree Consulting, Netergy Microelectronics, Nuera, Occam, Sunrise Telecom, Sylantro, Telcordia, Unisphere, and Virata.

    ISC Sign Up


    11. BISC to Manufacture and Resell Unisphere Gear in China
    Unisphere Networks has announced that Beijing International Switching System will manufacture, develop, and resell the company’s SRX-3000 softswitch and SMX-2100 media gateway in China. The softswitch has been developed on Fujitsu/Siemen’s Reliant Telco Platform, a middleware solution that offers full redundancy at the application layer. The media gateway supports IP, TDM, and ATM in a single platform. It is currently handling more than 15 million minutes of calls in live networks daily.

    In a separate announcement, Unisphere has said that it has added a AXM module to the media gateway for ATM transport. It offers dual OC3c ports per card and supports AAL5, AAL1, SVCs, PVCs with AAL2, currently supporting 4,000 channels per card. Benefits of the module include 1:1 APS support, G.168 echo cancellation that includes adjustable tail lengths from 30-128ms, adaptive jitter buffer, silence suppression (MGCP controlled per call), MF and DTMF tone generation and detection, and support for G.711, G.726, G.729A, G.723.1, T.38 fax.

    Bisc is a joint venture between Siemens AG and four Chinese enterprises. The company provides manufacturing and marketing of EWSD switching system and data network solutions. The company is one of the 500 largest industry enterprises in China.

    Unisphere Networks


    13. Transbeam to Deploy Efficient’s IADs for VoDSL Service
    Efficent Networks has announced that Transbeam, a VoDSL provider in New York City, is deploying its IADs.

    Efficient Networks


    15. Gentner to Market Radvision’s Videoconferencing
    Gentner Communications has announced that it will market Radvision’s videoconferencing products through the company’s global base of resellers and distributors. In specific, Gentner will market Radvision’s OnLAN family of standalone gateways, conferencing bridges and gatekeepers designed for SMEs, and the ViaIP platform, which integrates multimedia gateway, multipoint conferencing, data collaboration and gatekeeper intelligence in a single platform.

    Gentner Communications


    17. Gallery IP and IP Unity Team to Offer VoIP Solution
    IP Unity has teamed with Gallery IP Telephony to offer a VoIP solution that includes Gallery’s CAssiopeia Class 5 softswitch working in conjunction with IP Unity’s media server, application server and applications. The solution will support DMTF recognition, audio recording and playback, speech recognition, transcoding, text-to-speech and audio mixing for voicemail, IVR and remote conferencing services.

    IP Unity

    Gallery IP Telephony

    19. NetScreen Introduces Alliance Program
    NetScreen Technologies has introduced an alliance program based on the use of its ASIC based Internet security systems and appliances. As part of the program, NetScreen will share its technology and expertise with select companies to enhance and extend the security solutions it provides to customers. The company will extend the interoperability of its products in network infrastructures, identify new application segments that require security, and create new means whereby NetScreen can support its products on a global basis. Further, the program members will participate in joint sales opportunities.

    The program is divided into five areas including Complementary Security Solution, Network Infrastructure Alliance, Global Services Alliance, Next- Generation Application Alliance, and the Business Expansion Alliance.

    A lab has been established by NetScreen to test and verify technologies. Lab personnel will work with NetScreen’s product management and engineering organizations to create software development kits and APIs for alliance partners.

    Current alliance members include dynamicsoft, Ericsson, Extreme Networks, Foundry Networks, Internet Security Solutions, Micromuse, NetIQ, Radware, Recourse Technologies, Riverstone Networks, Trend Micro, and Websense.


    21. Symbol Using Intersil’s PRISM for Wireless VoIP
    Intersil has said that its PRISM WLAN technology has been incorporated into Symbol’s NetVision’s H.323-based wireless telephony devices. The NetVision Phone is an 802.11b wireless IP phone and DataPhone is an 802.11b wireless IP phone and web client with an integrated bar code scanner. The products enable voice and data over Symbol’s Spectrum24 High Rate wireless LAN and other 802.11b wireless networks. The devices support gateway products from Cisco, Ericsson, Mitel, Nortel, and Dialogic.


    Symbol Technologies

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