IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Oct, 31 2002

1. INFe Acquires TelTech Global Solutions
INFe, a merchant banking, investor, and consultant, has acquired TelTech Global Solutions, a Florida-based telecom provider and systems integrator. INFe will buy the provider for $100,000 plus 1.2 million shares of INFe common stock.

TelTech provides retail and wholesale long distance voice services. The company maintains in NOC in Miami. Expansion plans include the offering of broadband and last mile bundled services, engineering, and hosting.


3. Nikotel and Remwave to Merge
Nikotel and Remwave have merged operations, following joint development of a VoIP software client for Mac OS X. Initially, the new company will offer free calling using the client. In the future, a flat monthly fee will be required.

Remwave is a wholesale VoIP carrier.



5. Webconference.com Now Using VoIP Technology
Webconferencing.com is now employing VoIP technology to conferencing services. The service, accessible through a standard web browser, supports videoconferencing, data conferencing, remote collaboration, remote control, and application sharing. The service supports Mac and Windows-based users. The service is offered for a flat fee of $39 a month.


7. Octave Using Ecrio to Support Mobile Conferencing
Octave Communications will use Ecrio’s Rich Instant Messaging Platform to enable conference calls to be initiated from any mobile phone, PDA or desktop via an interface that allows selection of multiple participants at once. The technology enables presence, availability, and location detection across all devices and platforms. It handles the delivery of handwritten notes, images, drawings, digital photos, images, voice, and documents. Support is also provided for instant messaging and presence services. Mobile users can schedule conferences in advance and notify participants via IM or SMS.

Octave Communications


9. Orbit Creates LLC for VoIP Operations in the U.S.
Orbit E-Commerce, a Canada-based telecom provider, has created Phoenix TeleNet, LLC as a company for delivering VoIP services within the U.S. Orbit E-Commerce will own 49% of Phoenix, while 51% will be owned by GAN & Associates, an investor. Phoenix will deploy PoPs in 24 major urban areas in the U.S. The headquarters will be located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Orbit E-Commerce

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