IP Telephony news wrap-up for Oct 5 – 2006

Bluenote Networks has introduced SessionSuite SOA Edition, a software platform that enables the development of distributed, re-usable, SIP, web-based services to be developed and implemented in an enterprise network.

The development solution consists of three APIs including lifecycle, plugin, and management.

The lifecycle API allows a web Service client to create phone call sessions, forward calls, add parties, remove parties and terminate the session. It also supports data correlation through tagging of sessions, so application context can follow a call.

The plugin API allows externally written web Services to affect mid-call processing. Pending the web service is written in conformance with the framework’s reference WDSL and provisioned, it can receive events at various stages of call processing and allow external business logic to affect call processing decisions, such as routing of a call.

The management API supports user management and provisioning.

The SOA is accompanied by a SDK that includes developer documentation, WSDLs, and sample code.

BlueNote also introduced a new softphone, the SessionSuite Desktop.

BlueNote Networks
Renasas Technology America has introduced SH-MobileR, a single chip processor that operates as a complete hardware implementation for H.263, MPEG-4 and H.264 video formats in devices such as VoIP phones that support video.

The processor is driven by a SH4AL-DSP CPU core that runs at up to 266 MHz, providing 478 MIPS of performance. It has a 64-bit wide bus allowing connections to data stored in external SDRAM; on-chip USB 2.0 functionality; a 4-Gb NAND/AND flash memory interface with ECC capability; and a SD memory card interface. The latter supports an optional CPRM function, enabling implementation of terrestrial broadcast recording and playback.

The processor includes a camera interface, enabling connection to a 5-megapixel camera module; a 24-bit TFT color LCD controller; a JPEG accelerator for capturing and displaying jpeg images; a 2D graphics accelerator, and a video output for television connectivity. Image processing functions supported by the chip include image scaling, rotate, color conversion, and blending of multiple planes of images.

Other device features include 128Kb of RAM, 63 Kb of cache memory (32Kb for instructions and 32Kb for data), and 16 Kb of X/Y memory.

SH-MobileR is available in 449-pin BGA packaging for $26.50.

Renesas Technology America
Frost & Sullivan has released World VoIP Monitoring Solutions Markets, a study that discusses market opportunities, industry trends, and includes market projections and interviews with market participants.

The firm finds the global VoIP monitoring market will grow at a rapid rate, from generating revenues of $99.3 million in 2005 to reaching $513.5 million in 2012. The research suggests that there is a gap between orders received by vendors and the actual revenues they realized in 2005. The firm attributes this to long deployment cycles of service providers and carriers.

This report is part of Frost & Sullivan’s Test and Measurement subscription. The service also covers IP video test equipment markets, wireless communications testing, MAN test equipment markets, and wireless protocol analyzer and network monitoring markets.

For an electronic brochure detailing more about the publication send an email to tori.foster@frost.com with your complete contact information.

Frost & Sullivan
Sagem-Interstar has released version 5.0 of XmediusFax, a T.38-based fax server that has been updated to supported a suite of significant new functions. The server can now operate as a multi-tenant FoIP solution that partitions service provider and large enterprise networks into hundreds of virtual fax servers, each with individual settings, queues, and administrators. The fax server, interoperable with most Cisco VoIP gateways, supports up to 480 fax channels per server.

Other new features include support for SNMP-based system monitoring and alerts; server redundancy; boardless desktop IP faxing, web-based fax composition, and international character sets.

XmediusFax works with Microsoft Exchange, SMTP, and Lotus Notes.

Virginia-based IPsmarx has introduced SIPKernel, a H.323/SIP softswitch solution that consists of a proxy server, billing system, Radius, a gatekeeper, an IVR, and a web-based management system that features monitoring and reporting. The platform can be used by service providers to launch enterprise offerings such as managed IP PBX services or consumer-based businesses such as pre and postpaid calling card service, VoIP callback (SMS, ANI, and web), callshops, as well as primary line phone to phone VoIP service and PC to phone VoIP. The softswitch also supports wholesale termination.

Features of SIPKernel include CDR management, NAT client support, online call status, LCR, unlimited client registration, call control configuration, auto user generation, and fraud detection. Class 5 calling features are supported such as call waiting, call forwarding, conferencing, and voicemail.

The softswitch is offered in multiple configurations, with modular support for various functionalities as well as different levels of scaleability. IPsmarx also offers systems integration, training, support, and other professional services.

IPsmarx Technology
Eicon has completed its acquisition of Dialogic and will proceed to operate under the Dialogic name.

VON Europe Autumn is scheduled to be held Nov 6-8 at the International Congress Center in Berlin.

BellSouth will resell Avaya’s IP products (MultiVantage Communications Applications, MultiVantage Express, IP Office, and one-X Mobile) as its telephony, messaging, and contact center solutions for businesses.

CyberData, a supplier of VoIP phone system peripherals, has introduced a new set of SIP compatible, PoE-enabled products including a loudspeaker amplifier, a zone controller with 4-port audio out, a paging server, and a wall-mountable speaker adapter.

Eicon Networks
VON Europe

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