IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Sep, 03 2002

1. Pioneer Consulting Releases Next Gen Market Study
Pioneer Consulting has released Carrier Migration to Converged IP Networks: The Impact on Optical and Next Generation Switching, a 141-page study that defines next gen infrastructure, strategies, and provides CAPEX forecasts for optical switches, IP routers, gateways, and softswitches and carrier gateway switches.

The firm finds that capital expenditures of next gen switching equipment to reach $9.1 billion by 2006.

The single use version of the PDF report goes for $3500. Multi- use licenses run $5500.

Pioneer Consulting

3. Safeway to Deploy Nortel’s IP VPN
Safeway, a grocery store chain with 1,800 locations in the U.S., has deployed Nortel’s Business Communications Manager to support to support an IP VPN.

Nortel Networks


5. Radicati Group Release VoIP Market Study
The Radicati Group has released Voice over IP Market Trends: 2002-2006, a study that identifies vendors, service providers, and marketplace trends; and provides 4-year revenue forecasts broken down by region. Corporate profiles are provided for BeVocal, Comverse, HeyAnita, Indicast, Tellme, Voice Genie, Voxeo, General Magic, Nuance, SpeechWorks, Philips, NMS, Netbytel, Voice Insight, Telera, Loquendo, Prosodie, SandCherry, and Telisma.

The firm finds the overall VoIP market to grow from $3.3 billion at year end 2002 to $7 billion by 2006.

The study goes for $2,500.

Radicati Group

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