IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Sep, 05 2000

OpenVoB Releases Draft of VoB Interoperable Standards
OpenVoB, an organization pushing for interoperable voice over broadband (DSL, cable and wireless) specifications based on existing and developing technologies, announced that it has drafted a white paper that details the need for a standardized set of technologies, and outlines implementation guidelines and a test plan for a developing compliant products and services. The paper also offers information regarding targeted deployment models, FAQs, online technical discussion groups, and other resources. The group also intends to host a series of conferences, branded CallFest, that will focus on evaluating, testing, developing and benchmarking the OpenVoB compliant solutions.

The organization, which consists of a variety of telecommunications, cable, and broadband wireless companies, is open to members committed to deployment of interoperable, standards based voice over broadband technologies. For information about membership, contact Michael Ares at michael.ares@openvob.org

The White Paper


Cybertech Deploys Adaptive/Jetstream Solution for Wireless Voice and Data
Cybertech Wireless reported that it has deployed a combination of Adaptive Broadband’s AB-Access wireless technologies and Jetstream’s CPX-1000 broadband services platform in Rochester (NY) to develop a multipoint fixed wireless network that will support multi-line local and long distance telephone services as well as streaming video and high-speed data services.

The CPX-1000 is a broadband voice services platform that can support multi-line voice services over a WLL broadband access network. It can operate with various vendor’s Class 5 switches via a GR-303 interface to support interconnectivity and a variety of traditional telephone feature capabilities. It enables subscribers to use existing telephone equipment including key telephone systems, fax machines, analog telephones and modems, and each unit can support from 200 to thousands of subs. The product is a part of Jetstream’s VoDSL solution, which also consists of the IAD-801 and IAD Flex equipment, and the JetEMS (element management system). It can also interoperate with traditional class 5 telephony switches and it is capable of supporting over 100,000 telephone lines over a DSL access network, with the IAD-801 providing 8 ports per device and the IAD Flex providing 24 ports per device.

The AB-Access solution supports data rates of up to 25 Mbps (with plans for 100 Mbps), capable of simultaneously supporting services such as real-time video conferencing, streaming video, web surfing and/or data file transfer. It can provide services in frequencies from 2 to 42 GHz, but has primarily been deployed for applications using the 5 GHz U-NII (Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure) and 2.5 GHz MMDS frequency bands. The company has also recently upgraded the product to support 27.5 to 31.3 GHz LMDS connectivity as well as 3.5 GHz (for the European market). It also provides prioritized services based on ATM mechanisms that assign traffic priority codes on a cell-by-cell basis to prioritize time sensitive traffic such as video over non time critical traffic such as email.

Cybertech Wireless

Adaptive Broadband

Jetstream Communications

Mitel Semiconductor Introduces Echo Cancellation Technology
Mitel Semiconductor has announced the introduction of the MT9300B, its G.168 based voice echo canceller solution designed to improve the clarity and reliability of voice and data in applications such as VoIP, VoATM, VoFR, T1/E1 mutichannel echo cancellation pools and wireless base stations. It implements 32 echo cancellers divided into 16 groups of two each, which can be configured in normal, extended delay or back-to-back configurations that are individually user controllable to provide either two channels at 64ms or one channel at 128ms. It requires 3.3V inputs and ships with the capability to power down groups of cancellers that are not in use.

The solution is currently available for sampling in a 208-pin LBGA package priced at US$93.32 in volumes of 10,000, and a MQFP 160-pin quad flat pack priced at US $91.22 in quantities of 10,000. In addition, the vendor is offering evaluation boards for US$700.

Mitel Semiconductor

Mitel Corporation

IPVoice to Team with PacketPort.com to Further Develop Products
IPVoice.com reported that it is negotiating with PacketPort.com to further develop its IP telephony technologies. According to the terms of the deal, IPVoice intends to integrate PacketPort’s packet technologies into its billing and network management system, MultiCom, to connect the solution to its back end operations and provide billing capabilities to its VoIP gateway solutions, UltraConnect, SuperConnect and TrueConnect. In addition, IPVoice will continue to deploy PacketPort’s gateway and software technologies in its private IP network, and include the technologies in the solutions that it offer to its affiliate providers.

IPVoice’s private network has POPs in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City and Phoenix, with plans underway to deploy an additional operation in Miami. It also offer a partnership program that enables other providers to deploy its equipment to operate independent VoIP services that can provide connectivity via its existing network. The UltraConnect can support up to 384 ports in a T-1 configuration. It is compliant with a compact PCI architecture, and features a SUN CP 1500, 440Mhz engine and 513 MB memory, with two 350 hot swappable AC power supplies. The SuperConnect can support up to 1000 ports of simultaneous voice or real time facsimile transmissions, with H.323 and SS7 signaling capabilities. The TrueConnect VoIP gateway can provide up to 96 ports per unit with T1, E1, ISDN, PBX, and analog connectivity via H.323 protocols. The products can provide real time provisioning, billing, customer service and agent management capabilities via IPVoice’s proprietary software technologies. IPVoice has also recently negotiated a deal with Firstnet Telephony Limited, a UK based provider, in which Firstnet deployed its VoIP technology to interconnect its UK based network with IPVoice’s U.S. domestic VoIP network, to offer IP telephony services throughout the UK.



Tiscali To Deploy Pagoo’s Turnkey VoIP Solution
Tiscali, an Italian ISP, said that it is planning to deploy Pagoo’s turnkey VoIP solution to offer its more than 2 million subscribers IP telephony services under its own brand, Voispring. According to the terms of the deal, Pagoo will provide Tiscali with a VoIP solution that includes its Trident software, client services applications, systems integration and technical support services. The turnkey solution will enable Tiscali to provide VoIP services, manage its network an provide subscribers with access to additional service capabilities and feature sets including voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding and online account management.

Pagoo offers an array of Internet telephony products and services that enable users to both place and receive calls via an Internet Phone Number, and access capabilities such as voicemail, call forwarding and caller ID. Earlier this year, the company began deploying Cisco’s voice gateway technologies to develop VoIP services with PC to PC, phone to PC and PC to phone connectivity. In addition to Cisco’s products, its infrastructure is also based on its own IP telephony technology, Trident, and NetCentrex VoIP platforms.

Tiscali has also deployed NetCentric’s FaxStorm technology and Cisco’s equipment to develop fax and voice over IP services in select European markets. It has also recently deployed Belle Systems’ IP based customer care and billing solution, Internet Management System (IMS), to manage and bill for the V/FoIP services that it offers throughout Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, Belgium and the Czech Republic).

Tiscali SpA



Telstra to Deploy Cisco’s Gear to Expand Capacity
Telstra reported that it is deploying Cisco’s 12000 line routers to double its existing Internet capacity between the U.S. and Australia to 1.4 Gbps. The firms have just completed expanding Teltra’s capacity in Australia, and are in the process of expanding Telstra’s Internet backbone in the U.S., which has new POPs in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Palo Alto (CA) and Washington DC.

Last month, Telstra also recently reported that it has executed an LOI with Nortel Networks, in which Telstra is planning to deploy Nortel’s New Generation Telephony (NGT) solutions throughout its networks to develop an IP based voice/data infrastructure and services throughout the Australian market. Initial installations are scheduled to begin this winter.

Telstra has also recently teamed with deltathree.com, Rapid Link, iBasis and ITXC to both originate and terminate IP telephony traffic.




Nortel Networks

PictureTel & RADVision Expand OEM Agreement
PictureTel said that in collaboration with RADVision, it has extended an existing OEM agreement, which allows PictureTel to private label RADVision’s VIU-323 Video Interface Unit, to include the integration of RADVision’s V2oIP technologies with its multimedia collaboration systems. According to the terms of the deal, PictureTel intends to integrate RADVision’s L2W-323 Gateway and NGK Gatekeeper into the private labeled PictureTel 210 conferencing solution to provide support for conducting interactive conferences over packet based networks, in addition to the solution’s existing ISDN connectivity capabilities.



Natural MicroSystems QoS/CoS Solution Certified by Sprint
Natural MicroSystems reported that Sprint’s Customer Systems Development Lab has certified its PolicyPoint 1000 traffic classification solution. The product is a multi-purpose traffic classification engine that can aggregate and manage voice, video and data traffic between enterprise Ethernet LANs and public or private IP and ATM based WANs. It offers traffic classification, metering, application-level traffic shaping, reporting and service level management applications that enable users to implement end to end QoS and CoS capabilities across packet based networks that can be managed by customer, user, application type, and enforced by time of day policies.

PolicyPoint 1000

Natural MicroSystems


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