IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Sep, 06 1999

Net2phone to Use AT&T’s Network

Net2Phone has signed a deal with AT&T, in which AT&T has agreed to provide managed IP networking
and collocation services to Net2Phone, enabling the ITSP to expand the reach of its Internet telephony
services at POPs located throughout 17 countries.

The companies plan to extend the agreement to include at least an additional 12 countries.

In a separate announcement, InfoSpace said it is planning to integrate Net2Phone’s VoIP technologies
(Net2Phone and Click2Talk) into its 1,800 affiliated web sites such as Disney/InfoSeek’s GO.com, America
Online, Microsoft and Lycos. In addition, InfoSpace will also integrate access to Net2Phone’s soon to be
released unified messaging service into the web portals. The exclusive two-year deal has an estimated value
of $14.4 million.

The unified service, which is slated for launch this fall, will enable users to access all of Net2Phone’s
services from one interface to communicate via IP telephony, FoIP, voice mail and/or email.




DSP Group Introduces DSP Chip

DSP Group said that it has introduced its CT8022 DSP chip. The product supports H.323 compliant
protocols including G.711, G.722, G.723.1, G.728, G.729A+B and the company’s TrueSpeech coder (8.5
Kbps) technology. The chip can run any of the coders simultaneously in full duplex mode with echo
cancellation. It is also compatible with the company’s CT8000 family of speech processors.

The chips are available in a small footprint 128-pin PQFP package. It is priced below $7 in quantity.
Samples are available.

DSP Group

Mitel Releases Echo Canceller Solution

Mitel Semiconductor has announced the introduction of its MT93L16 low-voltage acoustic echo canceller
solution for VoIP, VoATM (voice over ATM), business and mobile phones, PCs and intercom terminal
products. The full duplex technology is a 3.3V device with 5V tolerant I/Os, and a power consumption
factor of 65mW. It is based on the company’s TRUEPLEX technology, which eliminates residual echoes
without removing near-end signals or background room noise. The device uses a stable, advanced adaptive
filter algorithm that constantly tracks changes in the echo path to provide reconvergent clear voice signals
in instances such as during double talk or when signal levels are low. The product ships with integrated on-
chip BOOT RAM and on-chip ROM to enable developers to upgrade to future algorithms via direct

The system is currently available in 36-pin QSOP packages. It is priced at US$4.95 in 100k quantities. The
company is offering an evaluation of the technology for US$861.


PSINet Acquires Netline Comunicaciones SA

PSINet said that it has acquired privately held Netline Comunicaciones SA, a Chilean ISP. Financial terms
were not disclosed. After infrastructure interconnection, the ISP will gain access to PSINet’s full line of
dial-up and dedicated Internet connectivity services including e-commerce, security services, web hosting
with multimedia support, global roaming for remote access, enterprise intranet and extranet services,
Internet fax (InternetPaper) and Internet telephony (PSIVoice).

PSINet operates an international frame relay and ATM IP network, which has more than 600 POPs
throughout Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan,
Mexico, the Netherlands, Panama, the Republic of Korea, Spain, Switzerland, the U.S., and the UK.


Netline Communications

Perle To Acquire Zeta’s VoIP Technology

Perle Systems has announced the acquisition of the product business division of Zeta Communications
Limited, a VoIP product manufacturing firm. According to the terms of the transaction, Perle will pay
approximately US$760,000 and trade approximately 163,840 stock shares for all Zeta’s VoIP product line.

Perle plans to integrate Zeta’s VoIP technology into its existing products.

Perle Systems

Zeta Communications

Hebei Launches Internet Fax Service in China

AmTec reported that its subsidiary, Hebei Equipment, is offering Internet access and FoIP services via
prepaid calling accounts in Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, and Chengdu (Sichuan). The provider expects to
add additional IP services including VoIP to its service offerings, as well as expand service area, by the end
of the year.


Crys-Tel to Provide Service in Albania & Kosovo

Crys-Tel Telecommunications.com said that it has reached an agreement with the government of Albania,
in which it will be able to install and operate telephony products including VoIP gateways and fax port
hubs to handle Internet, voice, data and video communications in the Balkan region. The company plans to
build a POP in Tirana, interconnected directly to AboveNet’s international network via dedicated leased

The provider plans to launch the Balkan operations this month.

In a separate announcement, Crys-Tel is teaming with Pegasus Telekom AG of Austria to develop and
deploy an array of telecommunications service offerings (GSM, satellite, wireless payphone and VoIP) in
Kosovo’s K-4 market.

Crys-Tel Telecommunications


telecom technologies Joins Softswitch Consortium

telecom technologies said that it has joined the International Softswitch Consortium. The organization
promotes open standards/protocols used to interconnect the PSTN with the Internet for voice
communications. It also promotes the development of hardware and software platforms that operate by
distributing the functions performed by digital circuit switches (softswitches). Membership benefits include
access to an interoperability test lab and information regarding specification developments across multiple
interfaces, early access use of reference software implementations, and discounted attendance at
developers’ conferences and interoperability events.

The consortium’s membership includes Accelerated Networks, ACE-COMM, ADC NewNet, Alcatel,
AudioCodes, Aspect Telecommunications, BroadSoft, Castle Networks, Cisco, Clarent, Convergent
Networks, dynamicsoft, Eagle Communications, Enron, Ericsson, Fujitsu, HarvardNet, Hewlett-Packard,
Iperia, Inet Technologies, IPCell Technologies, Iperia, ipVerse, Level 3, LG Sansys, Magellan Network
Systems, Marconi Communications, Merlot Communications, Nokia, NorthPoint Communications, NTT,
Nuera, pulver.com, RCN, Rhythms NetConnections, S-Link, SALIX Technologies, Sonus Networks, Sun
Microsystems, Sylantro Systems, Tekelec, Telcordia Technologies, Telesynthesis, Timeshift, Transmedia,
Trillium Digital Systems, Ulticom, Vertical Networks, Vovida Networks and Vsys.

Softswitch Consortium

telecom technologies

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