IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Sep, 07 2000

VoIP Telecom’s ICE Subsidiary Gearing Up for Eastern European Services
VoIP Telecom said that its U.S. based subsidiary, International Communications & Equipment (ICE) has teamed with NPO ZAO Crosna to from a new entity in Russia, ICE Orient, that will focus on developing VoIP operations in the Russian Federation. The firms have completed almost all necessary formalities required before launching services, and intend to install 5 gateways at ICE’s facilities as soon as possible. The gateways will be configured to initially support at least 6 million minutes of traffic per month, with plans to expand the capacity to support a total of 15 million minutes per month. The service is expected to be operational by the end of the month.

ICE is also planning to expand its operations in Germany, and extend the services into Turkey, Poland and the Ukraine. The company’s German based ICE GmbH unit has installed equipment and submitted feasibility documents to the ILB, a government development bank, for grants that it will use to expans its networks and capacity in the German market to support an increase in traffic expected from its to be launched operations in Russia and Poland. The GmgH division is also negotiating with several Turkish businessmen to develop operations between Germany and Turkey. ICE Poland, its Polish entity, has recently landed service deals with several undisclosed providers to route 1 million minutes per month from a gateway that it plans to install in Warsaw, and it intends to deploy additional gateway equipment in other Polish markets such as Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw, Bialystok and Gdansk. The company has also entered into a LOI with Ukrainian provider, FARLEP, to establish both termination and origination services in the market, which are expected to be launched this year.

VoIP Telecom is in the process of building a consortium of companies by acquisition. It intends to utilize the consortium to operate a global VoIP network that can provide voice and data services on a global basis via IP, fiber, Internet circuit, satellite and/or the PSTN. It currently holds 100 percent interest in both ICE and Access Network, and a 49 percent share of NEX Telecom. In addition to the services it is developing in Germany, Poland, Russia, Turkey and the Ukraine, ICE is also negotiating service deals in Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Malta, Norway, Syria and Thailand.

VoIP Telecom

Teltran’s Subsidiary to Deploy VoIP POP in UK
Teltran International reported that its UK based subsidiary, Web Factory, is planning to deploy Cisco’s equipment to build a VoIP POP that will enable it, and Teltran’s other UK based subsidiaries, to route V/FoIP communications over Teltran’s networks. In addition to providing VoIP services, the UK entity is also planning to offer IVR and calling card services. Teltran offers an array of telecommunications and Internet related services including V/FoIP, domestic U.S. and international long distance, DSL, web development and hosting, IVR applications, fax broadcast and ISP based services.

Web Factory

Teltran International

SoftJoys Introduces OEM VoIP Technology
SoftJoys Labs has reported the introduction of the PC Client, it VoIP technology that will enable OEMs to develop H.323 v2 compliant (G.711, G.723.1 and G.729) communications between terminals and gateways. The product features lost packet recovery technology, gatekeeper functionality, and GUI and command line modes, which can connect a call via a gateway or the PSTN. It is designed to run on Windows 98, NT and 2000 OSs and can interoperate with Cisco’s 26xx/36xx/53xx gateways and Microsoft’s NetMeeting application. It is also supports most standard audio devices such as SoundBlaster and Internet PhoneJACK.

The software is currently available. Pricing was not disclosed. SoftJoys Labs

Arelnet & ComGates To Develop Interoperability Between Technologies
Arelnet said that it is teaming with ComGates to develop interoperability between its hardware based VoIP platform, i-Tone, and ComGates’ model CSSW-4000 softswitch.

The i-Tone platform is designed to support up to 24 T1s or 30 E1s and can handle up to 20,000 simultaneous calls in a rack-mounted configuration. It offers support for an array of VoIP connectivity technologies including H.323 v2, MGCP and SIP, as well as SS7 and T.38 (real time fax). It features functionality with ArelNet’s i-Tone Gatekeeper, NMS, OA&M, web based customer care, and offers voice and fax to email connectivity as well as IVR support. It also includes QoS support, IN compatibility and dynamic routing algorithms. In addition, it provides open, Java and JINI technology based APIs that enable users to customize features and add addition network management capabilities and services.

ComGates’ recently introduction the softswitch technology, which is designed to provide on the fly multi protocol capabilities that can automatically switch traffic between various H.323, SIP, MGCP technologies, with support for MEGACO technologies under development. It can run various protocol technologies simultaneously including G.723.1 (at both 6.3 and 5.3 bit rates), G.711, G.729a, Q.931, H.225, H.245, SIP, SIP-BCP-T, SX7300P and MGCP. The vendor also offers the CMGW-5000 IP telephony gateway product, which is designed as a media gateway that can support from 2 to 24 E1s. It offers interfaces for CCS – PRI, CAS – R1/R2, DTMF signaling and SS7 (ANSI, ISUP/TUP), and a 10/100BaseT LAN. It also supports H.323 and SIP technologies such as G.723.1, G.711, G.729, SX7300P, SX9600P, CAS and Q.931. The unit can be controlled via SNMP or a browser based interface that utilizes dedicated applications to provide an array of management capabilities. In addition, both products support IVR and automated announcement functionality.


ComGates Communications

Telcopoint Integrates HearMe’s VoIP Technology For eCommerce Service
Telcopoint reported that it has licensed HearMe’s real time web based IP telephony technology for integration into its eCommerce and customer care application, Telcopoint-&-Click, to develop a VoIP based eCommerce and customer care service. The service is based on the integrated product deployed with HearMe’s real-time application servers throughout Telcopoint’s network to enable users to integrate a click to talk icon into a web site that will enable web site visitors to initiate real time communications with a web site’s customer service representative. Traffic will be routed over Telcopoint’s network’s to the PSTN and then on to the corporation’s existing telephone system. The provider will provision, operate, administer and manage the offering for customers.

HearMe’s VoIP technology can be integrated into a web site to enable users to initiate VoIP based voice chats by clicking a button. It is based on the vendor’s proprietary live presence technology, a client/server software that operates as a pop up addition to Netscape or IE browsers, enabling users to communicate from PC to PC in a group setting or one on one. It includes capabilities for text chat and whiteboarding. The product handles all compression/decompression and playback of audio streams. The vendor also recently released an upgraded version of the technology, which includes a contact list that enables users to see whether or not other specific users are online, and a technology that enables users to invite others (including non users) to join a VoIP chat by sending an email containing a hyperlink that can be clicked to automatically join a voice or text chat.

In related news, Telcopoint said that CDEX.net and General Datatech are planning to deploy the eCommerce/customer care solution/service.



Oki Network & Panasonic Team for VoIP Solution
Oki Network Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Oki electric Industry and Matsushita Electric Industrial (Panasonic), reported that it is planning to integrate its BV1250 VoIP gateways with Panasonic’s DBS 576 and DBS 576HD telephony systems to develop a VoIP solution that can be deployed in small and medium sized corporations existing voice and data infrastructure.

The stackable 4 port BV1250 IP telephony gateway can be configured to operate with existing PBXs, key telephone systems, traditional telephone systems, PSTN lines and fax machines. It supports H.323 v2 protocols including G.729a (8 kbit/s) and G.723.1 (5.3/6.3kbit/s), as well as G3 real time facsimile technologies. It features integrated jitter-buffer technologies, automatic delay recovery controls, adjustable voice payload length and voice level control, and an automatic echo cancellation application.

The DBS telephony system is a modular Key/PBX telephony system that provides an array of features and capabilities. It leverages a 32-bit digital design and includes flash memory, advanced station hunting, voice recognition, advanced routing and restrictions, and can support both digital and analog networking.

Oki Network Technologies


Kanbay Division to Distribute Open Port’s Service Creation Technology
Kanbay Incorporated announced that its Telco Industry Group (TIG) division is planning to integrate Open Port Technology’s service creation platform, IP LaunchPad, into the turnkey solutions that it offers on a global basis. The LaunchPad solution is an IP messaging platform that can support enhanced messaging services such as IP based voice and fax. In addition, it supports the delivery of services in a variety of language formats including Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

TIG co develops client-centered business and technology solutions. It offer solutions for integrating billing and operation support systems, web-enabled billing and customer care and integrating and migrating existing legacy systems.

Open Port Technologies


Broadband Access Systems Integrates Support for Linux
Broadband Access Systems said that it has integrated support for the Linux OS into its Cuda 12000 IP AccessSwitch platform. The DOCSIS 1.0 and 1.1 compliant product is designed to support IP telephony, tiered data, and multicast services over cable infrastructure.

Broadband Access Systems

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