IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Sep, 08 2005

1. Centillium Unveils Line of SoCs for Voice Products
Centillium Communications has introduced Atlanta, a family of VoIP SoCs designed for use in the development of 2-channel VoIP MTAs, VoIP cordless phones, 2-line gateways, 4-line SOHO routers, and set top boxes that support voice, video and data.

The SoCs are available with software that not only enables products to self install and self activate, but also will interoperate with multiple operating systems such as Linux and VXworks. In addition to the software, the new SoCs are shipped with APIs, driver packages, and documentation.

The A70 is the company’s low-end VoIP SoC. The A80 can interface with WiFi or a high-speed adapter. The A90 is designed for the SOHO market with a 4- voice channels and a 100 Mbps routing engine and the A100 is the top performing product offering, distinguished by advanced security and encryption for all voice and data.

Centillium has recently announced that Netgear will be using the Atlanta SoCs in its upcoming products.


3. Conexant Introduces Chip for IP Phone Applications
Conexant has introduced CX90600, a single chip, based on ARM926EJ core and a variety of interfaces, designed for the development of desktop phones, for use in both consumer or enterprise environments.

Peripheral interfaces for the CX90600 support connectivity to smart cards, flash drives, video cameras and 802.11 a/g WLANs. Integrated interfaces for the chip include a 3-port Ethernet switch, a USB 2.0 controller, as well as interfaces for PCI 2.3, UART, keypads, FXO, and FlexIO. The product also includes several general purpose I/Os.

CODEC support is provided for G.711, G.722, G.726, and G.729ab. Support is also provided for DTMF and dial tone detection/generation telephony algorithms without the need for an external DSP. In addition, the CX90600 also provides acoustic echo cancellation and full duplex speakerphone.

The chip features MMU, a LCD controller, caches, TCM, and an alalog CODEC allowing for a single chip IP phone design.

The chip is currently sampling. Production quantities are scheduled for November. The device, packaged in 324-pin FPBGA, will be priced at $15 in quantities of 10,000.

Conexant Systems

5. Global Crossing Launches Hosted IP Centrex in the UK
Global Crossing has teamed with Teleware to launch hosted IP Centrex services in the UK. The service, which is targeted at resellers and service providers, delivers Teleware’s IP Centrex services and a collection of features such as personal numbering, multiple call appearance, unified communications and team working.

The new offering is available via four service bundles including a standard service, an advanced service, an executive service and an operator console service for multi-line call supervision. Customers can access the service through an IP VPN, DSL or an Internet connection.

Service features include geographical direct dial inwards, caller ID, abbreviated dialing, softphone client, voicemail that can be accessed by phone or web interface, internal hotdesking and a Web portal to check preferences, performance statistics and billing, and to provision extensions.

Global Crossing


7. Excel to Acquire Brooktrout for $173 Million
EAS Group, parent company to Excel Switching, has agreed to acquire Brooktrout for $173 million in cash, 38% more than the company’s value based on its stock price. Excel believes the merger will create a company that will generate half of its revenue from carriers and half from enterprises.

Marc Zoints will be appointed CEO of the new company. Eric Giler and Bob Leahy of Brooktrout will be leaving the company.

Excel was acquired by Lucent in 1999 but spun- off in 2003.

Excel Switching

Brooktrout Technology

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