IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Sep, 09 1998

BellSouth to Impose Long Distance Access Charges on IP Telephony Calls

BellSouth has announced that it will begin applying access charges to ITSPs
for phone to phone long-distance calls placed over its network using IP
technology. The provider has defined phone to phone Internet telephony as
identical, by all relevant regulatory measures, to circuit switched
telephony and has indicated that no new FCC policy directives or rules are
needed to address the application of access charges to such traffic.

The announcement follows a threat made last April by BellSouth to apply
such charges to Qwest.



Deutsche Telekom Gearing Up to Become Major Global ITSP

Deutsche Telekom is preparing to become a major global ITSP, releasing
announcements indicating that it is on-track to offer both PC to phone and
phone to phone IP telephony with global inter-connectivity. Deutsche
Telekom has just announced that its subsidiary in Canada plans to launch a
phone to phone IP telephony service with inter-connectivity between Canada
and over 100 international markets. The service will utilize VocalTec’s IP
telephony equipment to enable residential and business phone calls to be
routed over the Internet. Initially, the service will be billed using
pre-paid debit cards.

Last week, the provider announced that it is testing a PC to phone IP
telephony service with connectivity in and between Australia, Austria,
Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, the
Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore and the US. The PC to phone service
will utilize a combination of Ascend’s MultiVoice on the MAX IP telephony
platform and VocalTec’s Ensemble Architecture to enable Deutsche Telekom’s
T-Online Internet service subs to place calls over the Internet.

Deutsche Telekom owns approximately 21 percent of VocalTec’s outstanding
ordinary shares.

Deutsche Telekom


Deutsche Telekom’s T-Online Service






Delta Three to Provide theglobe.com’s Internet Community With Telecommunications

Delta Three has announced that it will be the exclusive provider of select
telecommunications services to theglobe.com’s Internet community service.
Initially, Delta Three will provide PC to phone and phone to phone IP
telephony connectivity to community users. Later, it plans to offer RSL’s
traditional long distance services.

The new service will enable community users to sign-up, review account
information, and pay bills online via a web integrated feature known as the
Interactive Center.

theglobe.com is an online community with over 1.8 million members and 6
million users in the US and abroad.

Delta Three




Amdocs to Integrate Billing Products into Vocaltec IP Telephony Products

Amdocs has announced that it is planning to integrate its Ensemble billing
and customer care system into VocalTec’s Ensemble IP Telephony Architecture
(VEA) line of products to offer an IP telephony solution that includes
billing and customer support applications.

Amdocs’ Ensemble system supports convergent customer care and billing
activities in multi-service fixed-line and mobile environments including
local, cellular, paging, long distance, international, cable, Internet and
VoIP. The product features flexible customer hierarchy facilities and a
multi-service rating engine. The system utilizes a scaleable, client-server
UNIX platform.

The VocalTec Ensemble Architecture is an end to end IP telephony solution.
Its components include H.323 compliant gatekeepers, gateways, network
management resources and communications software. It is capable of
supporting thousands of interacting multi-vendor gateways, gatekeepers and
servers. The architecture will provide connectivity between millions of
users via traditional phones, PCs, fax machines or e-commerce applications.





VideoServer Unveils 48 User PSTN/VoIP Conferencing Server

VideoServer has announced the introduction of its PSTN/VoIP conferencing
server, the Encounter NetServer ADX 1000, which will enable users to
utilize existing network infrastructure and H.323 products to conduct
multiparty audio/video conference calls. The server will support up to 48
geographically distributed PSTN and IP users in a single multi-point
conference. If the number of users for a single conference becomes greater
than 48, then the conference will be able to utilize multiple conference
servers for support. The product will enable participants to collaborate on
documents in real time via support for the T.120 protocols. It is also
compliant with the G.711 audio standard for PSTN and the G.711 and G.723
audio standards for VoIP networks. Users will be able to schedule a
conference via a web interface, which will dial out to each participant
selected for the conference. Conference participants can also call into a
conference via a traditional telephone, cell phone or H.323 compliant
Internet phone.

The product is scheduled to be available this October. It is priced just
under $2,000 per port.



Ameritech to Offer eFusion’s IP Telephony Technology

Ameritech has announced that it will market eFusion’s eBridge Interactive
Web Response (IWR) system to its enterprise customers. The IWR system, an
IP telephony call center app, is a gateway application that is installed as
a front-end to a businesses’ ACD or PBX. It works in concert with
eFusion’s Push to Talk technology, enabling a consumer to initiate
communications with a call center agent by clicking a Push to Talk button
on a vendor’s web site. When a consumer clicks the button, the system will
disconnect the consumer from the ISP and automatically dial directly into
the call center’s modem pool. Once connected, the call center agent can
direct the consumer to web pages and discuss business transactions. When
the session is over, the consumer will be reconnected with the ISP. All
communications during the session are secure transactions.

The IWR system supports H.323 communications. It is available in 10, 24,
48 and 96 port configurations.





VocalTec Unveils Lite Version of its Internet Telephony Software

VocalTec has announced the introduction of Internet Phone Lite, a version
of it Internet telephony software designed especially for PC to phone
inter-connectivity. VocalTec will distribute the product to carriers and
service providers at no charge. The software features a telephone keypad
that can be customized to include a personalized name, logo, and
promotional message. It will interoperate with the VocalTec Ensemble
Architecture’ gateways and gatekeepers to provide a scaleable, reliable
end-to-end solution for global IP telephony services.

VocalTec will also offer a generic version of the Internet Phone Lite
software for download at no charge from its web site. The generic version
of the Internet Phone Lite software can be used to access service via any
one of the service providers offering Internet Phone Lite including
Deutsche Telekom Canada, Deutsche Telekom AG, Dot Com & Biztrans.

In a related announcement, Biztrans Technology is expanding the reach of
its IP Telephony Network to include the Shanghai, China, and Sao Paulo,
Brazil markets. Service to Shanghai and Sao Paulo will be limited to PC to
phone connectivity using VocalTec’s Internet Phone Lite software.

In addition to the new markets, Biztrans is capable of routing PC to phone
and phone to phone communications in and between Australia, Canada, China,
France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Singapore,
Taipei, Taiwan, the UK, the US and Venezuela.







Deutsche Telekom


Excel and VocalTec to Integrate Technology to Design an IP Telephony Switch

Excel Switching has announced that it is planning to integrate VocalTec’s
Ensemble Architecture IP telephony technology into its ONE Architecture
switching platform. The product is expected to be a carrier-grade,
programmable switch that will support well over 10,000 VoIP ports.

The companies forecast that the product will be ready for market this winter.





VIP Calling Recieves $10.5 Million Equity Financing

VIP Calling announced that it has received $10.5 million in financing
capital from Charles River Ventures and Menlo Ventures. Both VCs will
appoint a member to VIP Calling’s board of directors.

VIP Calling


Brother to Integrate NetCentric’s Internet Fax Technology into its MFC Product

Brother International has announced that it will integrate NetCentric’s
Internet fax software, FaxStorm, into its MFC-4650 line of multi-function
peripheral devices. The FaxStorm software, which currently ships with the
MFC products, enables MFC users to establish fax accounts with
FaxStorm-enabled ISPs and NSPs such as GTE Internetworking, PSINet and
.comfax. Once an account is created, the integrated product allows users to
scan documents, use a PC to view and manage the document, and send the
document to any fax machine in the world via the Internet.

The MFC device offers 6ppm, 600x600dpi printing, 600x600dpi high resolution
scanning, full stand alone fax functionality, copying capability with up to
99 copies of collated output. The unit also enables PC fax functionality
with software from SmithMicro and Visioneer PaperPort.





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