IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Sep, 11 2000

Israel Communications Ministry to Open Telecom Market
The Communications Ministry in Israel announced that it has signed regulations that will enable providers to apply for licensing to offer domestic telecommunications services, and compete with the state run telecommunications operation, Bezeq Israel Telecom. The licensing will require that the company seeking the license be registered in Israel and at least 20 percent owned by an Israeli citizen, or by a company that is run by an Israeli citizen. In addition, the firm must have previous experience operating communications systems, have at least $60 million operating capital, and launch services within 12 months of licensing, which will be valid for 15 years, with a 10 year extension option.

The Ministry is also planning to lift bans that prevent regional cable companies from offering domestic telecommunications and Internet services, and it is planning to offer LMDS licenses that will allow wireless operators to offer traditional telephony services.

Japan Telecom and Ericsson Successfully Trial VoIP over WCDMA
Japan Telecom said that it has just successfully completed a VoIP over WCDMA trial with Ericsson in Chiba, Japan. The trial was conducted over the last two months using Japan Telecom’s WCDMA experimental system and Ericsson’s new header compression algorithm technology, Robust Checksum-based Header Compression, which has recently been submitted to the IETF to begin the standardization process.

Japan Telecom


VDC Deploys Transnexus’ VoIP Clearinghouse Technology
VDC Communications reported that it has signed an agreement to integrate TransNexus’ ClearIP clearinghouse solution into its recently launched VoIP clearinghouse service, BusinessTalk Global Clearinghouse. VDC will use the solution to provide clearing and settlement services to all participating members. The ClearIP product, which is based on OSP technologies, provides real time authorization, rating and settlement of VoIP calls routed between providers. It also verifies every device initiating a call, validates the membership for each device terminating a call, and collects and provides CDR info from both the originating and terminating IP telephony devices. In addition, it features SSL encryption for security, mutual authentication between communicating parties, non-repudiation of all communications via digital signature technologies, firewall support and flexible and feature information exchange via XML.

VDC provides domestic and international carrier services via its New York City and Los Angeles gateway sites. It is in the process of developing a global IP network, and has recently negotiated deals with Level 3, in which Level 3 will carry its VoIP traffic between its gateway sites, and with Cisco for the deployment of VoIP technology at its existing sites and to expand its operations.

VDC Communications


deltathree.com Expands Network to Include 107 Global POPs
deltathree.com reported that it has deployed additional network POPs in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and in various markets throughout China. The firm’s communications services include VoIP connectivity between phones, PCs and web sites or any combination thereof, as well as eCommerce, unified messaging, global roaming and calling cards. It routes traffic over its private, managed Internet telephony network, which uses the PSTN to both terminate and originate call traffic and now has 107 POPs throughout 40 countries. The network combined with its affiliate provider’s networks, provide the company’s subscribers with connectivity in well over 160 countries.


UBNetworks Receives CLEC Status in Oregon
UBNetworks announced that the Oregon Public Utilities Commission has granted it CLEC status, which will enable it to operate as both a facilities based provider and reseller of telecommunications services. The licensing will also enable the provider to carry out plans to expand its networks into the Oregon market to offer voice and data over DSL services. The provider is in the process of developing a network throughout the Western U.S. that will enable it to offer bundled DSL based data and voice, as well as integrated communications services. The firm has been developing infrastructure throughout California, has just launched services in the Los Angeles market, and intends to further expand its network to provide connectivity throughout the U.S pacific coast region and eastward into both Mississippi and Colorado.

In other news, UBNetworks said that its Los Angeles switching facility has been interconnected with MAE-LA, and it is planning to expand its DSL offerings throughout the market by collocating equipment at Pacific Bell’s facilities.


Baywatch.com Deploys Net Talk’s VoIP Technology
Baywatch.com, an online Baywatch TV series community, said that it has licensed Net Talk’s VoIP technology for deployment in it’s real time voice chat section on its web site, Beach Chat. Net Talk’s VoIP technology is based on its own patent pending technology and a Java Applet (less than 50k) that enables users to participate in real time voice and text chat sessions, using animated characters in a 3-D environment. The client features capabilities such as multipoint voice conferencing, interoperability over firewalls, private text messaging, file transfer, whiteboarding, application sharing and communications recording/storing. It also offers a moderator technology that enables one participant to control all of the participants in a group conference setting, and the proceedings of a conference session.

Net Talk


Dublin Tourism Agency to Deploy Go2Call’s PC to Phone
Dublin Tourism, Ireland’s state appointed travel and tour information agency, reported that it is planning to integrate Go2Call’s PC to phone technology into its web site to enable visitors to place calls from PC to phone at no charge. Go2Call recently introduced the PC to phone service, which enables registered users to enter a destination phone number into an online input box, and click a button to connect the call to any phone in Canada, Germany, Ireland, the UK or the U.S.

In other news, Go2Call is teaming with Idiom Technologies to create customized, local language versions of its site and services.

Dublin Tourism

Go2Call Ireland


comMatch Introduces New Version of VoIP Gateway
comMatch has announced the introduction of a new version of its VoIP gateway solution, Duet 6001. The H.323 compliant unit (G.711, G.729 and G.723.1) can support up to 1,440 simultaneous voice calls per chassis, and offers the vendor’s patent pending adaptive jitter buffer technologies and DTMF detection and generation. The product can also be deployed between a Class 5 switch and a data network to provide Class functionality such as 3 way calling, call forward, busy tone, etc. within an IP infrastructure. In addition, the company has verified the interoperability of the product with various vendors IP telephony technologies including Microsoft, RADVision, Inalp, BreezeCom and Netergy.


Tandberg to Integrate and Resell Cisco’s IP Technologies
Tandberg Television, a compression technology company, has said that is planning to integrate Cisco’s IP routing technologies into the cable and video broadcast solutions that it offers to develop a solution that can support high speed Internet access, digital video and VoIP services. According to the terms of the deal, Tandberg will deploy Cisco’s uBR7246 universal broadband routers, INA2320 interactive network adapters, DVB CAR100 series of cable access routers and 6920 RateMUX re-multiplexing systems in combination with its line of evolution 5000 MPEG compression, modulation and multiplexing systems, as well as its head end and broadcast management solutions.

Norway based Tandberg Television provides solutions for the digital broadcasting of audio, data and video across various network technologies including cable, satellite, terrestrial, IP and legacy. Its technologies include receivers, MPEG encoders, modulators, multiplexers, transport stream processing, control and monitoring solutions and digital satellite and ENG technologies.

Tandberg Television


Net400 to Integrate Mail.com’s FoIP Technology
Net400 announced that it has reached an agreement with Mail.com, in which it will integrate Mail.com’s IP fax service/solution into the NetMail*400 software solution that it provides to IBM for integration into the AS/400 multi user business computer system. The combined solution will enable AS/400 users to access Mail.com’s FoIP services, as well as Net400’s email services. The IP fax software/service, which support several platforms including Unix, NT and Linux, enables users to send and receive facsimiles as file attachments (Word, RTF, PDF, TIFF, Corel, VISIO, etc.) using an email application.



Network Telephone Secures US$256 Million in Financing
Network Telephone reported that it has secured US$256 million in a round of Series D financing with Brown Brothers Harriman and Co, Desai Capital Management, Wind Point Partners, Lehman Brothers and Spectrum Equity Investors. The company intends to use the funding to expand its facilities-based network into nine southeastern US states. It recently said that it is planning to deploy Copper Mountain Networks’ DSL equipment to develop a VoDSL service with connectivity throughout Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee (9 southeastern U.S. markets). It has also recently deployed Lucent’s VoDSL technologies.

Network Telephone

Copper Mountain


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