IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Sep, 13 1999

Adaptive Broadband Demonstrates Wireless IP Voice & Data

Adaptive Broadband Demonstrates Wireless IP Voice & Data
Adaptive Broadband announced that it has successfully tested (at the University of Kansas Information & Telecommunication Technology Center in Lawrence) the voice and data over IP transmission capabilities of its AB-Access wireless broadband service products using Cisco's 3620 routers. The live voice demonstration was conducted while data traffic, averaging approximately 8 Mbps, was simultaneously transmitted over the same connections. The 3620 routers were used at the ends of the link to provide the VoIP functionality. The transmission covered a distance of approximately 2.4 kilometers between the subscriber unit and the base station.

Adaptive Broadband


GTC To Use WTL's Gear to Expand VoIP Network
Global Transmedia Communications (GTC) has announced that it is planning to deploy World Telecom Labs' INX switch to extend its VoIP network, which is currently operational throughout Asia, South America and the U.S., into Europe. In addition to providing the equipment, World Telecom will also host POPs that interconnect with other carriers in Europe for GTC, and provide 24×7 technical support and network monitoring while the European network is being deployed.

The UNIX based INX platform provides port capacities of up to 8 E1s/T1s (240/192 ports) per chassis. Each E1/T1 can be configured independently to run CAS protocols (R1/R2/DTMF/etc), ISDN, CCS7, VoIP, VoFR and VoATM. It can also interoperate with SS7 signaling. The product features enhanced use of G.729 and G.723.1 technologies by implementing World Telecom's proprietary IP overhead technology which reduces overhead size from 35 bytes to 5 bytes. In addition, it can combine several voice packets into one large packet to reduce network load. The platform can generate detailed CDR information that includes caller ID, Unix time, duration in seconds, switch ID, time of connection, date of connection, job code, CLIP or PIN, destination number, outbound port number, outbound carrier number, and CPM and total cost for calls.

World Telecom Labs

Comtel to Resell North Wave's VoIP Services
Comtel International, a California based firm, has announced that it will resell North Wave's international VoIP services and calling cards, and deploy VoIP equipment at North Wave's facility to offer private label VoIP services and calling cards. North Wave is also currently negotiating the acquisition of Comtel. No details have been released.

Last month, North Wave reported that it was planning to use ITXC's network to provide VoIP services as it builds its own infrastructure. It will initially sell access to ITXC's Internet telephony network and services to its subscribers. Once calling patterns have developed, the provider will then deploy a combination of Lucent and VocalTec equipment to establish POPs in heavily trafficked markets. The POPs will be interconnected with ITXC's network.

North Wave Communications



SQP to Offer VoIP Test Service
Software Quality Partners reported that it is using Hammer Technologies system testing products to offer VoIP testing services. The services will include a set of customizable tests that can measure a network's ability to route converged traffic (voice, data, etc.), and monitor the corresponding dropped packets, jitter and delays to provide problem analysis and corrective action reporting. The service will also be able to monitor select service features such as call routing, voice response interface functionality, billing system integrity, and call set-up and handling functions. In addition, it will offer Perceptual Speech Quality Measurements to detect the level of quality degradation.

Pricing for the service is dependent upon the scope and configuration of testing.

Software Quality Partners

Hammer Technologies

Steria to Resell Lucent's VoIP Products
Steria, a French systems integrator, has announced that it will resell Lucent's MultiVoice MAX and MAX TNT VoIP solutions.

The MultiVoice for the MAX and MAX TNT platforms utilize Analog Devices' ADSP-21mod870 Internet gateway DSPs to provide support for up to 672 ports (48 ports per DSP slot card) of voice and fax communications. The products can interoperate with other VoIP products via H.323 v2 protocols combined with MGCP and SS7 technologies. The gateways feature traditional PSTN capabilities such as caller ID, voicemail access and delivery, global network call progress tone support (dial tone, alerting tone, busy signals, etc.) in more than 21 countries. The units ship with gatekeeper functionality including the capability to centrally manage multiple VoIP networks, and the ability for gatekeepers to communicate with other gatekeepers that manage multiple networks. In addition, the products utilize a QoS technology that sets type of service bits in voice packets to enable the voice packets to be labeled as high priority. The gateways are also capable of automatically re-routing traffic to the PSTN, should the VoIP network fail or become too congested.



pulver.com & ISC Team to Host Conference
The International Softswitch Consortium said that it is teaming with pulver.com to host a VoIP developers conference on October 1, 1999 at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta, directly following the Fall VON '99 gathering. The conference will include informational sessions on softswitch architectures and applications, open source software and the latest on H.323, MGCP and SIP technologies. The event will provide info on softswitch-based communications network architectures, as well as meet hardware and software vendors and service providers that are developing/implementing the technologies. In addition, it will feature a mini- interoperability lab and a hands-on workshop.

Conference participants will pay US$595.

Developers Conference


Softswitch Consortium

Usha Integrates XACCT's IP Billing Technology
Usha Communications Technology reported that it is planning to integrate XACCT Technology's billing and customer care system, XACCTusage, into its validating, rating, posting and billing solutions to offer multi-service, IP usage based customer care and billing applications.

XACCTusage enables providers to define the exact IP session information that they would like to be captured. The application collects usage transaction details, in real-time, from a range of network elements and application servers and performs policy-based filtering, aggregation and merging to produce records similar to telephone switch CDRs. The records enable providers to generate several service pricing models and usage-based bills.


Usha Communications Technology

Teltran to Host FoIP Chat – September 23
Teltran is teaming with Dialogic, USAGlobalLink and TelephonyWorld.com to hold a live Internet chat entitled, Fax over IP Solutions. The chat, which is expected to last approximately 20 minutes, will feature executives from Dialogic, USA GlobalLink and Teltran International fielding questions about the various features and functionality of FoIP solutions.

The program is tentatively scheduled for September 23, within the web integrated chat area on Teltran's web site. Teltran is also planning to host another Internet fax chat in October.



USA GlobalLink

Qorus.com to Acquire SpectraFAX
Qorus.com reported that it has signed a LOI to acquire SpectraFAX. Financial details of the proposed all stock transaction were not disclosed.

Qorus plans to integrate SpectraFAX's email to fax technologies and commercial services into its unified messaging services to enable users to access email, voice mail, fax, and paging capabilities from one interface.



Sino-City to Acquire Presto Communications
Sino-City Gas has announced that it is planning to acquire Toronto based VoIP equipment developer, Presto Communications. Financial details were not disclosed. Presto markets its proprietary Internet telephony products under the name SpeechLink.

Presto Communications


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