IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Sep, 13 2001

1. CyberCenter to Use POPstar’s FoIP Messaging Solution
CyberCenter, an Internet services and e-commerce provider in Chile, has deployed POPstar’s suite of IP-based fax messaging software. POPstar’s solution provides capabilities such as webfax, email-to-fax, fax-to-mail, and fax- to-fax services. The software is hosted on a Sun Solaris server and delivered via an IP network.



3. Kingcom to Use Ericcson’s IP Telephony Solution
Kingcom, a broadband provider serving southern Italy, will use Ericsson’s DRG residential gateway to provide IP telephony services. Initial services will be offered in Salerno.



5. Smarts OEM Deal with Cisco to Include VoIP Health Monitor
Smarts has said that it has extended its OEM agreement with Cisco to include VoIP management products such as the company’s Smarts Development Environment, a set of tools Cisco will use to develop its VoIP Health Monitor as part of CiscoWorks. The technology provides customers with the ability to verify system reliability with real-time status reports on voice traffic, ultimately identifying network performance issues before they become critical.

Cisco also distributes Smarts’ Device Fault Manager.



7. Gemini Introduces Upgrade to its Telephony Software
Gemini Voice Solutions has released version 1.2 of its Voiceware software, a telephony solution for broadband providers. The upgrade features new and enhanced Class 5 calling features such as nationwide direct inward dialing, call waiting, voicemail, call return plus, and international calling with security controls.

The upagrade is automatically pused to all Gemini gateway CPE devices. The company’s gateway features PSTN pass through functionality that allows local and lifeline services to co-exist and function with Gemini’s voice service for one or all phones in the home.

In addition to its new software release, Gemini has introduced Dashboard, a web interface management portal for its customers. Providers can use the portal to view real-time call history; select, request, and customize calling features; and retrieve voice mail messages online.

Gemini Voice Solutions

9. Talk Visual to Introduce VoIP Services Using Cisco’s Gear
Talk Visual has said that it has deployed Cisco’s AS-5300/5350 equipment to process calls between Miami and Cuba. The company plans to deploy additional equipment to support telephone callshop traffic from greater New York/New Jersey to its switching systems in Miami.

Talk Visual


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