IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Sep, 14 2004

1. Heavy Reading Releases Study on Router Market
Heavy Reading has released Next Generation Routers: A Comprehensive Product Analysis, a 89-page report that provides detailed product and feature analysis of 119 different routers from 26 manufacturers, including dozens of product comparison matrices with more than 1,000 data fields. The publication also analyzes the market strategies of the vendors covered.

The firm finds the greatest barriers to market growth to be a lack of adoption of industry standards, especially for critical VoIP features such as voicemail, callback services and call forwarding. Many vendors are still using proprietary technology to support these capabilities. Heavy Reading also identifies microbursts as a market inhibitor, suggesting that routers in converged systems networks are often subject to brief network outages (typically less than one minute) that users will likely find unacceptable.

The report is available in PDF format for $3,495.

Heavy Reading

3. UTStarcom Introduces Multi-Service Access Node
UTStarcom has introduced iAN-8000, a high density, next generation multi-service access node that combines the functionality of an IP DSLAM, VoIP media gateway, and a traditional digital loop carrier.

The node can be employed by either service providers or enterprises. Service providers can use the platform to migrate from TDM to IP. The node enables full IP based xDSL data applications using either TDM or IP backhaul to achieve data transmission rates up to 20 Mbps. The iAN-8000 can be deployed in the central office, or in PoPs or remote locations, for extending services beyond the reach of the CO.

In multi dwelling unit deployments, the technology can support up to 20 concurrent Ethernet LANs in the direct to subscriber Ethernet application.

In the enterprise, the iAN-8000 can be used as an IP PBX, providing access to the operator’s CO via FXO/FXS or E1 lines. The node can also be used to extend IP PBX functionality to remote or branch offices.

The media gateway functionality of the platform allows providers to aggregate VoIP calls from enterprise PBXs and backhaul them over one line to the CO. Other backhaul options include MGCP and H.248 for VoIP service, SDH for international optical transmission, and V5.1/V5.2 for TDM.

The iAN-8000 can be scaled to support five fully loaded chassises under a single managed system. Each 16-slot chassis supports up to 384 ports, providing a maximum of 1920 POTS, VoIP, or IP xDSL ports in a five chassis system. The platform can be incrementally scaled by adding 24-port slot cards.


5. ABI Releases Study on Residential VoIP Market
ABI Research has released Residential VoIP Markets, a study that explores the drivers, inhibitors and opportunities in the broadband VoIP market and provides forecasts by access technology (infrastructure) and by region. Profiles are provided for multiple market players including service providers, and vendors of both equipment and components.

ABI Research

7. One Voice Launches PC to Phone VoIP Service
One Voice Technologies has launched a PC to phone VoIP calling service that is integrated with Windows XP Media Center edition. The service provides subscribers with 500 minutes of North American calling for $14.95 per month. Additional minutes are billed at 4.9 cents per minute.

The new service leverages SIP, Microsoft’s Live Communications Server technology, IBM xSeries servers and AT&T’s T1 Internet and PSTN connectivity.

Currently, the provider is offering a promotion that allows Internet users to try the service for one month for free (maximum of 500 minutes). One Voice plans to also cross-promote and offer bundles with its cell phone feature enhancement services, which include voice recognition driven applications related to voice dialing, group conference calling, reading and sending email, and voice to text SMS messaging.

One Voice Technologies

9. Dell’Oro Releases Quarterly Study on VoIP Carrier Market
The Dell’Oro Group has released IP Telephony Carrier Quarterly Report, the first report among a new line of research for the firm that will provide ongoing market tracking of vendor market shares, manufacturers’ revenues, units/licenses/channels, and average selling prices for softswitches, hybrid media gateway softswitches, and media gateways (high density, medium density, and low density).

The firm finds that sales of the equipment it tracks grew 3% worldwide during Q2, while purchases of softswitch trunk licenses grew 4% during the same period. Subscriber licenses declined 12% during the quarter. Over the year, sales of softswitch trunk licenses grew nearly 36%.

Total Worldwide IP Telephony Carrier Equipment Market (Softswitch, Hybrid Media Gateway Softswitch, Media Gateway)

Total Market

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