IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Sep, 18 2000

The IMTC Launches VoIP Interoperability Program on Global Basis
The International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium’s (IMTC) iNOW! (interoperability NOW!) Activity Group announced that it has launched its iNOW! Compatibility Program on a global basis. The program is designed to provide vendors with the technology to build iNOW! compliant Internet telephony equipment, testing plans to validate iNOW! compliant interoperability, a forum to resolve interoperative technical issues that impact iNOW! compliant products and other telephony products, and publicity for the developed products. Participating members will also be able to aid in the further development of additional functionality for the specification.

In other news, the IMTC has developed a relationship with pulver.com, in which the latest iNOW! technology will be available for interoperability testing at the pulver.com Open Test Network. The Open Test Network enables companies to test V/FoIP products and services outside of internal networks. The facility also offers members access to information regarding other evolving VoIP technologies including SIP, H.323, iNOW!, OSP and MGCP.

In related news, Intel and Lucent have developed iNOW! compliant equipment.

iNOW! Activity Group

The IMTC iNOW! Compatibility Program

The International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium


Quicknet Acquires Equivalence/OpenH323 Project
Quicknet Technologies has announced that it has acquired Australia-based Equivalence Pty, including the OpenH323 project. Details were not disclosed. The OpenH323 Project is an open source development project focused on promoting H.323 technologies for interoperability between users, gateways and gatekeepers. Quicknet intends to leverage the organizations H.323 technology to further develop its solutions, and it has already integrated the technology into its flagship software product, Internet SwitchBoard.

Quicknet also indicated that its acquisition of the OpenH323 project will not affect the open source nature of the project, but rather it will provide commercial support for developers seeking to integrate the technologies into services/solutions. In addition, it has offered its Linux kernel telephony driver code to the organization.

Quicknet Technologies


Equivalence Pty

Sylantro to Integrate HSS’ SIP Stack Technology
Sylantro Systems said that it is planning to integrate Hughes Software Systems’ (HSS) SIP technologies, ProtoQuick SIP stack, into its softswitch products to develop an array of enhanced multimedia capabilities for VoIP services. The ProtoQuick stack is compliant with IETF’s RFC for SIP. It has been designed specifically for Internet based telephony applications, and can be used to develop value added capabilities and embedded solutions such as telephony servers and soft switches.

Sylantro Systems

Hughes Software Systems

iBasis Launches SIP Test Network For Developers
iBasis said that it is launching the SIP Test Lab to enable developers to trial SIP based applications and services using its global network. The environment consists of SIP ready access nodes deployed throughout its global network to enable users to access its global network to test the connectivity of new multimedia Internet devices, applications and services (voice, video, audio and other content) from any phone or SIP phone to any phone. The lab can also provide connectivity to both wireless and wireline phone networks.

In related news, SpeechWorks International and Pingtel are both planning to test multimedia devices and technologies using the lab.

The SIP Test Lab



SpeechWorks International

SeeYouOnline to Offer visitalk’s PC to Phone Services
Sonicport.com has announced that its ISP subsidiary, SeeYouOnline.com, is planning to offer access to visitalk.com’s Internet telephony and voice messaging services. According to the terms of the deal, SeeYouOnline will provide links to visitalk’s PC to phone VoIP service from banner ads located throughout its site, and receive an undisclosed percentage of revenues generated.

visitalk.com recently teamed with Dialpad.com to develop a web to phone offering, and developed PC to phone services based on both MediaRing.com’s and deltathree.com’s technologies. It uses both GTE Internetworking’s and ITXC’s Interconnectivity networks to provide connectivity throughout the U.S. The service is subsidized via graphical advertisements located on the client interface. The provider also offers PC to PC calling, voice messaging, video calling and online document sharing services. In addition, it has developed a directory service that enables its members to look up other members and place call to over 240 countries.



Pangea Launches Internet Fax Partnership Program
Pangea Communications reported that it has launched an affiliate provider program that enables participating providers to offer its Internet fax service, which is expected to offer global connectivity via its own network and/or affiliate’s infrastructures. The firms services are based on its IFS software combined with Dialogic’s intelligent fax boards to provide PC to fax, fax to fax, email to fax, fax to email, web to fax and voicemail to email capabilities. The company has recently teamed with several undisclosed providers in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and the Middle East to expands its network’s reach to include 60 global POPs. In addition, it implements a web based billing application that enables participating providers, agents and users to access accounting, messaging status and detailed invoicing information.

Pangea will handle monitoring, support, management and settlement services for all participating providers.


Path 1 Introduces TrueCircuit Video Gateway
Path 1 Network Technologies has announced the introduction of the PG1 TrueCircuit Video Gateway. The solution is a true circuit gateway device that can route serial based digital video and audio streams over a gigabit IP/Ethernet network. It offers automatic and instantaneous setup and teardown of both video and audio channels over a gigabit IP network or Ethernet LAN. The proprietary technology enables both real time and non-real time traffic to be carried over IP Ethernet with guaranteed QoS levels based on a technology that can synchronize IP equipment to allow video and audio streams to be precisely coordinated.

Path 1 Network Technologies

Mockingbird Secures $32 Million in Financing
Mockingbird Networks said that it has secured $32 million in financing from Aclatel Ventures and Technology Crossover Ventures. The vendor intend to use the funding to expand its engineering, sales, marketing and operational activities as it ramps up the production of its Nuvo VoIP solution. The cPCI, Unix-based Nuvo platform offers support for SS7/C7 implementations, H.323, ISDN, R1/R2, and CAS signaling for interoperability with legacy phone systems. It ships with the vendor’s OSS customer care and billing software, Impresaria, which supports billing, phone cards and global network interconnections. The unit is based on the vendor’s SS7 softswitch technology and AudioCodes’ TrunkPack-400 VoIP boards to support up to 1,680 ports per chassis, or 10,000 ports per cluster. In addition, the vendor can provide network management, in-country regulatory and licensing consulting services, as well as access to IP carrier connections via global network agreements.

Mockingbird Networks

Alcatel Ventures

Technology Crossover Ventures

Bonneville Power Deploys Alcatel’s Equipment
Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) reported that it has deployed Alcatel’s technologies to build a network that will aid it in offering electric services in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, and developing IP telephony and email capabilities. According to the terms of the deal, BPA has deployed 20 of Alcatel’s OmniCore 5052 gigabit switches to migrate its existing FDDI based network to an IP backbone network, and it has installed 40 of Alcatel’s OmniStack 4024 10/100 small switches in remote locations to provided local connectivity.

BPA offers electric power to more than 2 million customers the Pacific Northwest that is generated from 29 federal hydroelectric dams and a nuclear plant.

Bonneville Power Administration


NxGen Network Acquires 82 Percent Interest in ILDC
NxGen Networks reported that it has acquired an 82.35 percent interest in International Long Distance Corporation (ILDC). According to the terms of the stock for stock deal, NxGen traded 4,529,054 shares of its common stock for 4,529,054 shares of ILDC’s issued and outstanding common stocks. ILDC began deploying Salix’s ETX5000 platform to build a V/FoIP network throughout the U.S. late last year.

Unisphere Solutions Changes Name to Unisphere Networks
Unisphere Solutions said that it has officially changed its corporate name to Unisphere Networks.

Unisphere Networks

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