IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Sep, 21 2005

1. Qwest to Market Microsoft’s PC to Phone Service
Qwest Communications has said it will market Microsoft’s new suite of communications services in 2006. The services, which will include VoIP, will be targeted at small businesses. The announcement comes on the heels of Microsoft’s acquisition of Teleo, a VoIP company based in San Francisco.

Microsoft has admitted that it is chasing Google and the Wall Street Journal reports that the software giant is considering taking a stake in AOL to strengthen its stake in the search engine market.

In other Qwest news, the company announced that it will file a letter with federal regulators, claiming SBC has been engaging in unfair and anti-competitive business.



3. WiredRed Introduces API for Softphones
WiredRed has introduced an API for the development of softphones. The software engine provides scaleable multipoint capabilities, security, the ability to traverse firewalls, and options for data collaboration, multipoint video, and record and playback.

The audio components of the API include a microphone setup wizard, VoIP CODECs (G.726, G.711 and others), ANC, AEC, AGC, VAD DTX and sample rate conversion handling, jitter filter management, and mixing and bridging for multipoint VoIP conferencing.


5. Legerity Enhances Reference Design for VoWiFi Handset
Legerity has enhanced its Le8100 VoWiFi reference design with the addition of modular WiFi software and a new SoC package that includes an integrated single StarCore SC1400.

The new reference design will be available in Q4.


7. SunRocket Using XO to Carry VoIP Traffic
SunRocket, a primary line consumer VoIP service provider in the U.S., will use XO Communications’ nationwide network to carry its VoIP traffic. XO operates a OC-192 network, currently carrying more than 1.6 billion minutes of voice traffic per quarter.


XO Communications

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